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DIGITAL SYSTEM Advantage, Scope & Future Possibilities.

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1 DIGITAL SYSTEM Advantage, Scope & Future Possibilities

2 What is Digital Electronics ? ? ?
Digital Electronics is that branch of electronics which deals with the digital signals to perform various tasks and meet various requirements ! It is based upon the digital design methodologies and consists of digital circuits, IC’s and logic gates. It uses only binary digits,i.e. either ‘0’ or ‘1’ !

3 Why was digital electronics needed??
Most analog systems were less accurate, and were slow in computation and performance. Digital system have the ability to work faster than analog equivalents, and can operate on very high frequencies too ! ! ! ! ! It was much economical than analog methodologies as the performance was faster !

4 Digital Systems : The 21st Era
Basically, the 21st era systems uses Silicon wafers, IC’s, etc. in the VLSI technology to build up the large scale electronic devices & machines. The most commonly used devices are the Data servers, GPS systems, Security systems, market products like Bar Code Readers etc. ! All these devices are precise and reliable except the user makes his own mistake, i.e. in these devices, system errors are least possible. The Cost : Performance ratio is high, hence these are economically beneficial too !

5 (Analog Vs Digital) Electronics !!
It has usually larger circuits & occupies more area. Analog measuring instruments are less accurate, chances of misreading are more. The instruments are delicate and harms are more in case of drops and falls. Digital It has smaller integrated circuits & occupies lesser area. Digital measuring instruments are more accurate, and there is no case of misreading it. The instruments are more strong, and there are lesser harms on drops and falls.

6 Analog Quantities

7 Digital Quantities A digital quantity has a set of discrete values.
Digital systems can process, store, and transmit data more efficiently but can only assign discrete values to each point.

8 Digital Waveforms

9 Analog Example A public address system, used to amplify sound so that it can be heard by large audience, is one example of an application of analog electronics.

10 Digital Example A computer system is one example of an application of digital electronics.

11 A Mixed System The compact disk (CD) player is an example of a system in which both digital and analog circuits are used.

12 Advantages of Digital Systems Over Analog
Programmability Predictable accuracy Maintainability Processed more efficiently and reliably Compact storage Does not affected by noise as well as analog values

13 What are Integrated Circuits (IC’s) ???
IC’s are the micro circuits which are fabricated on a very small silicon wafers (chip) at which various components like BJT, CMOS(Complementary metal–oxide semi conductor) etc. are mounted up to make a wholesome functional unit. These days, various types of circuit integrations are possible at large extent, i.e. small scale, large scale, and very large scale integration (VLSI).

14 What are Logic Gates ????? Logic gates are the basic blocks of the digital circuits. There are basic gates of three types viz. AND, OR & NOT. Two universal gates are made of these 3 basic gates, which are NAND gate & NOR gate. These gates are the basic functional blocks of digital circuits which work upon making combinations of 0’s and 1’s !

15 Example of Advantage of Digital Systems over Analog Systems :
The most common present time example is the speedometers used in vehicles. In analog meters, there is an error chance of misreading the speed, while in the digital seven-segment display of a digital speedometer, there is no chances left for a misreading error, hence increasing the accuracy ! Even in the digital meters, there is a ‘HOLD’ button to hold the display value on screen.

16 Data Transmission using Digital Systems……
The digital system send the data in the form of packets of digital codes, thus we can encode and decode them in various formats and codes. Data encryption is also possible in the digital systems, hence the data transmission is more secure, and can be manipulated in many formats ! Digital systems are much advantageous in communications

17 Future Scopes & Possibilities Of Digital Electronics :
The digital electronics uses VLSI technology, which has considerably decreased the size and area of the circuit boards, and has enhanced the accuracy and performance of the systems. Moreover, digital systems have the advantage of data encryption for the communication purposes ! The data transmission is safe and secure. All these factors clearly show that the digital electronics stream has wide future scope in the modern era !

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