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G-girl : Family Ties By : Giovanna Ferguson - Lewis.

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2 G-girl : Family Ties By : Giovanna Ferguson - Lewis

3 Unusual Birth Drip. Drop. Drip. Splash. It was a cold wet day and Manny Applegate was heading into the gates of the 49 acres of pure botanical gardens that he owned. This beautiful land was an inheritance of his father who had passed away a few months before.. This morning as he was working in the west end he heard a strange sound. It sounded like a balloon being blown up and then about 10 seconds after it sounded as if it had been popped.

4 Unusual Birth Manny, being very aware of his grounds ran in the direction of the swelling and popping and what he saw amazed him,. He saw a baby playing with the bark of an oak tree that stood near. He remembered this tree this was one of the oldest trees in the entire garden but now it looked as if the tree had just reversed by a few centuries. He thought to himself “ Wow. This kid must really be special. She turned an old tree young again.” The baby started to cry after a while. She had been sitting on the floor for some time now. She was wearing a little blanket and all she had was a little necklace around her neck with a single horn strewn threw it. Then the sky had turned a crimson red and the flowers had come to a full bloom. The whole world sounded as if they already knew that a new child was born, a special child, a child that would one day help all the Earth.

5 Call to adventure It was 15 years after the birth of Violet. At least that’s what everybody called her. She had become the rebellious child in comparison to her other adopted sister. She was Goth and her sister Rose was the perfect, happy, smiling teen and had the most friends ever. Violet was always alone and decided to change her name to Thorn. She was the exact opposite when she was a child. She was a happy child and it was always Rose who was frowning. Now, they were both 15 and their birthdays were coming up and Rose was planning a perfect party and Violet was thinking of just burning down a building and chilling there after the fire was over.

6 Call to adventure But when that precious night came fate had different plan for these two very special girls. That night a major transformation came to be. Violet was called to be the person she was born to be. She was mad at on of the kids that came to her party (which had been held at her home ) and she just said “Chill” and pointed at him and the poor boy had turned into a frozen ice figure. While she was experiencing these abnormal changes her perfect sister was enjoying her Sweet 16 in a much different way. Rose was in the kitchen. A typical good girl site. She was baking the cake.

7 Call to Adventure She had decided that she would do everything in the kitchen and give her mom a rest. She was trying to bake the cake but the oven wouldn’t work and she simply said ”Darn. I wish I could say Fire and this stupid thing would work” and suddenly. BOOM! The oven was as hot as a fiery furnace and Rose for once was shocked. She eventually got the cake baked but was very confused but inside her she felt a flame of hate flicker inside of her and start to grow, consuming every fiber of her being and every blood cell in her body.

8 Crossing the Threshold She was tired of being the good girl. She was tired of being the good one. She felt as if she was always the on that was right and she was tired of that. And at the same moment her twin felt the exact opposite. She wanted to be good. She wanted…to be who she was born to be. From that day forward these two teens developed highly unusual powers. The girls were highly dedicated to doing opposite things and they soon,very soon became mortal enemies. G-girl left the home with much heart break to save the world from her sister’s wrath. By the time they were 20 they had developed powers such as flight, laser vision, telekinesis, freeze ray and Violet had established a never- ending powder and it disenabled the opponent and made them sleepy.

9 Trials and Achievement of Goal After about 7 years of living in these conditions the girls had both decided to become superheroes. Well Violet (G-girl) had become a super hero saving plants and animals and Rose had become a villain (Destroyica) taking out her anger on the world. The ultimate test was when G-girl had to fight her twin. They battled for hours and eventually Destroyica gave up. She wanted to be good again and was always jealous of her. They saved the world together after that. And they gave their parents a treat. Anything that can be supplied by the Earth they have abundance of as a gift for taking care of them as children.

10 The end

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