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Stole Georgiev President CELOR – Center for Local Development (Podgorica 17-18 December 2011)

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1 Stole Georgiev President CELOR – Center for Local Development (Podgorica 17-18 December 2011)

2  Project for Development Green Agenda in Radovis started in August 2010 ended December 2010,  With initial financial support of Milieukontakt International and Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of Macedonia (around 6.000 EUR)  The process of development on Green Agenda Radovis was implement by Center For Local Development – CELOR, Branch Office Radovis;  The Local Self-Government accept the process and methodology as a unique tool for designing strategies with involvement of the members of community;  First initial meeting held on September 2010;  In process of development of Strategic Document Green Agenda Radovis were involved around 70 participants divided in 4 working groups.  Strategic Document Green Agenda was prepared in December 2010;  Public hearing of the Strategic Document Green Agenda held on 15 December 2010;  Adopted by Council of Municipality of Radovis on 27 December 2010;

3  Project preparation phase: December 2010 – February 2011;  Founded by Program for Local Economic Development of Municipality of Radovis (around 14.500 EUR);  Project implementation: May 2011 – November 2011  GRANTEE: CELOR – Center for local Development, Radovis  GA PRIORITY: Reconstruction of existing recreation location and kids corners in Radovis  PROJECT TYPE: Local pilot project, strengthening capacities of the local community, GA priority  PARTNERS: CSO “Razvoj-Idnina”, Radovis

4 Project Achievements:  Rebuild the surrounding wall of the park;  Reconstruction the walking-trails in and around the park;  Reconstruction of electric installation for lightening the park;  Reconstruction of water-pipe network for irrigation of the park;  Reconstruction of the water fountain in the park;  Renew the green fields in the park and planting new trees,  Designing kids-corner in the park;  Implementation of GA Objectives;  Establish long-term agreement by Local Community Unit Oraovica for maintenance the park;  Involvement the local workers in the activities (ownership of the project – securing the sustainability);






10  Program preparation started in January 2011;  Final version defined in February 2011;  Adopted by Council of Municipality of Radovan in March 2011;  Approved financial sources in August 2011 (2.000.000 – around 32.520) for the period 2011- 2012;  Project proposal development phase : October 2011-December 2011;  Implementation of projects: January 2012-October 2012 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES:  Implementation of Measures from Strategic Document Green Agenda Radovis  Protection of natural and cultural values in Radovis;  Raising public awarenes about cultural and natural values;  Increasing public participation in desion making procedures in the community  Increasing civic initiatives on local level;  Straightening capacities of local NGOs for development and implementation projects

11 Implementation: Donators: Partners: Поддржувачи:

12  Project start with consultation meeting between CELOR and Representative of Milieukontakt and Mayor of Municipality of Radovis;  Development of the Strategy Green Agenda was supported by MoEPP;  Strategy was adopted as official strategic document of Municipality of Radovis;  Pilot Project was supported by LED Office of Municipality of Radovis  Council Adopted a Program for Implementation of Green Agenda 2011-2012  Implementation of Program for Green Agenda Radovis (on-going);

13 Source Amount in MKD Den.Amount in EUR Municipality of Radovis 2,815,000.00 ден.€45,772.36 MoEPP 400,000.00 ден.€6,504.07 Milieukontakt 450,000.00 ден.€7,317.07 In total: 3,665,000.00 ден.€59,593.50

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