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Introduction to Smashwords Mark Coker Founder November 20, 2010.

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1 Introduction to Smashwords Mark Coker Founder November 20, 2010

2 About Smashwords Launched May, 2008 The world’s leading ebook publishing and distribution platform Over 10,000 authors/publishers around the world utilize Smashwords platform to publish and distribute their original ebooks Authorized aggregator/distributor serving Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel Mobile catalogs: Stanza, Aldiko (24,000 titles each) 85% net back to authors/publishers

3 How Smashwords Works Self serve platform Author/publisher uploads Word.doc, formatted to Smashwords Style Guide Smashwords Style Guide Meatgrinder technology converts to 9 DRM-free formats SW reviews for inclusion in Premium Catalog, then distributes to retailersPremium Catalog Author/publisher controls channels and metadata (data about the book, such as price, description, title, etc.) Sophisticated back-end technology and processes automate efficient ingestion and distribution of ebooks and metadata updates

4 Indie ebooks published at Smashwords 140 6,000 24,000

5 Projection for 2011 140 6,000 27,000 75,000 est.

6 What’s Next for Smashwords More books More authors More publishers More retailers Amazon and others in the works! Help our retailer partners improve speed, accuracy and efficiency of ebook & metadata ingestion Help retailers profit from Smashwords ebooks, because their success means success for our authors/publishers Continue to improve every facet of our business to better serve authors, publishers, retailers and readers Many surprises planned

7 Partner with Smashwords How to publish an ebook, or partner with us: blish_on_smashwords blish_on_smashwords How to format an ebook: How distribution works at Smashwords: Frequently asked questions: Connect with Mark Coker: Twitter @markcoker or email first initial second initial at you know where dot com @markcoker

8 Help Spread the Word about Smashwords Please help us spread the word about Smashwords by sharing this presentation with a friend. Thank you for supporting indie ebook authors and small indie publishers! Blog it Facebook it Tweet it Email it

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