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+ Morris Fuller Benton Shelby See. + Background Trained as a mechanic and engineer jointed the American Type Founders His father, invented the pantographic.

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1 + Morris Fuller Benton Shelby See

2 + Background Trained as a mechanic and engineer jointed the American Type Founders His father, invented the pantographic engraving machinepantographic

3 + Anatomy

4 + Classifications coarse serifs, small x-heights, stress is diagonal, ascenders often exceed the height greater contrast, bracketed serifs, larger x-height, vertical stress extreme contrast, hairline serifs, small x-height, vertical stress in rounded strokes minimal variation, heavy serifs, large x-heights, vertical stress no variation, lack of serifs, larger x-height, no stress

5 + Bread&Butter Fonts Fonts: Benton developed over 200 alphabets, all of which were published by ATF, including Academy Agency FB, Agency FB Condensed, Agency FB Wide, Alternate Gothic, Alternate Gothic No 1, Alternate Gothic No 2, Alternate Gothic No 3, EF Alternate Gothic No. One, EF Alternate Gothic No. Three, EF Alternate Gothic No. Two, American Text, American Text (Bitstream), Bank Gothic, Bank Gothic (Group Type), Bank Gothic (ParaType), Bodoni, Bodoni (BT), Bodoni No. 2, EF Bodoni No. 2, Bodoni No. 2 Compressed, Monotype Broadway, EF Broadway, Broadway, Broadway (BT), Broadway (URW), EF Broadway Engraved, Broadway Poster, Bulmer, Bulmer (BT), Bulmer Bold, Bulmer Bold Display, Bulmer DisplayCanterbury Old Style, Century BQ, EF Century Expanded,, Century Expanded, Century Expanded (BT), Monotype Century Old Style, EF Century Old Style, Century Old Style, Century Old Style (URW), Century Oldstyle, Century Schoolbook, EF Century Schoolbook, Monotype Century Schoolbook, Century Schoolbook (BT), Century Schoolbook (URW), Century Schoolbook Monospaced, Cheltenham, Clear Gothic Serial, Clear Gothic TS, Monotype Clearface, Clearface Gothic, Clearface Gothic (URW), Clearface Gothic Bold, Clearface Gothic Demibold, Clearface TS, CG Cloister, Cloister, Cloister Black (BT), Cloister Open Face, EF Commercial Script, Commercial Script (BT), Commercial Script (ITC), Eagle Bold, Empire, Empire (BT), Empire (FB), Engravers' Old English (BT), Eva Paramount SG Ultra, Franklin Gothic (BT), ITC Franklin Gothic (EF), Franklin Gothic Condensed, Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed,, Franklin Gothic No. 2, Garamond 3, Garamont Amsterdam BQ, LTC Globe Gothic, LTC Globe Gothic Condensed, Goudy Catalogue, EF Goudy Catalogue, Linotype Goudy Catalogue, Goudy Catalogue (BT), Goudy Catalogue (URW), Goudy Catalogue SB, Goudy Catalogue SH, Linotype Goudy Handtooled,, Goudy Handtooled (BT), Goudy Handtooled (URW), Greeting MonotoneHamburg TS, EF Hobo, Hobo, Hobo (BT), Hobo (URW), Hoboken TS, League Gothic, Monotype Lightline Gothic, Lightline Gothic, EF Lightline Gothic, Linoscript, Linotext, Mariage, Mariage (URW), Modernique, Napoli Extra Bold, Napoli TS, Neo Franklin,, New Century Schoolbook, New Century Schoolbook Italic, Monotype News Gothic, EF News Gothic, News Gothic, News Gothic (BT), News Gothic (URW), Monotype News Gothic Condensed, Odette, Parisian, Parisian (BT), Parisian (ICG), Phenix American, Piranesi, Raleigh Gothic, ITC Souvenir, ITC Souvenir (EF), ITC Souvenir Demi, ITC Souvenir Light, Linotype Stymie, EF Stymie, Stymie (URW), TC Broadway, PL Tower Condensed, Typo Upright, Wedding, Wedding Text, Wedding Text (BT), Wichita Bold TS, Wichita TSAcademy Agency FBAgency FB CondensedAgency FB WideAlternate GothicAlternate Gothic No 1Alternate Gothic No 2Alternate Gothic No 3EF Alternate Gothic No. OneEF Alternate Gothic No. ThreeEF Alternate Gothic No. TwoAmerican TextAmerican Text (Bitstream)Bank GothicBank Gothic (Group Type)Bank Gothic (ParaType)BodoniBodoni (BT)Bodoni No. 2EF Bodoni No. 2Bodoni No. 2 CompressedMonotype BroadwayEF BroadwayBroadwayBroadway (BT)Broadway (URW)EF Broadway EngravedBroadway PosterBulmerBulmer (BT)Bulmer BoldBulmer Bold DisplayBulmer DisplayCanterbury Old Style Century BQEF Century ExpandedCentury ExpandedCentury Expanded (BT)Monotype Century Old StyleEF Century Old StyleCentury Old StyleCentury Old Style (URW)Century OldstyleCentury SchoolbookEF Century SchoolbookMonotype Century SchoolbookCentury Schoolbook (BT)Century Schoolbook (URW)Century Schoolbook MonospacedCheltenhamClear Gothic SerialClear Gothic TS Monotype ClearfaceClearface GothicClearface Gothic (URW)Clearface Gothic BoldClearface Gothic DemiboldClearface TSCG CloisterCloisterCloister Black (BT)Cloister Open FaceEF Commercial ScriptCommercial Script (BT)Commercial Script (ITC)Eagle BoldEmpireEmpire (BT)Empire (FB) Engravers' Old English (BT)Eva Paramount SG UltraFranklin Gothic (BT)ITC Franklin Gothic (EF)Franklin Gothic CondensedFranklin Gothic Extra CondensedFranklin Gothic No. 2Garamond 3Garamont Amsterdam BQLTC Globe GothicLTC Globe Gothic CondensedGoudy CatalogueEF Goudy Catalogue Linotype Goudy CatalogueGoudy Catalogue (BT)Goudy Catalogue (URW)Goudy Catalogue SBGoudy Catalogue SHLinotype Goudy HandtooledGoudy Handtooled (BT)Goudy Handtooled (URW)Greeting MonotoneHamburg TSEF HoboHoboHobo (BT)Hobo (URW)Hoboken TSLeague GothicMonotype Lightline Gothic EF Lightline GothicLinoscriptLinotextMariageMariage (URW) ModerniqueNapoli Extra BoldNapoli TSNeo FranklinNew Century SchoolbookNew Century Schoolbook ItalicMonotype News GothicEF News GothicNews GothicNews Gothic (BT)News Gothic (URW)Monotype News Gothic CondensedOdetteParisianParisian (BT)Parisian (ICG)Phenix American PiranesiRaleigh GothicITC SouvenirITC Souvenir (EF)ITC Souvenir DemiITC Souvenir LightLinotype StymieEF StymieStymie (URW)TC BroadwayPL Tower CondensedTypo UprightWedding TextWedding Text (BT)Wichita Bold TSWichita TS

6 + Franklin Gothic: sans serif

7 + Marriage: decorative script

8 + Works Cited e_basics/type_families.htm e_basics/type_families.htm

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