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Introducing the CoI WIP: Summary of Discussions 20130228.

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1 Introducing the CoI WIP: Summary of Discussions 20130228

2 The world now recognizes we’re in jeopardy…

3 Many well-intentioned people & teams are working to address…

4 Instead of simply this:

5 How can we add value? LTA KF PFTF GCG ??

6 “How can I make a difference?” Join one of the existing efforts – good choice Try to do something different – why? – Existing choices appear to be “siloed”… – Even if ONE of those problems is eradicated, the other N-1 can still take down civilization as we know it – The efforts are unbalanced / uncoordinated

7 Go Meta We aim to accelerate collective efforts By applying collaborative systemic innovation And create a Community of Impact

8 Introduce “Systemic Innovation”

9 What do we want? We want “sustainable wholeness” For individuals For societies / communities For the planet

10 The “Evolving Society” An evolving society that enables individuals and communities to enrich and fulfill each other

11 How Social Renewal Can Work

12 Evolving Individuals & Communities

13 Explication of Key Principles Individual – … Community – … Renewal – …

14 Efforts can leverage each other Detail of “Individual”

15 Networking Leverage

16 Creating a Community of Impact Evolving society systemically By applying shared learned principles Leveraging the network of members

17 Tight Coupling of Human and Tool Systems Co-Informing Continual application Co-Evolving Bootstrapping

18 CoI Membership (responsibilities and privileges)… Adoption / Refinement & Election of “Framework” & Practices Periodic dialogs / retrospectives for sharing lessons learned / practices Receptivity & openness to other members Open access to other members “One for All / All for One” other implications…? ((Shared IP? Shared results? Shared benefits?))

19 Enroll & Launch Initiatives Enroll – NextNow – TopicQuests / Knowledge Garden – Healthcare Initiatives / Projects – DebateGraph – Induct – eGovernment – Program For The Future – INET – SolrSherlock – …?? ++ Launch – Game-Changing Game – Knowledge Federation – Club of Zagreb – Dynamic Knowledge Repository – Education NG – Collective Creativity Course – Journalism NG – Science NG – EU: Open Innovation – WYSIWYDo – Collaborapology ++ – “Conscious Self” – Dictipedia – CCC’s – GlobalSIM & GlobalVIZ – Knowledge Engineering NG – LearnTweets – …?? ++

20 What We Still Don’t Understand Legal form / structure Roles Membership “levels”? Formal or Informal? Do we want / have rules? Do we want / have assets? Do we want / have liabilities / responsibilities?

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