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The GP Contract The Road To Here And Beyond. Why the GMS contract had to change Red Book was ‘John Wayne’ contract without boundaries OOH responsibility.

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1 The GP Contract The Road To Here And Beyond

2 Why the GMS contract had to change Red Book was ‘John Wayne’ contract without boundaries OOH responsibility Erosion of pay against a pool Complexity of contractual arrangements Worsening recruitment/retention within the profession Increased use of local PMS contract

3 nGMS OOH opt-out of responsibility Defined core services ‘No new work without new money’ An explicit pay rise –to compensate for the unresourced work transferred to General Practice over the previous 15 years –to encourage recruitment and retention Pensionability of all NHS/government work The end of the GMS/PMS monopoly

4 Potential problems with nGMS Definition of core services Initial deliberate de-funding of global sum –Excessive ratio of QOF to global sum Inadequate funding of global sum Still too much discretion for PCOs Government’s right to alter contract unilaterally

5 GMS contract 2006/07 No increase in global sum New work and funding delivered through DESs New areas of QOF work introduced Governments’ perception of over-performance and value for money addressed ‘once and for all’

6 GMS contract 2007/08 DDRB recommends ‘0% pay increase’ DoH interprets this as no resource increase for general practice

7 2007 – the press campaign Constant criticism of GP pay, hours and access Linked erroneously with failure of out-of-hours care across the country The ‘extended hours debate’ Consistent with political views of all parties

8 2008-9: The GPC/NHSE negotiated compromise never agreed by NHSE (1) Funding from Access and C&B DES plus £11m from Patient Survey to fund extended hours-total £158m –Similar level of funding in Devolved Administrations Extended hours - 20 minutes per 1,000 patients –15 minutes appointments and 5 minutes admin –Flexibly provided and voluntary participation

9 2008-9: The GPC/NHSE negotiated compromise never agreed by NHSE (2) Patient survey to determine ‘convenient access’ using 20 QOF points Redistribution of 38.5 QOF points to osteoporosis, PVD, new heart failure indicator and additional points for CKD, small increase in lower QOF thresholds Would deliver if reasonable new resources introduced into the contract via DDRB award

10 2008-9 negotiations process NHS Employers, after interference from government, rejected negotiated compromise Presented a new (non-negotiated) proposal with worse terms (Imposition A) Told GPC to accept Government offer (Imposition A) or a more draconian contract would be imposed (Imposition B) GPC negotiators sought the view of GPC GPC voted not to accept this offer under blackmail and to consult profession democratically

11 2008-9: The Government “offer” (Imposition A) Funding from Access and C&B DES recycled for extended hours (£158 million = £2.95/patient) Extended hours –30 minutes per 1,000 patients –In 1.5 hour blocks at evenings / weekends –Average 9 appointments per 2 hours –Timings related to patient preference from GP Patient Survey Results - Saturday morning as default –No concurrence of GP time and GP only appointments

12 2008-9: The Government “offer” (Imposition A) Diverts 58.5 QOF points to support access arrangements Payment dependent in part on patient survey results No new QOF clinical work, thresholds remain unchanged Cost of not doing extended hours ~ £6000 per GP Guaranteed uplift 1.5% (£100m) in event of DDRB award for GPs being less – but via yet to be defined new DES

13 2008-9: The GPC response GPC voted not to accept (but did not reject) government offer and to seek the profession’s views because –It was not prepared to accept a deal under threat of imposition –Opposed to diversion of funds from quality to non-evidence- based access imperative –Criteria for extended hours DES more onerous-financially viable for the money on offer? –The 1.5% uplift has too many strings and would require new work to earn it –Wanted to consult profession in the wider context of government reforms before proceeding

14 2008-9: The imposition (B) in England Funding from Access and C&B DES for extended hours (£158 million = £2.95/patient) passed to PCOs Extended hours - terms will be under local PCO control QOF 135 points removed and money passed to PCOs QOF lower and upper thresholds increased by up to 20% Moves funds from nGMS to local PCO control and could be used to fund “Darzi” health centres, polyclinics, APMS

15 2008-9: The Imposition (B) in England Diminished value of nGMS unlikely to be reversed Diverts funds from quality clinical care to political targets Led by No10 and Treasury Financial loss to average GP £12,000 plus higher QOF thresholds

16 What happens next? Government believe unilateral change requires 13 weeks ‘consultation’ Clarification on final offer sought Poll of GPs’ opinion in mid-February Imposition B on 1 st April 2008 if Imposition A not accepted

17 Issues to consider More than an issue about extended hours Profession should view in widest terms Move towards privatisation Reality of APMS, Darzi as competitors to G/PMS Government ignoring views of majority of patients to deliver own political agenda Government’s method of negotiation Profession faced with two ‘imposed’ options –Extended hours remain voluntary in both options, financial penalty much greater under imposition B

18 Choices to be made Imposition A Imposition B Implications of voting- neither acceptable but must consider what’s best for the profession, patients and longer term future of General Practice

19 Choice 1: Imposition A Financial blow less severe than Imposition B Retains current level of QOF and DES funding (prevents passing this to local PCO control which could fund APMS, Darzi centres) Retains current value of nGMS and national negotiations Providing extended hours (at £2.95/patient) is voluntary and more affordable to “opt out” of DES than imposition B

20 Choice 1: Imposition A (2) QOF will remain at 1000 points, and thresholds unchanged – although access targets could be harder to earn in full Government spin about victory would have to be pre-empted and challenged A possible precedent for future but will depend on success of our PR battle in coming year

21 Choice 2: Imposition B May instinctively feel right, however… Greater loss of income from practice –135 QOF points lost to local PCO control, initially 75 available to earn back in coming year. –Increased QOF thresholds –Access and C&B DES monies (£2.95) move to local PCO control for extended hours –GPs may feel under more pressure to do extended hours with possible worse PCO deals than Imposition A

22 Imposition B - consequences Will weaken negotiating power –if significant number of GPs do extended hours under imposition B (very possible) Hands significant nGMS funding to PCOs to potentially fund competitor APMS/Darzi health centres/polyclinics Undermines future national negotiations / GPC role due to reduction in value nGMS –135 QOF point reduction, loss of £158m DES funding, probably irreversible.

23 Imposition B – consequences (2) GP income dependent on local PCO deals Could open the door for future impositions Public relations concerns –Unlikely to win extended hours debate in media –Standing up to government bullying or a political victory for no. 10??

24 What we must do either way Avoid action which adversely affects patient care GPs must respond by being united Reconsider participation in government initiatives Continue with campaign to highlight English Government’s agenda for primary care –Inform patients –Lobby MPs –Mount coordinated PR campaign (GPC has set up communications group) –Our patients as allies in our campaign

25 What to do now Study both impositions Consider long-term implications – this is not just about extended hours Talk to partners, colleagues and the LMC Read messages from GPC Remain united against wider government agendaRemain united against wider government agenda Vote when the poll is heldVote when the poll is held

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