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Choose your own adventure Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) Dr Aiden Warren Program Manager, International Studies.

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1 Choose your own adventure Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) Dr Aiden Warren Program Manager, International Studies

2 The BAIS will help you get there!

3 The BA International Studies: Program Description This is an integrated, career-oriented degree that prepares students to work in a range of professional positions across the world Focuses on: international development international security international diplomacy international political economy international law global governance But also a dynamic and innovative approach to globalisation and international relations by focusing on: global interconnectedness cultural, linguistic and religious diversity international and cross-cultural professional practice

4 The Job YearSem First Year 1SOCU1011 Global Processes SOCU1026 Global History and Security ENVI1153 Sustainable Futures Language Elective 1 2SOCU2122 Global Political Economy SOCU1025 Intercultural Communication HUSO2036 Critical Ideas in Contemporary Social and Political Theory Language Elective 2 Second Year 1SOCU1027 Global Mobility & Ethnic Relations SOCU1031 Working & Managing in International Contexts Program Elective 1 Language Elective 3 2SOCU1036 Global Governance & International Law HUSO2166 Foundations of Social Research Program Elective 2 Language Elective 4

5 Third Year HUSO 2314 International Internship SOCU1042 International Research Project SOCU1038 International Professional Practice Program Elective 3Program Elective 4Student Elective 1Student Elective 2 Across the program: 8 x 12 credit points of theory and foundational knowledge core 4 x 12 credit points professional practice core 1 x 24 credit points international internship 4 x 12 credit points language electives 4 x 12 credit points program electives 2 x 12 credit points student electives

6 International Studies core sequence Global and International relations Global History and Security Global Political Economy Cross-Cultural Communication Global Population Movements and Cultural Diversity Global Risk and World Governance International Human Rights and Law


8 Jenna Gibbons Austrade, Madrid “For my International Studies internship, I undertook a placement with the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) at the Australian Embassy in Madrid, Spain. Austrade is responsible for Australia’s trade and investment interests overseas, and has offices across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. My main project during this internship was to help with the Austrade presence at an international education trade fair held in Madrid that attracts over 100,000 visitors annually. I also assisted with other projects including an investment seminar held at the Embassy, market research, reports and meetings.”

9 Caitlin Caruana Australian High Commission, London “The aim of the internship was to get a ‘taste’ for all areas of the work that the High Commission does. I got to meet with each of the government departments that work out of the High Commission, attend a meeting of the Commonwealth Secretariat, spend a day on a press junket with Defence Minister Stephen Smith, write the High Commissioner’s ANZAC Day speech, sit in on meetings regarding the Egyptian and Libyan crises and the Julian Assange extradition case, and assist in the Commission’s updating of their emergency management plan in the wake of earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan.”

10 Chinese Japanese Spanish French German Greek Italian Advanced English Global Language Negotiating Transnational Agreements English Teaching (CELTA) (External) Language Management in International Organisations Language options

11 Diploma of Languages Can be taken concurrently with BAIS Good for students with VCE language or students who want to study a language to advanced levels 2 x core courses taught in English: 1. Global Language (language use and language policy and planning) 2. Language Management in International Organisations (management of linguistic and cultural issues in international organisations) 6 x language courses: language 1-6 (level 6 is compulsory) or language 3-6 plus 2 electives (other language courses; range of language and culture related electives; cross- institutional enrolment or exchange)

12 Vibrant Student Community: The International Studies Association Student representatives for the program Advocacy through the Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) Coordinate student feedback from students to lecturers A sense of community within the BAIS Events –Orientation Camp –Trivia Nights –Student Conference –Book club –Social Nights –Monday ‘Tea’ Time –Study Support Groups

13 Overseas Student Exchange

14 Pathways to Further Study Bachelor of Arts International Studies (Honours) Juris Doctor (graduate law programs) Masters/PhD in International Development Masters/PhD in International Relations Masters/PhD in Security Studies Masters in Business Administration Masters in Public Policy Graduate Diploma in Education/TESOL Graduate Certificate in Community Development Masters in Social Work

15 Graduate Destinations: International Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (China) Rotary World Fellowship Ambassador (Argentina) OXFAM (Asia Pacific) International Child Care (Asia Pacific) Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (Laos & Cambodia) UNICEF (Indonesia) ESL Teaching (China & Japan) QANTAS (Global) Asian Muslim Action News Agency (Bangkok) Centre of Studies for Peace and Development (Timor-Leste)

16 Graduate Destinations: Australia Depart of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet (Melbourne) Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) (Canberra) Australian Federal Policy (Melbourne) Victorian Multicultural Commission (Melbourne) Department of Defence (Canberra) Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (Melbourne) Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (Melbourne) Plan International (Melbourne) Department of Immigration and Citizenship (Melbourne & Canberra) Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination (Canberra) Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) (Melbourne)

17 Questions?

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