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2 Introduction India is a Wonderful country full of geographical aspects,traditions,relgion,culture and holy cities that are beautiful. This aspects are showed in the novel WATER.

3 Index 1. Geographical context Map of india Important rivers Holy cities Monsoon winds Himalaya Mountain Range 2. Novel water analysis Conclusions Apendix

4 Indus River Ganges River Krishna River India Bombay New-Delhi Bihar Varanasi Himalayan Mountains

5 Most important rivers Ganges river : Is a very important river india because The Ganges is the most sacred river to Hindu people. It is worshiped as the goddess Ganga in Hinduism. Indus river: Sindhu Darya Day is tribute to the River Indus. to raise awareness among people about the critical situation of the Indus Krishna river: The first holy place on the river Krishna is "Dakshin Kashi Wai." is famous for the Mahaganpati Mandir, & Kashivishweshwar temple. also famous for 7 Ghats on the river.

6 HOLY CITIES New Delhi capital city of India New Delhi is one of the world’s top global cities. is the most expensive city in India for expatriates in terms of cost of living. is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards and is home to numerous national institutions, museums and landmarks.

7 HOLY CITIES Movie industry influence people from Bombay because people may change their traditions attach to traditions.People come to have a better life, and better jobs, also is one of the most tourist city in India. Bombay – Hollywood of India (Bollywood)

8 HOLY CITIES Bihar Bengal This city is one of poorest cities of India; For women this condition is really hard, thanks to this they have less chances to have a good husband, Also they live in bad conditions and can’t give a good dowry.

9 HOLY CITIES Varanasi The Diwali or light festival is the beginning of a new year. Also is very important for them because Varanasi is the spiritual heart of India. Hindus will say prayers to the goddess to have a successful year.

10 HOLY CITIES Rishikesh The Foothills of the Himalayas Is a place where people can go, relax, meditate, and do different activities like Pray, etc. Is a very important place to practice yoga, some places are Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Shivananda Ashram, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram, etc. There people can go and practice their religion rituals.

11 Monsoon winds Monsoon winds affect economical activities of India because of the climatic impact they have. During summer winds there are heavy rains. Farmers depend on the rains to irrigate their land. Also, a great deal of India’s electricity is generated by water power provided by the monsoon rains. Winter winds are hot and dry.The food business is affected because the crops die and there’s isn’t plenty food. Costs get higher. Summer Monsoon Winter Monsoon

12 Himalayan Mountain Range Himalayan mountain is very important for Hindu culture. Is not only the place where the Ganges river is born but the place that help develop economical and religious activities. It protects people from the monsoon winds. Also people think is sacred because Ganga goddes is very important to the Hindu religion.

13 Novel analysis Characters status Characters status Novel’s plot diagram Marriage ceremonies Widows in India Death in India Story board

14 Characters social status Chuyia, Narayan Brahmin Kalyani, Shakuntala, Madhumati Sudras Vaisyas Pariah Kashatriyas

15 Novel’s plot diagram Exposition: An Indian widow that wants to change her life and be in love. Rising action She falls in love with Narayan. And they are really happy together Kalyani is going out of the ashram because she is getting married with Narayan. Climax Falling action Kalyani knowed that Narayan’s father have been with her, he was a client. Resolution: Kalyani went to the Ganges river and suicide She was ashamed, She didn´t wanted to see Narayan

16 Colombia India They don’t choose who to get married. They get covered with gold paint. Change bindi color. Paint their hands and legs with henna. The marriage preparation is a big business, rich weddings take 3 days. The ceremony is celebrated in a church. Women choose with who to get married. they have a “Despedida de soltera” Use a white dress. Weeding Ring. Honey moon. Marriage Traditions

17 Widows in India In India being a widow is very hard, they are discriminated because they’re “mid dead”, They have the option to choose one of these : kill themselves, marry the husband younger brother or live in ashrams in hard conditions. If they choose being in the ashram they need to follow some traditions: they can’t wear colorful clothes, they have an strict diet, they need to be bold, ETC.

18 Death in India Death traditions in India are different depending on their religion. There are some religions that believe in reincarnation like Buddhists, Hinduisths, (others) they throw the dead body to the river with some offrends and they pray to Brahma for the next live, other way is throwing them to the fire.

19 Apendix In the novel WATER, Mohandas Gandhi influence the people thinking that the lower social status people are equal to the other people like were he say: ” The untouchables are children of God.” Narayan thought the same way as Gandhi; he didn’t care that Kalyani was a widow, and he also helped Chuyia to get out of the Ashram.

20 Conclusions Through the presentation we learn many important things about India, like important rivers, mountains, winds, etc… We learn more about the Novel, with the story board, the characters social status. What did Chuyia suffer for being a young widow in an Ashram. Interesting things about the cities traditions, festivals, marriages, etc… We learn how people can relate their traditions with the body and how they use it to show their costumes.

21 Exposition Rising actionClimaxFalling action Resolution In 1938 an Indian widow wants to change her life and fall in love In 1936 She falls in love with Narayan an idealist man they are really happy together Kalyani is going to go cut of the Ashram because she is getting married with Narayan Kalyani knowed that Narayan’s father have been with her, he was a client. Kalyani Went to the River and suicide, she had shame Kalyani: “ your mother’s right. That’s how things are” Narayan: “that’s how things were. Many of old traditions are dying out” Chuyia : “ you love narayan more than Krishna” Kalyani : “yes more than Krishna.” Shakuntala: “Leave and go What are you waiting for” Go no one will stop you !!” Kalyani: (Confused, she goes) Kalyani: “Turn around the boat” Narayan: “Why? what happened” Kalyani: “Ask your father.” Kalyani : “(Flash back) That’s your house? Take me back, Lets go back!! Characters: Kalyani, Chuyia, Narayan, Shacuntala, Madhumaty. Setting: India- Ashram A widow that is forced to be a prostitute, she falls in love with Narayan. One day Chuyia was looking for Kaalu the dog and she found Narayan. After Chuyia finds Narayan, he saw Kalyani and like her. Kalyani feels the same, they start meeting and sending notes to each other one and fall in love. Narayan propose Kalyani getting married and she say “yes”. Chuyia innocently tell Madhumaty so she want to go out of the ashram. Madhumaty looked Kalyani, then Shacuntala look if Kalyani can get married and un lock her. Kalyani found Narayan and they went on a boat to Narayan’s house, she ask the name of his father and she remember she had a work with him. After that she didn’t wanted to marry Narayan. Kalyani Was Ashamed, she went to Ganges river and suicide. She didn’t knew that the next day Narayan will go for her.


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