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Group A Presentation Members: Kim Nur Rein Jun Jie.

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1 Group A Presentation Members: Kim Nur Rein Jun Jie

2 When and where did Aristotle live?  He was born at Stageira, a colony of Andros on the Macedonian peninsula of Chalcidice in 384 BC. After the death of Hermias, ruler of Atarneus in Asia Minor, he moved with his family to Mytilene. But made a pit stop on Lesbos.  Two years later, he was summoned to Pella, the Macednian capital, by King Philip II.  He lived in these place during the 340s BC.

3 What was Aristotle’s Poetics?  Literally theory.  It served as the basis of Renaissance poetic theory  He wants to encourage readers to subject stories to crudely moralistic readings  Give advice on writing tragedy to contemporary poets

4 What is the definition of Greek tragedy? Greek tragedy signifies a dramatic presentation of high seriousness and noble character which examines the major questions of human existence

5 What is an example of a movie or a play that follows Aristotle’s definition of tragedy? Explain your selection. Oedipus Rex (1909) The main character Oedipus meets Aristotle definition of tragedy very well. Based on: - Goodness He has compassion; he seeks the truth but he’s not entirely good. He is also very self-interested, he wants to find the killer, only because of the fear that he may be killed next. - Appropriateness He shows appropriate intellgence and stateliness -Lifelike He is obviously human; he has strength and weakness. There is nothing supernatural about him.

6 Sources     _b.jpg _b.jpg   0&um=1&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&start=20&sa=N&nds p=20

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