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(人教PEP)四年级英语下册课件 Unit 3 Is this your skirt? Lesson 1.

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1 (人教PEP)四年级英语下册课件 Unit 3 Is this your skirt? Lesson 1


3 What colour do you like? I like the …one.

4 s h i r t white shirt I like the white shirt.

5 shirt , shirt ,

6 T - shirt yellow T-shirt I like the yellow T-shirt !

7 T-shirt , T-shirt , 穿上

8 sweater I like the _______ sweater !

9 sweater , sweater , 收拾、整理

10 jacket I like the _______ jacket !

11 jacket , jacket , 脱去

12 dress I like the _______ dress!

13 dress , dress , 折叠

14 skirt I like the _______ skirt !

15 skirt , skirt ,

16 sweater dress skirt shirt T-shirt jacket

17 What's missing? sweater dress jacket T-shirt shirt skirt

18 What's missing? T-shirt skirt shirt dress jacket sweater

19 What's missing? skirt shirt jacket T-shirt dress sweater

20 What's missing? sweater dress skirt T-shirt jacket shirt

21 What's missing? jacket sweater T-shirt dress shirt skirt

22 Let’s chant Shirt, shirt, red shirt. T-shirt, T-shirt, yellow T-shirt.
Skirt, skirt, green skirt. Dress, dress, blue dress. Jacket, jacket, brown jacket. Sweater, sweater, white sweater.


24 What's in the box?

25 shirt skirt shirt with(搭配) skirt
I like the white shirt with(搭配) the blue skirt.

26 I like the_________ with(搭配) the_________.
blue skirt pink shirt

27 I like the_________ with(搭配) the__________.
blue skirt red sweater

28 I like the yellow sweater
with the black jacket.

29 I like the white T-shirt
with the green skirt.

30 For boys For girls I like the I like the with(搭配) the skirt . I like the with the trousers(裤子).

31 Homework: 1.听录音,跟读本课所学的单词和句型。 2.小组内描述自己喜欢的衣物。

32 Thank you! Bye-bye!

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