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1 Websites That Work

2 Introduction to the B2B Centre James Pennington Lead IT Consultant

3 © 2007 NB2BC Introduction to the B2B Centre We are here to… “Provide expert, impartial e-business advice and support to growing businesses to enable them to successfully adopt technology, creating real business value from the Internet” Identify technologies relevant to growing businesses Enable businesses to adopt these technologies Primary focus is within the West Midlands

4 © 2007 NB2BC By 12.30pm today you will…. Understand the link between your business and website success how to specify and build a website how your customers & prospects find websites the techniques involved in building websites that work

5 Where should you start Steve Orriss Lead E-Business Consultant

6 © 2007 NB2BC What can a website do for your business? Opportunity Innovation What you want it to!

7 © 2007 NB2BC Opportunity 1 Billion internet users worldwide 35 million+ users in the UK 2005 UK internet purchases £103 billion 1,700 searches per minute in the UK Localisation Customer capability Mobile Social networking

8 © 2007 NB2BC Innovation marketing find new customers sell product better customer service Deliver leads for new customers support customers Improve business efficiency cut costs Collaborate Measurement Network Mobile

9 © 2007 NB2BC What can a website do for your business? What you want it to What you are prepared to make it do What it is good enough to do What your customers want it to What your competitors force you to do What you tell your website developer to make it do

10 © 2007 NB2BC Keys to building a website that works Strategy Website planning Marketing Measurement

11 © 2007 NB2BC Strategy Vision Objectives Markets Focus Products/services Proposition Competition Different/ Unique/ Interesting/Innovative /Special/ Passion

12 © 2007 NB2BC Strategy What does you website need to do?

13 © 2007 NB2BC Website Planning Users Website Structure Page Definition Getting Your Site Built

14 © 2007 NB2BC Website Planning User Profiles Who are they? What do they want? Priority? User Requirements Different tasks, products and services, What do you need to offer Different messages, offers, styles, keywords, language

15 © 2007 NB2BC Develop a website structure / map Home Page About Us Contact Us Map and Direction s Our Products & Services Product 1 Service 1 News and current Issues Free Information Service 2 Our Team Membership Client Testimonials Case Studies Register Downloads Register Client Space Access to docs etc. Register Partner/Associate Space FAQs Ask the Expert Links Data Protection policy E-Commerce

16 © 2007 NB2BC Define webpages Home Page - Strong Proposition Entry points Purpose Process Call to Action Text/keywords Meta Tags

17 © 2007 NB2BC Getting your site built Three options available – all require a plan Do It Yourself Pay a developer Work with a developer - Translate business requirements You provide and change content They look after technical aspects Make it challenging/exciting

18 © 2007 NB2BC Marketing Combine online and traditional marketing What is the value of an enquiry or sale? Think campaign not one-off Extend the “footprint” of your website Create a marketing system Rejoice in your successes

19 © 2007 NB2BC Measurement What needs to be measured? How will you measure? Web stats Analytics PPC Calls – separate phone number eMails – separate eMail address Benchmark Customers Repetition

20 © 2007 NB2BC Keys to building Websites that work Know Tell Show Review

21 Search Engine Optimisation James Pennington Lead IT Consultant

22 © 2007 NB2BC Websites that Work: Search Engine Optimisation Search engines look at the following parts of your website Page Title Content Links

23 © 2007 NB2BC Websites that Work Good Page Titles Title should contain key phrases from page content Should be logical

24 © 2007 NB2BC Websites the Work: Create high quality content Uses key words, especially those in the page title Leads to an action Clear, Jargon free Looks professional Adds value for the visitor Short and brief to the point

25 © 2007 NB2BC Websites that Work: Links must add value Check sites that rank well in search engines Register with directories – identify the good sites

26 © 2007 NB2BC Websites that Work: Getting your site found Directories and in bound links Applegate/Kelly, DMOZ, Industry specific directories (WMCCM) E-mail signatures Traditional marketing brochures, business cards, compliments slips, invoices Pay Per Click (Adwords)

27 © 2007 NB2BC Pay-per-Click Compelling Advert Quality landing page

28 © 2007 NB2BC Is your website - SEO Friendly Java (script) Flash AJAX USE only in small amounts

29 © 2007 NB2BC Understand your visitors Analytics Where they go What they like Where they’re from When they browse What they look for What software and machines they use

30 Case Studies James Pennington Lead IT Consultant

31 © 2007 NB2BC SMP Plastics (Fabrication) Ltd case study Very small Black Country plastics fabricator Doubled turnover in 12 months Registered with directories Rebranded to provide professional image Redeveloped website

32 © 2007 NB2BC Rainbow Safety case study West Midlands based sign manufacturer Self developed website 1 st page Google rankings for specific phrases Safety signs direct, braille safety signs, sign stanchion manufacturer Active Pay Per Click campaign New site, targeting specific search traffic

33 Conclusions James Pennington Lead IT Consultant

34 © 2007 NB2BC Websites that Work: Conclusions Plan the website – develop a website map Locate a developer / do it yourself Write good titles & quality content Register with directories and use off-line marketing Make sure your site is SEO friendly

35 © 2007 NB2BC Websites that Work: What next Stay for the Website Critique Session: Interactive session - see what can be changed to improve YOUR website Attend a NB2BC workshop: Tell us if you are interested in a half day support session Try the online SEO toolkit: Access via the B2B website - 1st phase SEO assessment reporting tool, or pick up some handouts today containing instructions on how to drive more traffic to your website Access to more information Register at

36 Questions James Pennington Lead IT Consultant Steve Orriss Lead E-Business Consultant

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