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What Makes for Good Collaboration Turning Theory into Practice Mark O’ BrienAnna HutchingsDVS.

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1 What Makes for Good Collaboration Turning Theory into Practice Mark O’ BrienAnna HutchingsDVS

2 Why collaborate and share property? Property is a significant cost liability and an asset Property can represent opportunity Property is an enabler for transformational change Continued requirement to manage property efficiently and effectively to deliver services Public property is a joint strategic resource

3 Collaboration Collaboration is about people effectively working together But…Its not easy working together There would be more collaborative success stories about Developing the collaborative habit takes a while

4 Collaboration Considerations Strategic Considerations Delivery Considerations

5 Willingness and Compatibility Strategic Considerations

6 Strong Leadership and Commitment The (Wo) MAN Means Authority Need Strategic Considerations image credit: Scott Maxwell, LuMaxArt. CC by-SA 2.0

7 Strategic Considerations Opportunity

8 Vision What is the opportunity? Strategic Considerations

9 Visionary What is the true opportunity? Can we, is it really feasible? Explore, develop and test options. Strategic Considerations

10 Lateral Thinking Bring the vertical and horizontal into play (The Forest and the Trees) Strategic Considerations

11 Lateral Thinking Strategic Considerations Explore, develop and test options

12 Overcoming Barriers Cultural Strategic Considerations

13 Open and Fair It’s not just about what you need. You have to consider what the other party wants and needs. Strategic Considerations

14 Open and Fair

15 Strategic Considerations Respect and Trust Get rid of - I’m right, your wrong. - Hide the ego, you don’t need power to be heard, if its relevant people will listen. - Trust is paramount, build it, then turn it into action. - Make it safe to fail, learn and innovate. image credit: Frederic Poirot, CC by 2.0

16 Strategic Considerations Respect and Trust

17 Sustainability “See the oak tree in the acorn” Essence of sustainability is long term relationships, built on trust and respect. Long term view gives parties a measure of security. This requires up front due diligence. Strategic Considerations image credits: acorn, Robert Benner. Oak tree, Marilyn Peddle. CC by 2.0

18 Don’t forget your customers / citizens - Engage and Consult - Options for change - Set future direction - Promote benefits - Outline the way forward and why Strategic Considerations image credit: The BigTouffe, CC by 2.0

19 Collaborative Property Strategy To support the strategic, corporate and service directives of the organisation (s). By attempting to identify property requirements now and into the future to ensure the right space at the right time in the right place at the right cost Delivery Considerations

20 Awareness and Appreciation of Partner Property Delivery Considerations

21 Property Knowledge and Certainty of Information Delivery Considerations

22 Market Awareness Delivery Considerations

23 Funding and Finance Vehicles, Prudential Borrowing Joint Ventures Buy Now – Pay Later TIF Delivery Considerations

24 Protections and the Development Agreement Overage Build out clauseClawback Savings Delivery Considerations

25 Community Benefits Delivered Through Sound Regeneration Principles Delivery Considerations

26 Questions Mark O’ Brien Anna Hutchings

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