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US Congress. Floor of The House Floor of The Senate.

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1 US Congress


3 Floor of The House

4 Floor of The Senate

5 The Representatives and Senators –Salary of $165,200 with retirement benefits –Office space in D.C. and at home and staff to fill it. –Travel allowances and mail privileges. –But, there’s often 10 to 14 hour days, lots of time away from the family, and lots of pressure from different people to “do the right thing.”

6 Complaints Congress is the body that receives the greatest number of complaints. Mainly, that it is too responsive to public opinion and interest groups yet out of touch with the normal person. Or, it can debate for weeks or even months but has difficulty finding a consensus on major policy issues.



9 SurveyApprove Disap- proveUnsure Approve minus Dates %% Disapprove. CBS4/9-12/07 345412-20. L.A. Times/Bloomberg4/5-9/07 34588-24. Gallup 4/2-5/07 33607-27. AP-Ipsos4/2-4/07 4057*-17

10 Speaker of The House

11 House Minority Leader (John Boehner)

12 Senate Majority Leader

13 Senate Minority Leader

14 Parties in The House pre 2006 Mid- Terms Democrat202 Independent1 Republican232

15 Parties in The Senate pre 2006 Mid- Terms Democrats 44 Independent1 Republican 55

16 FUNCTIONS Legislation Power of the purse Executive Oversight Representation Forum for national debate Foreign Policy powers

17 Recommendation Must use: cher.htm cher.htm

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