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Jenni Keast: Portfolio - Direct. Product : Direct-Mail –Bermuda ( Click here to see the rest of my Amex Travel planners in my Portfolio.) Amex Planners:

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1 Jenni Keast: Portfolio - Direct


3 Product : Direct-Mail –Bermuda ( Click here to see the rest of my Amex Travel planners in my Portfolio.) Amex Planners: Client: American Express Travel Target Market : American Express Cardholders Agency : Bates & Lee Tone: Sophisticated, lively style with a comic flair for the high-end traveler. Challenges : (1) To overcome the impression of Bermuda as being too staid and (2) to sell Bermuda as a place to go off-season.

4 Published in : ‘In Gear” Dept., Roads to Adventure Mag. These product reviews were actually advertorial copy intended to move the reader to respond by migrating over to the Buy Now section where they would order product. As the In Gear editor, I had established a level of expertise that our readers trusted & were therefore more likely to buy the product I reviewed. The fact that I used many of these products myself while on my many travel adventures for the publication, lent an added level of trust. Headers: These add-on headers demonstrate how simple it is to turn an advertorial product “review" into direct mail copy (catalog). In some of these copy blocks I’ve inserted benefit-driven headers, while others are simply attention-getting creative. To read more about advertorial product reviews, visit my Portfolio: To view the “In Gear” Feature Section of Roads to Adventure Magazine visit my Portfolio.Portfolio.

5 Catalog/Advertorial Outdoor Product Reviews- (with added Benefit-Driven Headers) Following are some *advertorial outdoor product reviews (close cousin to catalog copy ) to which which I’ve added both benefit-driven & creative headers. These advertorial product reviews are similar to what you might read in a magalog. In other words, thickly disguised (or thinly–depending on how well you do your job) editorial intended to cultivate trust in a customer or consumer in hopes that: (1) they will become loyal to your brand and (2) they will buy your product or services. As long as a company is not being disingenuous about either the fact that they are not strictly an editorial publication or about the actual merits of their product, it’s considered perfectly ethical to use advertorial. By and large consumers trust advertorial publications (magalogs) produced by their favorite brands and do so knowing that these publications are not editorial (completely unbiased publications.) If the truth be known, even so-called editorial publications, in deference to their existing or hope-they’ll–become-advertisers do product write-ups that favor particular products over others. Anyone who says otherwise is living in journalism school la-la land. In my case, my ethical standards were satisfied in that at least 90% of the time, I actually tried out the products I wrote about before extolling their praises. (And had a lot of fun doing it.) You see, it was important to me that I slept at night … even if I had to sleep on the hard ground in a tent that I spent more time than I would have like pitching in order to make nice with my conscience :) So … without further ado, let’s see what we can do to turn an advertorial product review into an instant selling piece (direct mail-catalog copy) simply by adding a benefit-driven headline.


7 Brew, Drink & Be Merry … all From the Same Container. Product : Big Sky Bistro Outdoor Coffee Press Note: This has the double advantage of being both a benefit-driven & a creative header. That’s always a good standard to strive for, but if you have to choose one over the other, it’s always best to go the benefit route.


9 I’m going to have fun with this next one, so pardon me while rather than use a benefit- driven header, I use the old intrigue-them-so-they’ll-read-it approach. The outdoor brew maker that will make your European friends jealous. (Alternate Headers) Expresso your inner cowboy. Reveal your outer European. Make a shootin’ tootin’ cowboy jealous. Give him a shot from this. They’ll Laugh When You Bring this Into the Woods. Then Wish They Had One. Product: GSI Outdoors Mini-Expresso Maker

10 (Header) Finally. A Rugged And Roomy 4-Season Tent That Takes The Sting Out Of Winter Camping. Product: Eureka Scorpion Tent

11 (Header) The Cutting-Edge Tool that Works in a Pinch … Makes One-Tool-at-a-Time Opening a Cinch. Product: Buck Knives Bucktools

12 It’s official. Alaska now has a Monopoly on scenic wonders. (Alternate Headers) Shoot a Moose. Mush to Jail. Don’t Collect $200. Or … When She’s Not Looking at Russia through her Binoculars, Palin Plays This

13 A Flameless Outdoor Lighter That Can’t Blow Out!


15 (Header) Take a Wrong Turn? No Worries. This Tool Sets You Right … Even at Night. Product: Magellan’s Pop-Out Magnifier (Header) Take a Wrong Turn? No Worries. This Tool Sets You Right … Even at Night. Product: Magellan’s Pop-Out Magnifier

16 Client : Alta Vista and Note: As the Product Copy Manger/Editor for AltaVista (now defunct), I oversaw the production of over 20,000 product descriptions––hiring, training & overseeing some 80 writers (mostly freelance). I even wrote quite a few myself to demonstrate what we were looking for in terms of style & tone. These are just a few of the descriptions I generated during that period. Section #III Note: In the interest of saving space, Product Specs were eliminated from any and all copy blocks

17 Sony DVD=S53OD Big Theater Effects Without a Big Head in Your Way Fire up your audio system. Sit back. And prepare to be blown away without having your view obstructed by a beehive hairdo. This DVD can be optimized for your loudspeakers and your listening room. Sony engineers gave the DVD-S53OD the important adjustments required for optimizing your surround sound. Only Sony offers the Digital Cinema Sound™ system that allows you to enjoy ideal theater sound even when you don’t have ideal speaker placement. A 4-Tap Weighted Average Letterbox filter achieves greater stability and reduces interline flicker and jagged edges. SmoothSlow™ playback provides enhanced slow-speed performance in both forward and reverse so you can scrutinize every frame. And of course there’s a pause button so you can get popcorn without missing a thing. Except the sticky floor. Infinity SM-225 Floor Speakers From Here To Infinity If Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr had these at the beach house, steam would have been rising up from the ocean. That's because any music played through these speakers–– including make-love-on-the-beach background music–– comes out with unparalleled sound. If you want loud, it's LOUD, if you want kick-ass to your bass, you’ve got it with the floor- standing, bass-reflex that lets you rock 'n roll through the night. The 1" Fastglass dome tweeter is an exceptionally lightweight, responsive new fiberglass composite that greatly improves efficiency and power handling. With 101db sensitivity, these speakers will play loud even when driven by low-powered receivers. And when the bass is beefed up, the adjustable tweeter level control lets you tweak your highs so they're just right. Perfect for the beach house and those midnight swims. Panasonic KX-TM150B Digital Answering System w/Caller ID Total Recall Who was that person with the thick, heavy accent who left that cryptic message on your answering machine? The only part you understood was "Hasta la vista, baby." No problem. You’ve got his number. With Panasonic's Caller ID data feature that displays the name and number with each message during playback, you won't have to listen to your phone messages ten times just to figure out who called. Total recording time for messages is 15 minutes so everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame on your machine, even if they're already famous--like Arnold. Advanced Microchip Technology makes for improved voice recording quality over previous models and Call Screening Toll Saver lets you check messages from a remote location. Even better, the system will answer on the first ring only if you have new messages. If not, you can hang up and avoid toll charges.

18 We Swear, You Can Control Offensive Language on TV! TVGuardian - The Foul Language Filter Filters out profanity and offensive phrases Connects between your TV and VCR Offers three modes of filtering Installs easily You may not be able to control celebrity over “exposure” during televised Super Bowls, but you can do more than just cry “Foul!” at offensive words and phrases that spew forth from your TV. It’s common knowledge. Offensive language is imbedded in practically every movie and TV program today, even programming intended for children. There’s just no way you can predict when an expletive or other less-than- wholesome word or phrase is going to jump out of the airwaves and into the sanctity of your home. So rather than keeping your finger nervously glued to the Mute button, or foolishly yelling “Blah, Blah, Blah” in a vain attempt to drown out the words on an otherwise enjoyable movie or TV show (thereby missing what’s going on), why not allow TVGuardian to do the work for you? TVGuardian works on virtually all TV programs and videos played through the VCR. Unlike devices based on the V-Chip, TVGuardian does not require TV networks to assign special ratings, and TVG does not block programs. Simply pop in a movie or turn on your favorite TV series and TVGuardian goes to work in the background editing out offensive language. How does it work? TVGuardian works by monitoring the closed caption content and muting the sound when it detects profanity. The closed captioned signal is a hidden signal that is embedded in the video signal of most broadcast television and videotapes. If you have the closed captioning on your TV turned on, it also modifies the closed caption text, replacing it with a more acceptable substitute. (Rest of copy is product specs.)

19 Ferret out Fibbers, Save Secrets and Track Time in Tokyo with a Truth Detector Spy Watch Get four high-tech gadgets in one with the Truth Detector Spy Watch. Know who's telling the truth and who's not, instantly Make sure your mission plans don't get stolen with a 3-level secret message encoder A high-tech mission alarm alerts you when it's time for action Be an agent anywhere with accurate time in 24 cities around the world Good news for closet CIA operatives and wannabe Secret Service agents. You don’t need to be the long arm of the law to find out who’s lying and whose not. You just need an arm. With The Truth Detector Spy Watch— an advanced system that uses real lie detector technology—you can determine whether that mechanic who asked you if you were “sitting down” while he gave you that outrageous repair quote is on the up and up or just jerking your timing chain. Ferreting out falsehoods is easy. Just ask the person you're testing (of course you don’t tell them that’s what you’re doing) to hold their index and middle fingers against the biofeedback sensors. With their fingers still on the sensors, ask them a question, like, “Do I really need a new engine?” As they answer, press the SET button once, which brings up a chart. The more bars appear on the screen, the less likely it is they’re being honest. Look for other clues, such as rapid eye movement or a flushed face to help you decide. But truth detection is just the tip of the iceberg! This multi-use spy gadget also incorporates a 3-level secret message encoder (for the ultimate in security), a high-tech mission alarm (which will not self destruct in 60 seconds) and accurate time in 24 international travel destinations around the globe. Isn’t this good news? Now you can be a Secret Agent Man without them giving you a number or taking away your name.

20 Fido Fed Up With Not Being Fed ? Autopetfeeder Feed your pets at a set time every day, even if you have an unpredictable schedule. Never forget to feed your pet again Promotes better pet health — they won't overeat Food stays fresh and clean You decide when and how much your pet eats Keeps pet fit and trim You called home and told Fido you’d be late for dinner. Not yours—his. Since Fido can’t talk, ergo he can’t answer the phone, your words were lost. All he knows is that he’s hungry—again. Save your therapy money over the guilt you feel for forgetting to feed Fido (or feline Fifi) and hook on to the Autopetfeeder—the ultimate low- maintenance pet feeder that will guarantee—as God is your witness—that your pet will never go hungry again. The Autopetfeeder automatically dispenses your pet's favorite dry food. Just fill the see-through container with pet food (Caution: a T-Bone will jam it), and the Autopetfeeder will release a pre-determined amount of food at any time of day you choose. It's perfect for any pet owner with an unpredictable schedule, or for anyone that simply wants to take a quick weekend trip without letting their pets overeat or go hungry. No more letting your social life be determined by your pet! Designed for either cats or dogs, this remarkable feeder can be programmed to dispense food up to eight times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Food is delivered to the bowl over several minutes, using a slow-moving auger, which is totally pet safe, even if Fido or Fifi sticks his or her eager little tongue up the food chute! An additional stirring mechanism inside the storage container minimizes the possibility of clogs and jams. Each Autopetfeeder includes a dishwasher-safe bowl for easy cleaning and a 24-hour programmable timer with built-in battery backup. A non- chewable cord ensures pet safety. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

21 Those Dirty Rats—Get Rid of Rodents Easily Without Glue or Poison! Rat Zapper Rid your home of rodents without seeing or touching them Electric shock exterminates rodents instantly Red strobe light indicates when the chamber needs to be emptied Battery-operated - place it anywhere you have a rodent problem Have you noticed? That the best-laid plans of men to catch mice go astray? Rats may be even harder to entrap. Few of them actually fall for the poison plan, glue-board gimmick or ultrasonic ultimatum. For the occasional gene- deficient rodent that does take the bait, you’re left with a hideously contorted smelly carcass that lays prostrate behind your refrigerator. Not exactly sanitary—or safe. Especially when you consider that rats carry a host of germs of several diseases—including plague, food poisoning and typhus. With the Rat Zapper you never have to handle the body. Or be left with that dreaded kitchen carnage. How does it work? First, you bait the trap with ordinary dry pet food, or Rat Zapper’s specialty bait. Then, when the rodent enters the long blue plastic box searching for his midnight snack...Holy Voltage Batman! It gets the shock of its short rat life. That’s because the electronic system senses the rat’s presence, and then delivers enough electrical energy to send him off to his Great Reward— quickly —so the rodent never suffers. Disposal is clean and easy. First, a red strobe light on the top blinks when it's time to empty the chamber. Then you just tip the Zapper over a proper waste receptacle and say good riddance to Rizzo. To use the Zapper again, simply add new bait, turn the system on and put it back wherever rats tend to “hang” and do their rodent thing. It’s the perfect no-fuss, no-muss, and guiltless rat-elimination system ever! ( Rest of copy is product specs) This copy was written strictly for fun as few clients would want to go this far with this particular subject matter!

22 ⌘ Coldwater Creek ⌘ Territory Ahead ⌘ Miscellaneous The style of catalog copy writing in this section fits one or more of the following types: ⌘ Quietly upscale descriptive ⌘ Narrative ⌘ Snob Appeal ⌘ Image All the Way You, You, You ⌘ Jes’ Folks The style of catalog copy writing in this section fits one or more of the following types: ⌘ Quietly upscale descriptive ⌘ Narrative ⌘ Snob Appeal ⌘ Image All the Way You, You, You ⌘ Jes’ Folks

23 Coldwater Creek

24 Peterman’s Catalog style- Overkill yes, but a fun example of the narrative style Coldwater Creek.

25 Touché for this Torchiere It was the glass that launched a thousand lamps. Over a hundred years ago, one artist’s obsession with creating an art form out of discarded stained glass gave birth to the now- famous, Tiffany Lamp. Louis Comfort Tiffany’s unparalleled craftsmanship brought more than just comfort to the well-heeled homes of such turn-of-the-century notables as Mark Twain and Cornelius Vanderbilit––it also brought a sense of beauty and style never before seen in the American home. This classic pink rose touchiere buffet lamp continues the Tiffany tradition with its bold colors, opalescent sheens and a slight variation in glass shape, color and placement—making this glass act a one-of-a-kind treasured keepsake. Measures 9" x 24". Imported. Alternate Header: A Glass Act Dale Tiffany Pink Rose Torchiere Lamp Coldwater Creek: Category: Home Décor

26 Coldwater Creek Product: Pewter Medallion An Uncommon Loon It’s the spirit of the northern lakes, a haunting cry that reaches over caverns of time and calls us back to a place where creatures flew over still, dark lakes and never heard the sound of man. The loon has much to tell us, if we but listen. Designer Ken Kantro has captured this ancient bird in a stunning pewter medallion hat hangs gracefully on the end of a 24” sterling silver chain—forever reminding us that we were not the first to bathe under the light of a pale summer moon. $45.00 Pre-Adam’s Family Volatile, but with real family values. Rarely leaves its nest. Screams a warning one moment, shrieks with laughter the next, cries inconsolably when thinking of the past (and it’s a long one), and yodels— whenever. Sound loony? No, it’s just the “Loon Family”—birds of a black and white feather that stick together, no matter how crazy things get. To celebrate the world’s oldest bird (20 million years, to be-not- so exact), designer Ken Kantro has crafted this stunning pewter medallion with the image of the ancient loon forever captured on the end of a 24” sterling silver chain. $45.00 PRINTED POPOVER SKIRT SET #R21873 The Woman In the Red Dress Gilda leaves her gilded cage looking for love in all the right places. Secretly hoping that in one of the street cafes or out-of-the way book stores of Provence, she’ll find him. She raises her standard when she wears her fiery, but feminine, red dress that suggests, rather than seduces. The top flows effortlessly from its padded shoulders and curves ever so slightly above the graceful skirt. The slit on the side reveals just enough leg to fire the imagination of the young man standing in the corner. He didn’t come looking for just anyone. He was tired of the games, weary of the empty-headed women who gave too willingly and settled so easily. He wanted the one who would make him want to be a better man. He wanted the woman with the red dress. Imported crinkle rayon; dry clean. Regular S-M-L-XL (skirt about 36” long); petites PXS-PS-PM-PL (31”) In red (040). [R21873] $98 the set Women’s 1X-2X-3X. [R218743] $108 the set.

27 From Boring to Beautiful…Belle Notte’s Linens are Transforming the Bedroom If your bedroom doubles as your bored room, then it’s time to change your linens. California bedding designer Kathleen McCoy has the answer for those decorating deficient doldrums: luxury linens that bring the outdoors inside. McCoy mutters the mantra of the new millennium: Simplify. Make home your haven. She also knows that what should be the ultimate haven within our home—the bedroom—is often relegated to the back burner when it comes to decorating priorities. Rather than being shown off proudly, it’s the one room in the house that we often shut off as soon as the doorbell rings. “They’re here…quick, shut my bedroom door!” is the familiar last-minute cry. Bringing in the Outdoors Belle Notte Linens have changed all that. McCoy, who founded the company just four years ago, approaches the job of designing bedrooms as passionately as she once approached her wedding gown creations. Maybe with even more passion when you consider that the romantic aura she creates with her bedding designs help keep the nuptial fires burning long after the gown has faded. With an emphasis on texture, Bella Notte’s luxurious pre-softened linens, which include duvet covers, throws, pillow shams, curtains and sheets, tend to have a high “touch factor.” They also reflect the popular trend of buyers wanting more natural and inviting, vintage-inspired prints. McCoy meets the need for this earthy ambience by choosing tones and hues inspired from nature itself, like muted lilacs that make one think of freshly picked Spanish lavender and sage greens reminiscent of a wild California garden. McCoy’s line of fashion bedding is constructed from over 13 types of fabrics such as silk, linen, chenille and velvet. While using many of these fabrics for bed linens isn’t new, it’s her talent for employing innovative applications and finishing techniques for these classic fabrics that make these creations truly one-of-a-kind. Boil, Boil…She Does it Vat Way McCoy’s secret for creating that soft and natural vintage look is simple. She literally throws bolts of varying types of fabric into a giant vat that contains a particular dye lot. The color adheres to the fabrics differently, giving each fabric its own unique variation on a theme. The result when all put together? A harmonious, yet non-monotonous look that makes one feel that their bedroom has been transported into the middle of a mountain meadow, reflecting all the subtle shades and hues that nature brings. Read Page Two on Next Slide …. Advertorial feature web article written for Udeco, profiling Bella Notte’s Linens.

28 From Boring to Beautiful…Belle Notte’s Linens are Transforming the Bedroom Continued from first slide … Linens That Let You Have a Life In spite of their beguiling good looks, McCoy’s linens are low-maintenance. Most luxury linens not only carry a hefty price tag, they require special care and cleaning. Not so with Bella Notte’s bedding. Most of them are washer and dryer safe. In fact, McCoy’s linens loved to be laundered; they become softer and more supple with each wash. They’re also child and pet friendly. It was her own bustling brood that inspired her concept of durable luxury. “For my own bed, I wanted something really gorgeous—that didn’t have to be off-limits to my kids and animals,” says Mc Coy. “And it had to be something that would keep looking and feeling great in spite of all the traffic.” Everyone’s an Artist As unique as McCoy’s bedroom creations are, she’s not exclusive about her products. McCoy is an artist and believes that her customer should feel similarly inspired when putting together their own bedroom look. That means not doing the traditional bedding thing that often discourages pieces from one line of linens to be mixed with pieces from other lines. McCoy’s pieces are designed for the customer to be able to create eclectic, truly individualized bedrooms that reflect their own unique style. And she doesn’t care if the duvet cover is hers, but the pillow is from “somewhere else.” Escape to Home Belle Notte is an Italian phrase that means “beautiful night.” For most of us having a beautiful night conjures up an image of getting away from home. Images of a Tuscan villa or a bed and breakfast in the middle of wine country come to mind. McCoy, however, has proven that you don’t have to leave home to create an amorous ambiance. You can stay right where you are, snugly ensconced within the four corners of your romantic-inspired Belle Notte bedroom and begin the beguine once again. To complete the transformation, just throw in some well-placed scented candles, a home spa evening, a little aromatherapy and you have the ultimate respite from the daily vicissitudes and stresses of life. For related editorial web content in the category of Homes and Home Décor Visit my House Styles Guide located in my Portfolio.House Styles Guide

29 Territory Ahead – Spec


31 Web – Product Copy – Toys & Baby, Software For Toys & Baby, Software, etc. written for Alta Vista & eToys visit my Portfolio where you can download more samples in this & many other categories.Toys & Baby,Portfolio download Visit my *Portfolio & * My new portfolio is a work in progress as I transfer over years of writing material over from one platform to another.

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