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G-C-I.COM Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets.

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1 G-C-I.COM Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets

2 What the heck is this? G-C-I.COM

3 Code Snippets 1.IntelliSense Code Snippets are reusable. 2.Task-oriented. Are blocks of code. Visual Studio 2005 includes code snippets covering tasks ranging from creating a custom exception, to sending an message, to drawing a circle.

4 G-C-I.COM Code Snippets Or Ctrl + K, X

5 G-C-I.COM Code Snippets – Demo 1

6 G-C-I.COM Creating Custom Code Snippets Two Elements Singleton Code snippet singleton class Babulal K R Expansion

7 G-C-I.COM Sub-element to specify the basic code. Contains 4 sub elements like -- To add assembly references. -- To import the Namespaces. -- Define the variables or type. -- Info for Code generation. Continued…

8 G-C-I.COM System.dll System.xml, Version= , Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77A5C561934E089 OR Demo…

9 G-C-I.COM System. Collections Demo…

10 G-C-I.COM type Property type String property Property name MyProperty field The variable backing this property _myPropertyr Demo…

11 G-C-I.COM Language supported CSharp VB VJSharp XML

12 G-C-I.COM Demo

13 G-C-I.COM Q & A

14 G-C-I.COM More reading… 1. 2. aspx aspx 3. _1 _1 4. And of-course in my blog

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