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Does the US military give enough benefits to its veterans? Elise Descoteaux.

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1 Does the US military give enough benefits to its veterans? Elise Descoteaux

2 Homeless Heroes 1/3 of homeless adults are veterans Over 200,000 veterans in the US are homeless every year Veteran Affairs (VA) helped 92,000 homeless vets in 2009 Poverty, no support networks, and horrible living conditions puts some at risk because of post traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse The National Alliance to End Homelessness says about a half million veterans have characteristics that might make them homeless

3 Benefits VA provides housing with refinancing and mortgages taken care of. The veterans may only be charged closing costs on a home loan and prepay without penalty They are provided for any illness, cancer screenings, and other services that includes counseling and treatment for those who suffered sexual trauma while on active duty. Disabled vets are exempt from co-pay The GI-bill provides college education thanks to the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement which gives scholarships that may be waivered up to fifty percent Veterans may be buried in a national cemetery if they wish. Reservations are accepted. Burial includes veteran flags and funeral honors. Family, spouses, and kids are also eligible for burial and memorial benefits.

4 Charities Camp Patriot helps vets go back to civilian life through outdoor activities and promotes positive relationships and experiences Fisher House provides free housing for families of soldiers while the soldiers are in the hospital Forgotten Heroes Project visits bed-ridden and socially or physically disadvantaged veterans and provides entertainment for them as well as upgrading their rooms Homes for Our Troops builds homes for veterans Coalition to Salute American Heroes help disabled vets resume their lives through programs that target their needs Freedom is Not Free helps wounded troops, their families, and families of the mortally wounded through donations they receive Healing Heroes provides medical care and financial support for wounded troops

5 Because I researched veteran benefits, I decided to organize a fundraiser cruise for my product.

6 Marketing the Product I had to pick the dates of the cruise and then pick the itinerary and cruise line for the dates I chose I met with my mentor for marketing ideas I was interviewed for a news story in Clayton News Star The News and Observer in Zebulon placed a newspaper ad for my product I emailed the people on my mom’s mailing list I had to create flyers with the price and important information and distribute them to businesses and homes I wrote a letter for those that did not have an email I posted my product on Facebook and got my parents to do the same thing

7 Volunteering and Cruise I volunteered at the Fisher House in Camp Lejeune We painted closets for them I got to tour the house and got two magazines that they publish I donated fifty dollars for each person that went on the cruise. I also had some people give donations As a thank you, I sent a thank you card along with a $50 onboard credit in each cabin we sold for the fundraiser

8 2 nd Fundraiser Cruise Again, I selected dates and itinerary for April We had more flyers made and had them distributed and posted on Facebook For each cabin sold, I’m donating $25 a person to the Fisher House in Camp Lejeune I emailed people on my mom’s mailing list

9 Mentor My mentor was Helen Feulner and she is the sales person of the News and Observer in Zebulon She helped me with marketing ideas for the fundraiser cruise

10 Challenges and Successes We had a nice turnout for the cruise. We have planned a second one in April which had a bigger turnout than the first. The only challenge I had was to get it started. I was able to get my act together and work on organizing the cruise If I had to do it again, I would have researched the cruises earlier for cheaper prices and I found out Home Depot Foundation is linked with Fisher House. For the next one, I will try to partner with them and try to expand the marketing.

11 What I Learned I learned marketing ideas, being more confident talking to people, and how to organize a fundraiser.

12 Thank you for your time. Do you have any questions?

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