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Playing Bass With J Best of Jamiroquai. Contents Introduction Preface i Performance Notes ii Transcriptions: Deeper Underground……………..1 Runaway…………………………...4.

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1 Playing Bass With J Best of Jamiroquai


3 Contents Introduction Preface i Performance Notes ii Transcriptions: Deeper Underground……………..1 Runaway…………………………...4 Scam………………………………..8 When You Gonna Learn………….10 Canned Heat………………………15 (Don’t) Give Hate A Chance……...21 Bass Notation Legend…………….25 CD TRACK LISTING: 1 – Deeper Underground (Full) 2 – Deeper Underground (Bass + Click) 3 – Runaway (Full) 4 - Runaway (Bass + Click) 5 – Scam (Full) 6 – Scam (Bass + Click) 7 – When You Gonna Learn (Full) 8 – When You Gonna Learn (Bass + Click) 9 – Canned Heat (Full) 10 – Canned Heat (Bass + Click) 11 – (Don’t) Give Hate A Chance (Full) 12 – (Don’t Give Hate A Chance (Bass + Click) 13 – Standard Tuning notes (E, A, D, G) Page

4 Preface i Welcome to the Playing Bass With J : Jamiroquai Edition. The book and CD contains everything needed to play Bass to some of the grooviest Bass lines recorded by various players on Jamiroquai’s albums through- out the performers career. In the book you will find both standard bass notation and TAB for each of the six tracks. Full stereo mixes of each tune to play along with for practise, Stereo Bass only tracks with a click and a two bar count in have also been provided so that the each Bass part can be heard on its own to allow the player to hear clearly what is to be played at tempo. In addition to this Standard tuning notes (E,A,D,G) have been provided. Useful points on playing each piece and the bass notation legend can also be found at the beginning of this book to aid players. Players are reminded that this is NOT an official book and that all music within may not be 100% accurate but more of close reproduction of the original playing found on the original tracks.

5 Canned Heat Featured in film Napoleon Dynamite. Nick Fyffe again plays Synth Bass in this track. Be aware that the tempo for the first 3 bars is a lot faster than the latter of the piece. At the end of the piece the performer is given free rain to improvise When You Gonna Learn There are many versions of this song that have been realsed for this reason I chose to put the 1992 single that was released on the album Emergency of planet Earth as it covers all sections that are in the extended/shortened versions all performed by Andrew Levy. The score and recording for the song start from when the strings enter as the meter of the Didgeridoo section is different. Runaway This song featured as a new single on the High Times album (singles 1992-2006). Performed on Electric Bass by Derrick McIntyre who also played on the track Dynamite. The song is in ternary form, with exception from the introduction and middle eight, where there is no Bass guitar. Once comfortable with the two main riffs work at them getting up to tempo then try playing along with the original. Performance Notes and Song Backgrounds Deeper Underground This song features as a single in 1998 on album synchronized. This piece was originally performed by Nick Fyffe using a Synth/Distorted Bass. The whole piece is riff based around the Aeolian mode in B. Once comfortable playing the main two bar riff try varying around the mode to add your own touches to the track. Scam Appearing on album, Return of the Space Cowboy and performed by renowned Slap Bass player Stuart Zender. The song itself is great fun to play once you get the three main rhythmic sections down there is plenty of room to improvise within the key. (Don’t) Give Hate A Chance This track has more of a disco feel to it, especially in the verses. This track is performed by Funk Bassist Derrick McIntyre and is a very tight an precise driving Bass line mixed with a Synth/Flanged Bass. This song is one of the more difficult to master due to its fast tempo. So be sure to start off at a slow speed and work up to it. Transcriptions By Jonathan Park ii

6 Bass Notation Legend Directions for reading Bass Music in this book on a musical staff AFDGBAFDGB The Musicical Staff: this shows pitches and rhythms and is divided by bar lines into measures. Pitches are named after the first seven letters of the alphabet in descending order T P SLAP: Slap the string with your right-hand thumb. POP: Pop the string with your right-hand index or middle finger. - Repeat measures (unless indicated otherwise by alternative endings PULL-OFF: Both fingers are to be placed on the notes to be sounded. Strike the first note, pulling the finger off to sound the second not, without picking. HAMMER ON: Strike the first note, then sound the second note, without picking LEGATO SLIDE: Strike the first note then slide to the second note. The second note is not played. VIBRATO: The string is vibrated on rapidly bending and releasing the note with fretting hand. MUFFLED STRINGS (DEAD NOTES): A percussive sound produced by laying the fretting hand across the string(s) whilst being struck by the picking hand. 25 DC. A Fine – return to Addition Music Directions Tacet - Silence

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31 26


33 Deeper Underground Runaway Scam When You Gonna Learn Canned Heat (Don’t) Give Hate A Chance Bass Notation Legend 36

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