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The Executive Branch Presidential Succession & The Vice President.

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1 The Executive Branch Presidential Succession & The Vice President

2 Presidential Succession Original Wording (Art. 2, Sec. 1, Cl. 6) Original Wording (Art. 2, Sec. 1, Cl. 6) – “power and duties” of the office (not the actual office were to go to the Vice Pres.) 25 th Amendment 25 th Amendment – In case of removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become president.

3 Presidential Succession Before the 25 th Amendment (in 1967) the Vice President took over anyway. – John Tyler set this precedent when W.H. Harrison died after being in office only 31 days. So… what if something happens to the Vice President too????

4 TOP THREE ARE ELECTED 18 positions are outlined Vice President Speaker of the House Pro Tempore of the Senate Sec. of State Sec. of Treasury Sec. of Defense Attorney General Sec. of Interior Sec. of Agriculture Sec. of Commerce Sec. of Labor Sec. of Health and Human Services Sec. of HUD Sec. of Transportation Sec. of Energy Sec. of Education Sec. of Veterans Affairs Sec. of Homeland Security Presidential Succession Act of 1947

5 ( Know these for the TEST) The Vice President Joe Biden Speaker of the House John Boehner President pro tempore of the Senate Daniel Inouye Secretary of State Hillary Clinton I’m next!

6 Keep this in mind… MUST meet the three original Whoever is the next person in the line of succession MUST meet the three original qualifications outlined in the Constitution.

7 Presidential Disability What if the President is only disabled – like if he has a heart attack or something… 25 th Amendment also details this predicament The VP is to become President if… Congress in writing – The President informs Congress in writing that he is unable to serve – The VP and the Cabinet inform Congress that the President is unable to serve The President can resume duties when / if able Used twice – Reagan & Bush


9 Presidential Disability Examples Garfield was shot and eventually died, however he spent several weeks in a coma Wilson had a stroke and his wife handled many of his duties in 1919. Eisenhower had a heart attack, and his assistants ran the Oval Office for him, until he could return.

10 Checkpoint List the next 4 persons to assume the Presidency, if the President is unable to serve…

11 The Vice President John Adams: I am the Vice President. In this I am nothing, but I may be everything.” 9 VPs have taken over in the middle of a Term – 8 for deaths 4 Assassinations 4 Natural Causes – 1 for resignation Nixon Did you know… The President can’t remove the VP from office.

12 Presidential Succession (x 9) 4 Presidents have been assassinated – Lincoln / Garfield / McKinley / Kennedy 4 Presidents have died of Natural Causes – Harrison / Taylor / Harding / Roosevelt 1 President has Resigned – Nixon

13 The Vice President 2 jobs issued by the Constitution 1) President of the Senate 2) Help decide Presidential Disability **Why so few duties?? Pt… What amendment discusses presidential disability? THINK PRE-12 th Amendment

14 Vice President Facts Balancing the Ticket Someone who can gather the votes of a particular demographic group – race, region, gender, etc VP Vacancy (18 times) VP office is vacated, the President will nominate an individual, and Congress will “confirm” with a majority approval vote from them. Precedent set by the 25 th Amendment…again, before the 25 th Amendment it was left vacant for years in some cases… VP Recently VP’s power (influence) is determined by the President.Dick Cheney was considered to be the most influential VP in our history. VP’s power (influence) is determined by the President. Did you know…Joe Biden makes $227,300 / year

15 President determines the level of influence of the Vice President Reporter: “What major decisions has Vice President Nixon participated in during your eight years in office?” Eisenhower: “Give me a week, I might think of one.” TEST ?

16 Keep this straight… 12 th Amendment – Talks about the separate ballot for President and VP (no ties) 22 nd Amendment – Term Limits 25 th Amendment – Talks about the President and Vice President exclusively Pres. Succession Act – Lays out the actual 18 people that are in line for the office

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