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Charlotte Ng Jane Ting 12S03C

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1 Charlotte Ng Jane Ting 12S03C
Do the arts, such as music and literature, really play an important role in the Singapore society? Charlotte Ng Jane Ting 12S03C

2 Clarification “really” - Question has a hidden doubt as to whether the arts play an important role in the Singapore society (Essay has to clarify the doubt) “important role” – Shaping the values/character of people; Local arts can serve as a form of national identity “Singapore society” - Rather underdeveloped, but people are starting to appreciate the Arts in the recent years (building of Esplanade, setting up of SOTA) In reality what is the purpose? In evaluation, citizens are embracing he arts just that we are living in a society that does not really approve of an occupation in aesthetics. But govt is making effort. Recently concluded arts festival: tickets sales were terrible. Good effort. Bad response.

3 Arts unite people The arts is used as a tool to foster national identity. Music plays an important role in the Singapore society – it is a proof of our cultures and a multi-racial society. It transcends the role of expressing ourselves. It enables us to ignite the sense of belonging from within, and uniting the people of our country together. E.g.: National Day Songs, songs sung in different languages, Home grown singers (Sun Yanzi) Cannot organise this way! Argument has to be present. Clear topic sentence: arts unite people (Top) . Arts use as a tool to foster national identity. Other e.g.s: home grown singers. Songs sung in different languages sung during national day

4 Literature Serves a storehouse for the memories of Singapore’s past and present. It unites the memories of the people and helps to preserve them as part of our national identity The younger generation can learn more about Singapore’s history from a different perspective, which could be better than reading a textbook, as it evokes lesser emotion E.g.: “Emily of Emerald Hill” by Stella Kon, “Fistful of Colours” by Christine Lim However, not many people know about such literature works, with the exception of those in the literature scene. Singaporeans must first cultivate appreciation for literature before they can appreciate such works. This could be done via changes in the education system. Evaluate: Not many people know about theseliterature works, maybe only those ihn literature scene. Arts is important only for a select group. Must first cultvate apprecation for literature before can appreciate such works. Link to education system

5 Literature As a subject, literature motivates students to critique and analyze. The education system in Singapore churns out a science stream majority, which results in lack in creativity in Singapore society. Literature has been implemented as a compulsory subject in secondary school education to hone and encourage critical thinking that is lacking in Singapore society Literature is a subject which students are dissuaded to take for the O level examinations as it supposedly pulls down their grades. Hence, Singaporeans have a pragmatic outlook – if they cannot succeed in doing the subject, there is no point in studying the subject. O level Lit pulls down grades. Dissuade students from taking. Pragmatic outlook on singaporeans. Link egs to broader ideas that can be applied to broader range of population.

6 Arts Adequate knowledge in background of important genres of music (e.g.: Classical, Pop) and adequate ideas in important works of literature (e.g.: Shakespeare) makes an individual a more functioning global citizen. Cultural quotient is essential for one who lives in a globalizing world. However, Singaporeans do not usually bring up the topic of the arts, and it does not play a large role in daily interaction. Does it apply to most singaporeans. Even if they have the knowledge, does it play a role in their interaction? Economic aspect of the arts. Part of the reason why they build esplanade and arts musuem is to attract tourists for their $$ so it is very pragmatic. Music in terms of pop culture? Singaporean youth are generally quite savvy in terms of music. (not conventional form but still a form. Evolved to suit teenagers taste. So still important for teenagers to express their identity with arts. Individual identity.) Counter argument: can build structures and programmes but ultimately still need people to appreciate it. Role of arts is changing, not static, example of arts sch, sch of music at nus, getting more and more impt because of greatr awareness of the arts as a viable career choice, open mindedness,more opportunities for artists…

7 Economic aspect of the arts
Part of the reason for constructing aesthetical buildings(Esplanade and art museums) and programs is for economic benefit – gaining tourist revenue. Pragmatic view of Singapore society

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