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TÉCNICA EThNOGRAPHIC TECHNICS Holistica. Naturalist. Fenomenologic Malinowski.

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1 TÉCNICA EThNOGRAPHIC TECHNICS Holistica. Naturalist. Fenomenologic Malinowski

2 Ethnographics Tradicionaly…

3 Ethnographics Present day…

4 The designers need to understand the relationships between what they produce and the MEANING of their products for others As a design tool

5 …which condition design Understanding the cultural rules

6 Observing reality… Not leaving everything to the words of the people…

7 Identify posible improvements

8 Compare the ways in which some products funcion all over the world… UNiversal

9 1 RESEARCH DESIGN Defining the problem and the objectives of the investigation It helps to define the information and necesary by-products to efficiently comunicate both the investigation and conclusions to the client. It helps all parricipants to understand the questions and the importance that the research can have when making decisions for the final design. PP Task program

10 Determination ámbito and muster. Who are the persons who can shed more light on the questions? Is that someones who uses certain products or who acts in certain ways? Is it someone who provokes changes or impacts on the way that others act? Are they personss who live in a given environment, the culture or the geophic location? Spheres of relation Service userActive userPasive userConstructing user RESEARCH DESIGN

11 Directa o Indirecta Participante o no Participante De campo o de Laboratorio Individual o de Equipo Prolongada y repetitiva 2 Direct or Indirect Participant or not Participant In the field or in the Lab Individual or in a team OBSERVING, REGISTERING AND DESCRIBING Scientific Observation Extended and repetitive

12 2 OBSERVING, REGISTERING AND DESCRIBING Field Notes Permanent registers (videos, fotos, voice recordings )

13 Triangulation of information 3 THE ETHNOGRAPHIC INTERVIEW Informant: How to select an informant, how many are to use and to what purpose The problem with lack of precision of the informants Planification and execution of theinterview: protocol, polling, contextualization and transcription.

14 THE ETHNOGRAPHIC INTERVIEW Phrasing of the questions that can be modificied according to the investigation: Descriptivas questions: What do the do? Where do they live? Structural questions: What is the meaning of the expression used by an actor in a given moment? Contrasting questions: Does the actor use these expressions in other situacions ? Kinds of questions:

15 Focal Groups ”Group explorative inerview” Collective interviews made to homogeneus groups Knowing conductss and social attitudes Obtaining more and more veried answers that can enrich the information in respect to a matter. Better focusing a research or more easily locating a product. Obtainig ideas to perform later studies

16 ProsCons Certainty atmospherDiscomfort with certain matters Wide range of information in a short time Mastery of the matter by an individual Results in a shorter time Opinions become generalised Focal Groups ”Group explorative inerview”

17 Histories of life Crear a relationship based on empathe The tales of life as products of the sociedty or part of the ulture: Construccion of coherence in the narratives

18 A group of manipulations, transformations, operations and reflections that we perform on the data to obtain significations that allow for the understanding of the situacion of a matter of study QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS Focal Groups

19 QUALITATIVO ANALYSIS Reality Conceptual elaboration of the information communication Information of the slice of reality Conservation treatment Expression Creativo process

20 4 MANAGEMENT OF THE DATA AND QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS The manageament of information: how to organize, storage and facilitate the acces to the dat Transcription of text Reduction of data Categorization Conceptual clasification of units covered by a common matter Asignement of a label to each unit that is considered part of a class

21 categorization Units Process of categorization Manipulative process through which the categorization is descibed Syntehsis and grouping Identification and classification of elements MANAGEMENT OF THE DATA AND QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS The manageament of information: how to organize, storage and facilitate the acces to the dat


23 23 MANAGEMENT OF THE DATA AND QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS Construction of presentations Extracting and y verifying the conclusions

24 VS. QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE The researcher intents to understand the human behavior immerso in the place where it develops and interacts. He observes activeley its subject of studies He is aware that his presence provokes reactiv effects among the subjects under observation. He thinks that the only existing generalisation is that no generalización exists The researcher studies the behavior of men from the outside. He introduces himself on some ocassions into the scenary that he pretends to define and explain He observes his subject of study in a controlled way He thinks that through the control of the contaminating variables he does not provoca reactive effects among the subjects under observation. He thinks that he can generalise other similar contexts

25 25 VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY The image can represent a thousand words with infinite meanings The development or research methods in marketing that go through the anthropological look: to observe, understand and decode in order to understand human behaviors in his habitat Transcription of an ethnographic observation into a discourse expressed in images and sound: fotos, video, movies; instead of the written text, visual narrative is used

26 Visual ethnography ilustres what has been researched and documented by the anthropologist and the visual production of the anthropologic kind It is the intervention de un no antropólogo experto en la técnica de grabación y filmación que registra los fenómenos sociales Actualmente hay una gran cantidad de etnografías digitales que se publican en CD-ROM o distribuidas a través de la web; algunos ejemplos que podemos encontrar son: “El Pulque”, trabajo realizado por Scott S. Robinson (http://antropologí VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY QUALITATIVE

27 vestigacionEE/Presentaciones/Etnografica_doc.pd f vestigacionEE/Presentaciones/Etnografica_doc.pd f cnicas-etnograficas-como-herramientas-utiles-en- ux/ cnicas-etnograficas-como-herramientas-utiles-en- ux/ Mesografia

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