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The Pathway To Connecting to:

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1 The Pathway To Connecting to:
New Life Christian Fellowship Center 4/6/2017

2 Introduction The Vision of the Pathway to Connecting to NLCFC
You will learn in this session the structure of the Pathways You will also learn the difference between the mechanic’s vs “Spirit of the Vision”. 4/6/2017

3 WHAT IS G-12? What is G-12/Pathways?
The government of 12 is not just another program or fad. It is the absolute “Heart Beat” of God. Jesus commissioned His disciples in Mark 16:15 to “Go Ye” into all the world and preach the Gospel unto every creature. Once you become a member of New Life Christian Fellowship Center, G-12 is a connection that propels you to your destiny. When a person applies these principles to their life, the results will be exceedingly, abundantly, above all that they can even ask, think, or imagine. G-12 releases the burden-removing, yoke-destroying power of God in your life. The government of 12 implements four simple steps called "The Ladder Of Success". When a person recognizes that every Christian’s destiny is leadership, they begin to go through the process of discipleship and then in turn are able to assist other new comers through that same process. These steps are called: "Win, Consolidate, Disciple, and Send." 4/6/2017

4 Overview/Pathways The Pathways combines New membership, Ministry of Helps, Post Encounter, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Consolidation in to one user friendly pathway New members Pre/Encounter Life Group Path 1 Path 2 Ministry of Helps Disciple Path 3 Consolidation 4/6/2017

5 Difference between The Pathways and G-12
Pre-encounter/Encounter—4wk Post Encounter—10wk School Of Leaders Level I—10wk Level II---Upon completion, Open a Life Group—10wk Level III--10 wks New Membership—4wks Ministry of Helps—4wks Consolidation Classes Approximately 1 year Path to Belonging—8wks—certificate/right hand Path to Involvement—8 wks (green pin) Path to Purpose—6wks—silver pin Consolidation certification—4wks Approximately 6 months G-12 Pathway to Connecting 4/6/2017

6 Pre-Encounter To prepare for an Encounter, one must attend a Pre-Encounter. The goals of the Pre- Encounter are: To assure one of their salvation To know the power of God's Word To understand the importance of baptism To lay a foundation and prepare your mind to meet God. Define the terms as used in this subject 4/6/2017

7 Encounter An Encounter is an experience, an event, where one is led to come face to face with God. You will confront the past and present with the Word of God, so God's purpose and plan can be fulfilled in your future. After an Encounter, faith is released, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are stirred up and one is launched to be discipled into becoming a leader of God's people. During the Encounter a miracle takes place in the person's life though focused teaching of the Word of God. Usually held Friday-Sunday Morning here at the church. 4/6/2017

8 Path to Belonging 4/6/2017

9 Path to Belonging Class 1: Getting to Know NLCFC I
Class 2: Getting to Know NLCFC II Class 3: Salvation and New Birth Class 4: The Holy Spirit & Baptism Class 5: The ABC’s of Faith Class 6: The Power of Worship & Praise Class 7: Knowing the Will of God Class 8: The Importance of Family Relationships ****Certificate and right hand of fellowship************ Students may begin Level 1 at anytime, contrary to the prior requirement of attending an Encounter first. Ideally, we want our members to grow in the fundamentals of our faith, even if they’re not yet comfortable with attending an Encounter. However those that want to go to the Encounter are welcome to go after taking the Pre-encounter class. 4/6/2017

10 Path To Involvement 4/6/2017

11 Path to Involvement Class 1: Ministry of Helps Part I
Students must have attended an Encounter, and completed the Level 1: Path to Belonging before beginning the path to Involvement. ****Since we don’t have encounters every month we have let them start path 2 until the next encounter, but they cant move on to 3 until encounter is done! Class 1: Ministry of Helps Part I Class 2: Ministry of Helps Part II Class 3: Serving Others: Class 4: Power of Vision Class 5: Life group Fundamentals Class 6: Life Group Strategies for Success Class 7: Evangelism In Action Class 8: Evangelism In Action II ************Green Pin and Certificate************** 4/6/2017

12 Path to Involvement continued..
After completing Path 2 and the encounter a person may work in the ministry, however they must make a commitment to complete Path 3 (exceptions may be made based on situation) After Path 2-one is eligible to open a life group, but not consolidate til after path 3. The goal is to have everyone open a life group and work in 1 ministry. 4/6/2017

13 Pathway Refresher Course
Pathway Refresher course: This is a 5 week class that will assist you with learning about the Pathways, ministry of helps, life groups and Consolidation so that you can get connected and run with the vision of the house and be able to impart to others in the church the vision. Criteria for this class is if you have been a member over 10 years and have never taken ministry of helps or School of Leaders. You must also be in a life group and be ready to open up your own life group by the end of the term. 4/6/2017

14 Path to Purpose 4/6/2017

15 Path to Purpose Students must have attended an Encounter, completed the Level 1: Path to Belonging and Level 2: Path to maturity, and opened a Life Group, before beginning Level 3: Path to Ministry. Class 1: The Call of Leadership Class 2: The Price/ & Dangers in Leadership Class 3: The Two Fold Working of the Holy Spirit Class 4: Introduction to Consolidation/Salvation Class 5: Consolidation/Rededication/Holy Spirit Class 6: Consolidation/New Membership/Follow-Up / Class 7 Consolidation/Mock Sessions/Demonstrations / Class 8: Customer Service /Diversity **********Silver pin & Certificate************************* 4/6/2017

16 Path to Purpose continued…
Graduation requirements, must have a life group, must have completed all of the other pathway classes Encouraged to go to the Consolidation certification classes 4/6/2017

17 Start Your Own Life Group
Life Group— a small group of people who meet together at least once a month outside of the church for the purpose of evangelism, community, and discipleship with a goal of multiplication. Life groups are small groups that are intimate in nature and there to provide every believer with that personal attention that is needed when learning about the things of God. The mission of life groups is to give life and to grow Christ-centered communities through loving relationships. This would be equivalent to what we previously called the Open Cell Group. Men, Women, and Children are all welcome to participate in a Life Group. G-12 Life Group—Is a group of twelve that meet weekly for the purpose of discipleship, leadership development, mentorship, and multiplication. Jesus won twelve men in which He reproduced His character within them by transmitting the vision into them, so that they could in turn transmit it into their twelve. Members on your G-12 team should be fruitful, faithful and committed to the vision. 4/6/2017

18 Summary Questions and Answers 4/6/2017

19 RECOMMENDED BOOKS Winning the Lost at all cost! By Dr Phillip G.Goudeaux. The Ladder Of Success by: Cesar Castellano Consolidation, an effective process for making disciples by: Claudia De Fajardo Successful Leadership through the government of 12 by: Cesar Castellanos. 144 - The key to multiplication by: Cesar Castellanos Every Christian's destiny is Leadership by: Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux Dream and you will win the World by: Cesar Castellanos. Prayers & Confessions to anchor your soul by: Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux Soul Winning by Daniel King Window-Shoppers by Minister Donald and Charlene Johnson 4/6/2017

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