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Docent Discussions January 2014 Updates to the Volunteer Program & Dutch Folklore exhibition.

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1 Docent Discussions January 2014 Updates to the Volunteer Program & Dutch Folklore exhibition

2 Volunteer Program Updates Why the updates? Survey sent out to all volunteers Focus was on museum docents and new position, gallery/house attendants Trying to make things easier on volunteers and museum staff

3 “Docent Discussions” Same as Gallery Training/Docent Training Slightly longer sessions, Saturdays only Wide variety of speakers 2014 topics: temporary exhibits, teacher/tour expectations, diversity workshop, public speaking, conducting oral histories, current Dutch culture, storytelling, and much more!

4 “New” System = Volgistics Online volunteer management system Volunteer records, training, schedules, service hours, etc. Can access anywhere







11 Emails sent directly to volunteers; upcoming opportunities and programs Reminders will be emailed automatically for scheduled docents and volunteers Types of emails: Recruitment Appeals, Training, Event Information, General Volunteer Information Emails from Taylor/Museum Staff

12 Volunteer Access!!! Will receive an email from “Holland Museum” with subject line “ Volunteer Information Center password” Email will contain login information, including your name and password You will be able to login through the museum’s volunteer page Can keep your record updated with vacation information, current schedules, etc. and can opt out of emails (training, reminders, information, etc.) Coming in February!

13 Docent Calendar Calendar was on volunteer blog, Volgistics online calendar will replace this Paper calendar in my office still in use; I will sign up those docents online When you schedule yourself for a shift (or I schedule you), you will receive an automatic email reminder You can post your volunteer hours online, instead of on the paper timesheets in my office Paper timesheets will also be available

14 Docent Shifts/Schedules Museum docent needs to complete 24 shifts/tours each calendar year (exceptions will be made for out of towners) Cappon House docents need to complete 12 shifts/tours each year (May-October) Shifts are flexible! We can make adjustments if 3-4 hours is too long Gallery/House attendants may also be in galleries/houses with current docents

15 Other Things: Calendar of Events on volunteer blog Share your experiences!

16 Docent Roundtable With Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, and Muskegon museums Share ideas, learn new things, and meet other docents! Coming this fall!

17 Please be patient… There are always kinks to be worked out with new systems Please give any feedback throughout the process Any Questions???

18 Dutch Folklore: The Linocuts of Cornelia Van Geuns

19 Cornelia Van Geuns (1893-1959) was an artist of international renown, acclaimed for her expressive voice and musical ability, both instrumental and vocal. She traveled to West Michigan in 1941 to appear in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, and Kalamazoo. Her shows included story-telling and songs about the Netherlands. She was raising money for the Queen Wilhelmina Fund, an organization created to help the Dutch during World War II. Miss Van Geuns worked with patriotic fervor to help relieve the distress of people in her home country caused by the invasion of the Germans. The monies collected were used to purchase yarn, which was then knitted into clothing by local knitters and shipped to Europe for use by displaced Dutch citizens.

20 The linoleum prints in the exhibit, illustrating songs, legends and costumes of the Netherlands were created by the artist to raise additional funds for the war effort, as they were available for purchase.

21 Next Docent Discussion… Education Tours: Student and teacher expectations (and what to expect from them), trouble-shooting tips, and how to best prepare for your tour Special guest speaker: elementary teacher from Rose Park Elementary Saturday, February 15, 10-11:30am

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