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Challenges and opportunities for Sheep farmers in Sweden By: Tomas Olsson, Norrby gård Sheep Breeders Round Table 2013.

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1 Challenges and opportunities for Sheep farmers in Sweden By: Tomas Olsson, Norrby gård Sheep Breeders Round Table 2013

2 Tomas Olsson Who am I: Sheepfarmer, working with sheep for 20 year Chairman for Sweden´s Lambproducers Association. -for commercial farmers. -knowledge between farmers. -have discussions with government about our terms. I will talk about: - The challenge for Swedish sheep production. -How do we tackle the challenge on our farm.

3 What do you know about Sweden? Do you know anything about sheepfarming in Sweden?

4 Challenge for Sheepfarming Small industry -Lamb is 1,5% of beef and pork slaughter. - Large country with long transports. -Small volumes (3000 lambs/week) Cheap imported lamb - “Swedish fresh lamb year round” - Cooperate with restaurants and chefs Few players in the market. -One abattoir have 80% of the market (SCAN) - Three big retailers. (ICA, COOP, Axfood) - Sell “lamb in box” direct from the farm increases. Slaugher lambs The most lambs are sold direct to slaughterhouse, the price includes transport cost. No markets

5 Challenge for Sheepfarming The Breeds. -the majority are native breeds with bad carcasses, sometimes the skin to be more valuable than the meat. (Gotlandsheep) -Many love there breed and do not care about the market. A common crossbreed is to cross Finnsheep with Dorset New genetic Sweden are scrapie free and we can´t import live animal. We import Suffolk, Texel, and Dorset semen from UK. We are using vaginal insemination. A few Dorper have been to Sweden with embryo from Canada -

6 Challenge for Sheepfarming Poor knowledge -We are good on housing sheep. -We improve the production of knowledge from you! -Together with Innovis we have had seminars about: -Parasites and FacPak with Eurion Thomas -Grass management with Charlie Morgan -Animal heath with Neil Sarigson -Sheep management with Lesley Stubbings -Breeding with Sam Boon & George Fell -Shearing courses M Sandercock and A Marshall -We get influences from NZ thru our scanner C Williams

7 The solution on Norrby Farm Norrby Farm 200 ha land 80 ha cereals 120 ha grass 900 Ewes 600 Finndorset 100 Finnsheep 100 Dorset 50 Texel 50 Suffolk

8 Norrby Farm Family business -My wife Anna and 3 children Grass from may to October, 200 days housing. -500mm rain per year - Can be cold down to -25

9 Norrby Farm, Housing Straw: 100kg/ewe per year Area: Ewe 1,4 m2 Pregnant ewe 1,7 m2 Ewe, 2 lambs 2,4m2

10 Norrby Farm, Housing Silage: 600 t DM per year Barley: 70 t per year Soya:30 t per year

11 The Commercial flock Work together with a restaurant wholesale - 4 farms - 2000 lambs March- April (our farm 800 lambs) - 2000 lambs August- November (our farm 900 lamb) -same customer for 25 year, our farm 15 year -high quality

12 Early lambing Goal -Lamb on menu 1 March, lambing in January -U grade 3H fat -cw 14-15kg lw 27-28kg -growth 400 g per day -8-10 weeks old -400 ewes to ram -synchronised

13 Early lambing

14 Ewe Crossbreed Finnsheep-Dorset -Finnsheep for fertility and good mothering -Dorset for early mating. -75 kg -scan 210-220 % -good milking -goal to sell 2 lamb/ewe this year we sold 1.9 lamb/ewe

15 Early lambing Terminal sire - Texel -Suffolk?

16 Finnsheep The “love and hate sheep” -Old native shorttail breed from Scandinavian -High fertility 280-300% -Good mothers -60-70 kg -grade O,R -Fine wool Old

17 Pedigree flock TexelSuffolkDorset -Upcoming sire for indoor lambs -Genetic from Denmark - Some genetic from UK - Focus on muscle and easy lambing -Sustainable exterior -Very popular now, most common for grass feed lambs. -Genetic from NZ and Denmark now semen import from UK -High fertility, 200% Very small breed, 500 ewes in Sweden. Important for crossbreed and out of season lambing Genetic from Denmark Now semen from D Rossiter UK

18 Spring lambing Pedigree flock and commercial flock. -Indoor lambing in April out on grass around 1 may -Finndorset ewes, tupped with Suffolk -Pedigree flock, Dorset, Texel,Suffolk and the Finnsheep -Struggling with high grass grow rate in June. -no tailing or castration.

19 Grass season -weaning end of July -using FecPak for parasite control, prescription from Vet for worm drench, no resist problem -slaughter from mid August to mid November -same buyer as spring lamb. -cw 20 kg, lw 45-48 kg U,R grade, 3l fat We use the dry ewes from early lambing on land with environmental payment.

20 Economics Lamb to slaughter Autumn: 4.20£ / kg dw (average Sweden 3£ per kg dw) Spring: 6.80£ / kg dw ( average Sweden 4.80£/kg dw) Includes transport wool If you sell, most don´t do it. 0.50 £ /kg Cost Straw: 80£ /t Barley:160£/t Soya:400£/t Texel ram on farm 400£, average auction 800£ Shearing: 3£/ewe

21 Thanks!

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