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Matthew Murray UK Products Manager Axiell UK SWRLS - Blue Sky Thinking event.

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1 Matthew Murray UK Products Manager Axiell UK SWRLS - Blue Sky Thinking event

2 Technology Buzzword bingo

3 The Axiell Group

4 Axiell Group Leading European library technology partner Offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the UK with a total of 230 employees Privately owned with turnover in excess of €35m Axiell's collection management systems are used by: - 800 public libraries - 3000 school and special libraries - 300 archives and museums Axiell has more than 30 years experience of service development and delivery

5 Axiell Group Vision It is Axiell's vision to be the most innovative and competent partner for their global libraries in their mission to be one of the corner stones of the new digital world. Mission To digitise library services that are attractive to library users and efficient for the in-house processes of the library.

6 The Library service and Technology

7 The Chicken or the Egg Technology providers need to understand the requirements of the service Service leaders need to have an understanding of the (soon to be available?) technology, to consider how the technology can support the service Technology or the Service

8 Library service vision the public library service in this country in 20 years is as follows; privatised or divested shiny city centre multi-million pound glass cubes, operating as ‘one stop shops’ staffed by retail trained ‘floor walkers’, built at the expense of the local branch network which will have nearly all closed or be run by volunteers! Is there anything wrong with: shiny city centre multi-million pound glass cubes ‘one stop shops’ retail trained ‘floor walkers’ But this view concentrates on the ‘physical place’ Online views of the future library service

9 Library vision A place to put your profile, to define your interests and goals, for yourself and to a wider community; a safe place to locate and meet like minds and potential collaborators; a flexible space for thinking, writing and reading, alone and in groups, quiet enough for those who come to escape noise; active enough for those who are fed up with staring in silence at their four walls. This place can be both: Physical Virtual

10 The (future) library service Enable them to do what they need to do Where they want to do it When they want to do it However they want to do it The Technology view

11 Who is ‘they’ Library Service Staff Consumers

12 What is ‘it’ Activities Choose Read Listen View Watch Find Ask Provide Collect Return Borrow Lend Buy Download Serve Save Things Books Music Audio eContent Film Physical objects Born Digital files Journals Periodicals Reports Magazines Information Support Access Data

13 Where is ‘it’ Wherever ‘they’ are ● At home ● At school, college, university ● In class ● In the playground ● In halls ● At work ● At the library ● At the beach ● At the park ● On the go

14 When is ‘it’ Now! Any time that suits them

15 What is the ‘How’ Platform ● Library space ● Community space ● PC ● Laptop ● Tablet ● Phone ● eReader ● BYOD ● Any future platform Service ● Face-2-face ● Remote ● Personal ● Complete ● Appropriate per consumer

16 The things you need from technology partners ● 24/7 delivery ● Multi-Platform capable ● Ease of use ● Always on ● Accessible ● Fully functional ● Agility

17 How Technology ● Ubiquitous ● Interoperability ● Convergence / Divergence ● Intuitive Using ● NFC ● Web services ● CSS ● HTML5 ● SOA ● SaaS ● PaaS ● RFID

18 So what is the future library platform It could be The Universal UI Google GLASS Intelligent buildings Whatever ‘you’ want it to be! What can deliver all of this

19 But who delivers the service

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