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Stewardship and Development A Disciple’s Response November 10, 2010.

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1 Stewardship and Development A Disciple’s Response November 10, 2010

2 GIFT Prayer God of love and mercy, giver of all gifts, you call us to be your people. As we dedicate our facilities and rededicate ourselves to our mission, make us a holy people, welcoming others to the fullness of your love. Form us into a community, a people who care, expressing your compassion Remind us how to grow in faith together, in wisdom and grace and joy in your presence, and teach us to share the many Gifts you have given us. We pray through Jesus and in your Holy Spirit. Amen

3 Fr. Jim English, SJ Unity Fr. David McBriar, OFM Catholic Social Teachings 1991 St. Francis Pre-school Fr. Dan Kenna, OFM Catholic Education 2000 The Franciscan School Fr. Mark G. Reamer, OFM Collaboration Unity with the diocese and within the parish One Common Mission for all ministries Pastor’s Goals

4 Systems thinking Collaborative actions.

5 Identification Release Union of the Gifts All baptized persons Sake of the mission {Collaboration: Uniting Our Gifts in Ministry Loughlan Sofield, ST & Carroll Juliano, SHCJ} What is Collaboration?

6 Formational Needs for Stewardship Education Time, Talent, Treasure Baptismal Call and commitment Recognition stewardship is counter cultural with the focus on community and relationship

7 Formational Needs for Stewardship We are caretakers of, not owners of. Time in prayer is stewardship. Discernment of Gifts: you don’t have to be the best at something to have a talent. Get a life, don’t spend all your time at church.

8 Responsibilities of Parishes Stewardship: A Disciples Response “Parishes must be true communities of faith within which this Christian way of life is learned and practiced. Sound business practice is a fundamental of good stewardship, and stewardship as it relates to church finances must include the most stringent ethical, legal, and fiscal standards. That requires several things: pastors and parish staff must be open, consultative, collegial, and accountable in the conduct of affairs...

9 Responsibilities of Parishioners Stewardship: A Disciples Response... Parishioners must accept responsibility for their parishes and contribute generously – both money and personal service – to their programs and projects. The success or failure of parish programs, the vitality of parish life or its absence, the ability or inability of a parish to render needed services to its members and the community depend upon all.”

10 Today’s Situation of Offertory 1 st Qtr FY 09-10 ActualFY 10-11 Budget $722,779.97$773,574.16 FY10-11 Actual$683,824.69$683,824.69 Deficit$ 38,955.28$ 89,749.47 Thru Oct 2010 $1,066,780.71 FY10-11 Actual$ 941,605.12 Deficit$ 125,175.59 Action Plan to develop Revised Budget Communications Plan for Parish

11 What’s the opportunity of the present moment?

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