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Surrey Care Association LD Providers Network Meeting 1st October 2012.

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2 Surrey Care Association LD Providers Network Meeting 1st October 2012

3 Association for Real Change About us About the future:  Your concerns  Your expectations

4 About us… our BIG numbers Our 250 member organisations help us support – Over 40,000 people with Learning Disabilities who use services Employing over 85,000 staff members turnover of over £1billion in the sector

5 Challenges

6 Current political and economic concerns

7 Are you more concerned about the political or economic factors?

8 …what is being done to save money?

9 Influencing policy agendas

10 Active Workforce Development

11 Sharing Best Practice

12 Would you like ARC to help with…

13 Our priorities Better outcomes for people with Learning Disabilities How can we help approach for service providers Connect and liaise to ensure influence and voice Qualified, competent, supported workforce Improved regulation

14 Concerns & Expectations Session 3 priorities Concerns Expectations Share & cluster into headline issues 5 whys? the story behind the issue What would help? Locally Regionally Nationally

15 ACTUAL/ TRUE COST ANALYSIS FOR SURREY LEARNING DISABILITIES PROVIDERS AIMS Calculate up-to-date actual costs for Learning Disabilities provision in Surrey A jointly run Surrey CC and Provider project, supported by Laing & Buisson For different levels of need, different housing sizes, residential care and supported living, with different unit costs; also for different types of provider – private, not-for-profit etc. Consider whether costs are ‘true’ costs sufficient to recruit/ retain staff who can deliver the high quality of support required & provide sufficient service user support Apply reasonable required margins/ returns required for ongoing financial viability and compare with fees being received Produce overall cost analysis and summaries to inform: - Future funding by Surrey CC to ensure good quality care & support (including to inform setting personal budget levels for different levels of need) - Provider cost benchmarking and initiatives to achieve greater cost- effectiveness

16 ACTUAL/ TRUE COST ANALYSIS FOR SURREY LEARNING DISABILITIES PROVIDERS PROCESS SURVEY relating to a cross section of service users by dimensions of provision: - levels of need - types of provision (residential care, supported living) - housing size and location - provider (private independent, larger commercial, not-for-profit/ charities, in-house) Completion by around 30 providers of costing templates for the 60 to 75 service users selected; providers asked to produce 2 or 3 templates, to obtain at least 50 responses Briefing session(s) for providers (17 October initially proposed) and telephone/ email support to help understand templates, analyse costs and produce templates Analysis of results and production of a cost analysis, summaries and report, for Surrey CC and providers – by mid December CONFIDENTIALITY – all data to be submitted to Laing and Buisson, who will undertake analysis and reporting, anonymising individual service user and provider details

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