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Online Marketing Plans in 2013 As Social Media Marketing gets all the buzz… is SEO Just An Ugly Cinderella? What’s so Sexy About SEO?

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1 Online Marketing Plans in 2013 As Social Media Marketing gets all the buzz… is SEO Just An Ugly Cinderella? What’s so Sexy About SEO?

2 Short Answer... Not a Lot... Until it Starts to Work!

3 Today’s Learning 1.What SEO is. 2.Why I know a little 3.Where it fits into your marketing plans 4.Why digital marketing is so effective 5.Some statistics to illustrate why digital or “inbound” marketing is becoming so effective 6.Why keyword research is important to understand customer intent 7.The important elements on-page and off-page 8.Where mobile and social fit into the optimised web presence 9.What you need to consider

4 What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation The process of tuning your website in; to what your customers need or are searching opposed to you dishing out what you think they ought to be looking for!

5 Consulting Cumbria Ltd ? DotComSecrets, one of the top online marketing and training companies in the world. We work closely with: Jolyon MillerDigisol FX Our Customers Include:

6 Drive more sales of your products and services Rank ahead of competitor X Drive more sales now, but also position yourself for future growth (it’s always easier to get ahead and stay ahead than it is to play catch up) Create a customized website that turns visitors to leads (and eventually sales). Dominate your market locally Website Business Objectives

7 57% of people talk to people more online than in person 48% of American and 43% of UK “young” people access “News” through Social Media 86+% of online users view videos online each month 97% of consumers browse online before purchasing locally (source: Google Places for Business) Digital Marketing is Tied to Our Online and Offline Lives

8 Local search is still getting more important as slow adopting areas begin to “get it”. Up 144% since 2007. * 54% of all consumers have given up the phone book in favor of online search for local products and services. (much higher for consumers under 40) Cumbria is behind the curve here, but even our Yellow Pages are withering away! Mobile searches will surpass desktop searches by 2016 (likely before ) Online Marketing Stats *Source: 2012

9 ORGANIC SEARCH KEY FINDINGS B2B Google is responsible for almost 90% of all organic search, making it the single most important referring source of traffic (36% of all traffic comes from Google). Organic search is still the #1 driver of traffic, accountable for 41% of all visits to B2B websites. Branded searches (searches that include the name of the company) show the highest engagement of any other source (3.71 page views per visit) and account for 31% of all visits from organic search. Online Marketing Stats 2 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report © 2013 Optify Inc.

10 Online Marketing Stats 3 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report © 2013 Hubspot.

11 Online Marketing Stats 4 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report © 2013 Hubspot.

12 Q: Please estimate your company's cost per lead for each of the channels listed below vs. your overall average cost per lead. Online Marketing Stats 5 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report © 2013 Hubspot. Social Media Lead Sources: Aren’t these Killing SEO? Nope! All These Strands Work best When Co-ordinated.

13 Your Online Strategy The 3 Keys to Success Online Targeted Traffic:Targeted Traffic: Steady/Ongoing targeted traffic from multiple sources to generate new customers Conversions:Conversions: An engaging website that turns visitors into customers Repeat Sales & Referrals:Repeat Sales & Referrals: A process for getting customers coming back again and again and telling others!

14 Targeted Traffic: Keyword Research Tuning the website in, to the questions your next customer’s asking. Which keywords get the most searches / traffic? Competitive analysis – am I just competing locally or am I taking on the whole UK or a global market? Buyer keywords vs. DIY or sniffer keywords

15 Attracting Targeted Traffic: Orgasmic oops! Organic SEO Relevance: Good SEO is all about becoming relevant in the eyes of the search engines and website visitors for your products/services. Google and Bing are watching what happens when people visit your site! Content: You become relevant by creating quality focused content on and off your site. Stuff that people might feel inclined to engage with and share.

16 Why Ranking Matters Source: Slingshot SEO study 2011

17 Why Ranking Matters Source: Slingshot SEO study 2011 Other things being equal; the higher you are the more clicks you get!

18 On-Page Optimisation: The Slightly Techie Way That SEO Tunes You in to What people are Asking For! URL – NOT eCommerce sites beware! This is your 2 nd Achilles heel. Title tags- The most important single on-page factor! MOZMOZ Image tags – Tell the “Big G” what your picture is about –search spiders can’t “see” your super sensuous fashion shots. Blog –regularly and create posts which use the target keywords in fresh, unique or well curated content. Relevant Engaging Content (text – try making SEO exciting !)

19 Offsite optimizationOffsite optimization –Links from other trusted, authority sites –Links and mentions from social media posts –Reviews from customers on your website are useful – from social media and business listing sites they are gold dust! –Offsite optimization is all about links & social proof. (the right kind of links) Targeted Traffic: SEO Needs Backup!

20 Offsite optimization – Backlinks or getting the finger pointed at YOU!Offsite optimization – Backlinks or getting the finger pointed at YOU! Targeted Traffic: SEO Needs to be Built Up Creating Content: articles, videos, blog posts, how tos, 5 tips, guest posts on other relevant blogs, contributing to e-mags which links back to you! Sharing Content: posting other people’s content to video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, article sites (?), some social platforms etc.

21 What Mature SEO Can Look Like

22 Local SEO: Usually Much Easier! But not if you dither!

23 Local Optimization Showing up in Local Search Results is CriticalShowing up in Local Search Results is Critical –Well optimised listings in Google Plus Local, Yahoo local, and Bing local are especially important to tie you to a place and identify you as a genuine local business. –Showing up in local listings and in organic listings will increase your click through rates (the number of people who click on your listing)! –Service businesses have a slight problem. Google’s terms and Conditions.

24 Local Optimization

25 Source: 2012 Mobile Strategy? 42% of mobile phone users have a smartphone 61% of those users conduct local search on their phone When they search they “Want it now!” Consider: A mobile responsive website or a mobile version of your site! Google has stated a preference for responsive, but the acid test is what do you want your visitor to do?

26 Why Facebook? The Social Media Effect For different businesses, the social media platform might differ but the rule is the same: Be where your customers are! Because that’s where a lot of your customers are!

27 Why Facebook? 31,456,000 UK Users December 2012

28 Be social / fun / off-beat Post or link to useful stuff Go multi-media – Images work particularly well Run contests – rules apply! Drive traffic for events/specials Keep your business page and personal profiles separate(ish) Rinse and repeat (?) for your other platforms What can you do on Facebook?

29 What is the 2 nd Most Popular Search Engine? 86+% of Online Users View Online Video Each Month People search with Keywords as well... use the tags!

30 #2 most used search engine (behind Google) 20 hours of video uploaded every minute More video is uploaded in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 years Google LOVES video and is beginning to understand it – transcriptions! YouTube helps boost Your SEO Efforts, it can boost your website’s authority and can help strengthen your Google + authorship Why YouTube?

31 Testimonials (client interviews) Describe your creation, product or service Roving reporter 5 FAQs DIY Tips Grand Opening Videos Instructional What videos should you create?

32 What’s Your Strategy? Before you get your web designer to build that website: Find out how your customers are searching for what you do. If you are a start up most of them won’t know your name! Keyword research pays off! Work out what keywords show an intention to buy and build your website around those phrases. Build a responsive or a mobile friendly website ESPECIALLY if you are local! Be social! Work out where your audience hangs out and be there! Invest as much in optimising and socialising as you do in the design of a website, the days of “EASY” online are disappearing fast, even in Cumbria. Looking Good is Important Being Found is even more important!

33 Today’s Learning 1.Search Engine Optimisation is. 2.Why I know a little – experience with several companies 3.SEO and other digital marketing should be part of your marketing plan 4.Digital marketing is effective because everyone is so connected 5.Statistical evidence illustrates why SEO should be part of your “inbound” marketing 6.Keyword research, to understand customers; is important BEFORE you build the website. 7.There are important technical basics to attend to on-page and off-page that lift websites. 8.Mobile viewability and social media “signals” are crucial to an optimised web presence 9.What you need to consider before you ask the web designer to produce that gorgeous website.

34 Consulting Cumbria Ltd We are here to help you lift websites from obscurity. Generate the sales that your business depends on in the most cost effective way. Traditional advertising is not bringing the ROI that it used to Optimised digital marketing is! Call us to help you on your journey. 01228 907 795

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