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Monash University Ethical and Professional Conduct.

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1 Monash University Ethical and Professional Conduct

2 Building an ethical culture

3 Our ‘ethics statement’ provides the principles / framework for thinking about ethics For all of us, what we say / what we do is important We engage with ethical questions in our day to day work, as they arise We discuss ethical questions rather than simply relying on policy or procedure

4 Monash University Ethics Statement Monash as a Place for People to Work and Study Monash as a Learning, Teaching and Research Institution Monash in Society

5 Conduct procedures Conflict of Interest Staff/student relationships Acceptance of gifts, benefits, hospitality Entertainment Paid outside work Representing Monash (public utterance) Whistleblower Mobile phone and telephone useage Provision of ICT equipment to staff Subscriptions to associations, journals

6 Workplace policies and procedures policy/conduct-compliance/conduct- compliance-policy.html

7 Who you can speak with about ethics or conduct matters … Your Senior Executive Executive Director Human Resources Members of Integrity Committee (Chair: VP Administration) Monitors the effectiveness of University policies and processes as they relate to integrity and conduct

8 How students can resolve complaints and grievances Academic and Administrative Complaints and Grievances policy –Resolve at local level if possible –Applies to coursework/ HDR students at all campuses including international –Student Grievance officers- first contact in each faculty/ division provide advice, record complaints, may investigate –University Student Ombudsman - to independently and consistently review complaints which remain unresolved by the faculty/department Email:

9 The role of Ombudsman Victoria The Ombudsman (Victoria) investigates administrative actions taken by state and local government agencies -includes decisions, recommendations, proposals to act, refusal/failure to act May act on own initiative or as a result of a complaint Generally does not become involved until the agency has attempted to resolve the complaint Agencies must have effective complaints procedures

10 The Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001 The making of disclosures of improper conduct or detrimental action by public officers and public bodies and protection to the whistleblower from any detrimental action Use when behaviour would constitute a criminal offence: Corrupt or substantial mismanagement of public resources A substantial risk to public health or safety or the environment

11 Whistleblowers Protection Act policy/conduct/whistleblowers/

12 Building an ethical culture: staff attitude survey 2009 – highest performing university on ethics Monash university is ethical Monash university is socially responsible Monash university is environmentally responsible

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