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CRICOS Provider No 00025B TEDI Support for UQ nominees for ALTC Awards for Teaching Excellence & Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning Merrilyn Goos.

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1 CRICOS Provider No 00025B TEDI Support for UQ nominees for ALTC Awards for Teaching Excellence & Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning Merrilyn Goos Anne Bennison Deidre Seeto Clair Hughes Deanne Gannaway

2 CRICOS Provider No 00025B INTRODUCTIONS & OVERVIEW Merrilyn Goos –The selection process (UQ & ALTC) –TEDI support for UQ nominees Anne Bennison –Administrative aspects of the process Clair Hughes –Expectations –Preparing written submission and supporting materials Deidre Seeto –Producing the final submission Deanne Gannaway –The types of evidence that can be used to support your claims

3 CRICOS Provider No 00025B THE SELECTION PROCESS Selection of UQ nominees –Expression of interest –UQ Selection Committee selects UQ nominees and makes decisions about the award category for nomination –UQ Selection Committee provides feedback on draft submissions Selection of ALTC Awards for Teaching Excellence & Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning Two independent assessors assigned to each award category, one a discipline expert (often a previous winner) Assessors (separately) read the written statement, supporting teaching materials, references, CV, and prepare a preliminary assessment with scores for each selection criterion Assessors’ moderation meeting to review full submission + summary results from student surveys, agree on ‘above the line’ candidates Assessors make recommendations to ALTC Steering Committee

4 CRICOS Provider No 00025B TEDI SUPPORT FOR UQ NOMINEES Oversight of the entire process –Ensuring all components of the submission are ready by the required date for submission to the ALTC Feedback throughout preparation of the written statement and supporting materials Production of the final submission –Copy editing of the written statement and support materials

5 CRICOS Provider No 00025B COMPONENTS OF THE SUBMISSION Nomination form (hard copy) Written statement Supporting teaching materials Student Feedback Questionnaires (ATE only) Curriculum vitae (saved in pdf) References (two) –Must include head of faculty, department or school –Must comment on the nominee’s teaching against the selection criteria –If the nominee is a team the reference should apply to the team Digital photograph Refer to the Guidelines for requirements ( 9.pdf ) 9.pdf

6 CRICOS Provider No 00025B TIMELINE ACTIONDUE DATE Names and contact details of refereesFriday 8 April Course codes for current and previous students, names and contact details of postgraduate students, and teaching timetable Friday 8 April (ATE only) Requests for assistance with graphics/diagrams (Contact Josh Darrah, TEDI) Friday 15 April Pages 1 & 2 of Nomination FormFriday 27 May Supporting teaching materials (CDs or DVDs only)Friday 27 May Draft submission due electronicallyFriday 13 May Final submission due electronically and in hard copy Midday Friday 27 May Submission to ALTCTuesday 14 June

7 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Preparing the written submission and support materials Clair Hughes Email: Phone: 336 52456

8 CRICOS Provider No 00025B OVERVIEW Working with TEDI Writing submissions – process and product Collating supporting material

9 WORKING WITH TEDI What you can expect from usHow you can get the most out of the support we provide Administrative support for the submission process (incl. surveys) Pre-writing meeting before you commit to a definite approach Provision of: Guidelines Resources e.g. templates, ‘lost’ TEVAL/SECaT reports, exemplars Feedback on drafts from allocated TEDI academic – usually tracked changes and comments (we do not write/rewrite your submission) Copy editing of written submission and other assistance with preparation of supporting materials Note administration information and enter key dates in your diary Try to find time to meet with allocated TEDI academic early in the process Follow guidelines (ALTC and UQ) Read exemplars to see how others have captured reader attention, used evidence, established a personal voice Use the templates provided Consider feedback carefully Label files (e.g. name & date) to avoid confusion among different versions Seek evaluations or graphic design assistance as early as possible CRICOS Provider No 00025B

10 WRITING SUBMISSIONS- PROCESS Ensure you are familiar with ALTC requirements – they do change from year to year – and use TEDI template Consider alternative approaches to those used for your successful UQ submission Talk before you write – ask close colleagues and Head of School or Program Coordinator for their opinion on your contribution to teaching or on the value of the program Set aside time to write to ensure you meet deadlines – it does take time Collect evidence as you go – don’t wait until the end When you have a draft – get feedback from a close colleague and from someone outside your discipline to ‘roadtest’ it for jargon and clarity of message CRICOS Provider No 00025B

11 KEEP THE READERIN MIND... The reader is: –unlikely to know you or your discipline –required to read a large number of submissions –not guaranteed to read the submission in conjunction with the supporting materials –in need of your assistance to be clear about your claim to the award and be convinced of its merit. You (not the reader) are the one to gain most benefit from the award outcome so you (not the reader) are the one who has to do most of the work!!!!! CRICOS Provider No 00025B

12 WRITING SUBMISSIONS - PRODUCT Synopsis – tight focus on the overall message and allusion to category, selection criteria and type of evidence to be provided Overview (optional for APEL) – your chance to grab (or lose) reader attention: Clear alignment with message in synopsis. Clear reference to category, selection criteria and type of evidence to be provided. Statement addressing selection criteria – introduce message in opening paragraph and use rest of the section to provide detail and evidence (not new claims). Reflect language of criterion (and category APEL): use signposts (e.g. subheadings, criteria language) to guide the reader. Optional Conclusion – opportunity to summarise overall message with reference to ALL criteria. CRICOS Provider No 00025B

13 SUPPORTING TEACHING MATERIALS Use template Check suggestions listed in TEDI guidelines This is not “Written Submission Part B” – use contrasting material – photos, sample tasks or activities, URL links etc Collect as you write – don’t wait till the end Make material as reader-friendly as possible: –cross reference throughout written submission – be consistent (e.g....... and developed a range of authentic assessment tasks “Supporting material 4”) –use the “Contents” section of the Supporting Materials template to provide an overview of what is included –use descriptive names for both the contents page and as captions for the material included (e.g. “Supporting Material 4: Examples of authentic assessment tasks developed for ABCD1234”) CRICOS Provider No 00025B

14 HOW TO AVOID SUCCESS.... Produce a ‘mega-list’ of achievements without actually tying them together into a central, persistent message ‘Dump’ evidence throughout the submission and leave the reader to interpret it ‘Scatter’ support material without indicating its relevance Use a narrow range of evidence sources (e.g. students only) or types (e.g. survey ratings only) Be modest (e.g. passive voice) Be immodest (e.g. extravagant and unjustifiable claims) Be vague - so general that a reader has no idea what you and the students actually do Gush!

15 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Before DIAGRAM DESIGN After

16 CRICOS Provider No 00025B BeforeAfter

17 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Assistance with Graphics/Diagrams Due 15 April Joshua Darrah Email: Phone: 336 53068

18 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Producing the final submission Final Submission due Midday 27 May Deidre Seeto Email: Phone: 336 56211

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