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MITIGATING RISK Knowledge Management Initiatives.

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1 MITIGATING RISK Knowledge Management Initiatives

2 RISK MANAGEMENT Three Key Strategies: 1.Assess current systems knowledge 2.Use a planned approach to diversifying knowledge and skills 3.Create the right culture

3 STRATEGY 1: SYSTEMS KNOWLEDGE Project team established FILMS – Future Integrated Library Management System Information about current systems in use Created a schematic of current systems Requirements for future systems Created checklist with weightings to assess any Future Integrated Library Management Systems


5 STRATEGY 2: DIVERSIFYING KNOWLEDGE Targeted Knowledge and Skill Development Regular knowledge transfer meetings Conducted a knowledge assessment Identified system functions for training Identified appropriate staff Identified training method (in-house/external)

6 STRATEGY 3: CREATE THE RIGHT CULTURE Support and encourage collaboration Build trust Committed to Quality Be proactive Adaptable to change

7 OUTCOMES Big picture view of our systems interoperability Increased understanding of future systems needs Improved ability and capacity to trouble - shoot problems Increased ability to respond to Client needs Increased collaboration between systems management, operations and delivery

8 Karen Lunt UOW Systems Librarian

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