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Packaging Project By: Nikola Jovicic. Re-designing logo This was the first redesign of the Mars logo. The thought behind this was I didn't’t want to redesign.

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1 Packaging Project By: Nikola Jovicic

2 Re-designing logo This was the first redesign of the Mars logo. The thought behind this was I didn't’t want to redesign the whole logo I just wanted to add another way the company could add value to its product and that was by making Mars bars have an exclusive chocolates. So I thought of the Mars minis premium packs which would come in quality boxes and all the chocolates were presented in a elegant way. Also because the packaging would be high quality which could draw the attention of the customers. I enjoy this design so I plan to take it further and develop the packaging for it. This is the second redesign I did and the inspiration behind this one is just to capture children's attention by making something stand out and that was the idea I had to add the flames to the design and the exclamation mark at the end. Hopefully by doing these thing I would attract the attention of younger children which are whose minds are always on cars and rocket etc.. For this packaging even though I believe it would captures young children's attention, I believe that this kind of marketing is already over done and there is too much of it and it would be hard to think of new ideas for the packaging that has already been so truly explored by large companies. For this design I just did a design that relates to the planet mars. The reason I did this is because this year NASA has made a big step forward in exploring the planet mars by sending the most advanced rover yet, Curiosity. What I though was to use this achievement of NASA to promote the mars bars and hopefully attract more customers with the redesigned logo and packaging. However, to make a spherical packet which I plan to do if I take this logo forward is very difficult this is why I might not further develop this idea. For this design I tried to capture the alien side of mars and all the conspiracy about Marstians. If I was to take this idea forward I would make a alien like packaging or alien themed packaging this would once again I believe capture the attention of smaller children. However, once again I believe this advertising strategy has already been over explored so I don’t plan to take this idea further. Also, because this kind of packaging has been over explored it will be hard to make an original packaging design. For this design it reminds me off the NASA sign which has as I mentioned earlier had made a large progress in the exploration of Mars. However, this design has a retro look to it as well this is why I like this design, the design can appeal to younger and older customers. If I was to further develop this design which I probably will I will try to make a packaging for it not too childish however not to serious therefore the product will have a large customer base. However I will still need to make it to attractive to both customer groups. For this redesign what I thought of was a complete redesign of the chocolate shape. The reason for this is because Mars bars are very heavy chocolate bar (calorie wise) and by making them slim there is a reduction in the calories per a bar. Also the slim shape means that I can think of interesting and new packaging techniques for the newly shaped chocolates. However, the slim shape of the chocolates could remind some people of cigarettes which could be a large problem and people might not want to buy the chocolates. But I will still develop this design further because I can think of original designs for it.

3 Packaging designs 1 Idea 1 For this idea I further developed the the mars premium idea. The reason I did that is because I thought I could make Mars a more elegant and sophisticated brand which would appeal to the older age market groups. Also could be given as small gifts of chocolate boxes. And I thought I would achieve that with elegant packaging. So what I did for this box is I made that there is an outer casing which has the design and all the information and an inner casing which holds the chocolates and slides in to the outer casing. The inner box would be taken out by the ribbon on the front of the inner box giving an elegant and quality feel for the product. Also the inner box will be double layered which would protect the chocolates and keep them in the way they were arranged in the box once again giving a quality feel. Idea 2 For this design I had the same idea of trying to make and elegant packaging which would appeal to the older people in the market. For this one I planed to make the lid able to be hinged at the back so it could move up and down so the customer wan open and close the box when they would like to take a chocolates. There would be felt patch on the top of the lid and the box so that when closed it would stay closed. Also to felt will give enough resistance that the box doesn't’t open when transported however it wont be too hard to open when the customer wants to take out a chocolate. The bow will be once again be made out of thick card preventing the chocolates to get damaged and also they will not be moved for the layout which they were arranged in. The box will be all black and the writing of ‘Mars minis’ will be in red and the ‘Premium’ will be in gold hopefully drawing the customer attention but not ruining the elegance of the box. Idea 3 Again for this design I continued the idea of trying to brig some elegance to the the Mars brand. For this design I made a relatively classic chocolate box design with the sliding box lid. The lid would have all the logos printed on it and the ‘Mars minis’ will once again be printed in red and the ‘Premium’ will be printed in gold. The box will also be thick to protect the arrangement and the chocolates inside. The whole box will be black except for the writing just to bring the elegance part of the idea. I do not plan to further develop these boxes because I think that they are over done and Mars has been around for so long that making a ‘premium’ line of them will confuse a lot of customers and might lead them not to buy the product. Also these designs even though elegant they are quite boring.

4 Packaging designs 2 Idea 4 For this idea I further developed the NASA/ retro style of the redesign of the mars logo and what I thought of was since the writing is quite striking and reminds me of something that really stands out and is large. So I though of making the ‘Mars Minis Mega Packs’ these could be given to gifts to children on special events of the year such as Christmas and Easter which involve a large amount of chocolate selling. So for this design I had the idea of making a very large bag like container. The reason for this is because the large opening at the top will allow for the chocolates to be easily accessed by the customer. Also the handle on the means that the box can be easily carried by the customer. Since the packaging is made out of card board it will protect the the chocolates inside also the shape of the packaging allows a large number to be stacked and transported. The color of the packet will be black and I made a mistake when colouring in the text I shouldn’t have put in the black stipe, so if I were to develop the design further I would make the text red. This will hopefully let the packaging stand out and draw customers attention. Idea 5 For this idea I once again had the idea of making this chocolate available in special occasions such as Christmas or Easter. This design is a dispensing mechanism which I believe will draw children's attention and make it more fun experience for them getting the chocolates out of the box. For the text design I once again if I take this design in to further development will make the text just red and I would change the colour of the box to white just so I stick to the classic Mars colour scheme which will also hopefully draw more attention to the customers. Another thing I added to this design is the window so the customer can see the product inside. However the window I drew on this design is too large so when I further develop this design I will reduce the size of it. The shape of the packaging allows it to be easily transported also since it will be made of card it will protect the chocolates inside.

5 Packaging designs 3 Idea 6 For this design I further developed the ‘Mars slims’ idea. The reason is I wanted I had this idea for packaging the chocolates which I thought were good ideas. The reason is I believe they could appeal to both young and older age groups also the packaging is nice enough to display in someone's home however it doesn't’t stand out so much that it draws all the attention in the house. I planed to make the packaging out of card which I think would protect the chocolates well. The packaging has an hinged lid at the top which is where the chocolates are accessible from. Also the top lid has an window displaying the product inside. I relatively like this design because I believe it take a new approach to packaging chocolates which would make it stand out in a store and hopefully will attract customers. The shape of the packaging means that it can be easily stacked and transported. Idea 7 I really enjoy this design as well because once again I believe it takes a new approach to a way chocolates are packaged. This packaging has a lid which the chocolates are accessible from also the shape of the packaging allows it to be carried around in bags and purses and when a person gets a craving for one they can just pull out one. Another thing is there is a small window on the side of the box displaying the product inside. The shape of the packaging allows it to be stacked and transported easily. Also the shape optimises the amount of chocolates that can be fitted in to the packet. The only down side I can see to this packaging and it a big one is, it is quite similar to a cigarette packets which could draw customers away from the product this is why I don not plan to take this design further.

6 Net designs This net design is to make the packaging for idea number 4. The reason I took the design further is because I like the idea because it can be carried around and the large opening and the large front cover allows to put large amount of designs features on the packaging. However, when I printed off this design on laser cutter and tried to put the net together the parts in the middle which are suppose to fold and create the bag like shape kept on ripping so I decided not to take this design further since it wouldn’t stay together when folded. Also means when this packaging was to be transported it stood a risk of the pack ripping and the content falling out of it which means it would not be able to be sold. This net was a huge success the first time I printed it out. The reason was all the measurement were right the first time and the box closed just like I planed it to. This net is for design idea number 5, the reason I like this design is because the large front allows for the design to fit on it very easily and the design of the box will catch peoples attention. Also it dispensing technique is very simple so it wont confuse any customers. The shape of the box also allows it to be easily stacked which is good for transportation and when it is put on shelf's. Another thing is the box seemed to be strong which means it will not break and the contents will not be ruined. This net is for design idea number 6. I really did enjoy the design of the packaging because it was a new approach of containing chocolates. Also the design of the pack allowed it to be easily stacked and transported. However there were issues with the design; the graphics of the design would be very hard to make and to figure out where they go, also because there is a big opening at the top and only a small piece of card to keep the top hinged so the the customer can access the chocolates, I was afraid that hinge could tear easily and the packet could fall apart this is why I didn't’t take this design further.

7 Final Graphic net design I have made a big change for my final design the one of the changes was I added a window so the customer can see the product inside also I changed the original graphic design of it greatly the reason for this is because when I was designing the text for the design, I realized it looked a bit like the writing of Pac man the game. So I decided to change my design of my packaging completely to this. The reason I did this was because I mentioned earlier when I was drawing the design that it could be used to advertise special event. It so happens that the 32 nd anniversary of Pac man was coming up so I decided to do Mars bars Pac man edition. I think that its a good idea because I think that the design of the packaging will defiantly draw peoples attention and they will be more tempted to buy it. Also the simple colors I think really stand out once again to draw people attention. The vital information of the product stand out well because of the black background this means that the customers can clearly see what they are buying and know that the box is recyclable and they can dispose of it responsibly.

8 Final Packaging This is my final packaging product, the top packet is made from card board and it what I planed my final packet to be made out of. However, there was a problem with the printer it would not take card so what I had to do was print the final design on normal paper which meant it was not structurally stable. So what I also did was I printed the net of my design on the laser cutter with out the graphics on the card and I used the card pack to see how practical the packet would be, and the paper on to see if the product would be aesthetically appealing. I am relatively pleased with my product because the practicality of my packet is good because it stands up straight with ease which means it will be easy to stack and to be transported. The dispensing system even though simple works well all the customer has to do is lean the box towards the opening and the chocolates will start falling out. When the dispensing hatch it closed it stays closed which means that when the product is being transported the chocolates inside will not fall out. The structure of the cardboard packet is strong which means that it I think will be able to protect the chocolates inside while they are being transported. The graphic design does it job well I believe, because the vibrant colors on the black background really stand out which I think would draw peoples attention and then they would be tempted to buy the product. The window I also thought was a good idea because it would display the product inside also which might also encourage the customers to buy the product. The information on the box I think is well placed and it is easy to read which means the customer will know what they are buying because they can easily reads the information. This box will most probably appeal to the younger market because of the block like writing and that it has something to do with a video game. One difference I would make to the design if I was doing it again is I would make it a bit wider so more chocolates can fit inside the box. Another thing is I might also want to make more design features on the back of the design so the packet stands out more both sides.

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