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Shurley Question and Answer Flow

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1 Shurley Question and Answer Flow

2 Remember! A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea. A noun is labeled according to its job in a sentence. (SN) The verb tells what is being said about the subject. The verb tells what the subject does or shows a state of being. (V) An Adverb describes a verb, adjective, or another adverb. (Adv) An Adjective describes a noun or a pronoun. (Adj)

3 Let’s Classify! Doctor spoke.

4 Horses ran.

5 Speaker arrived.

6 Monkey chattered.

7 A brilliant doctor spoke reluctantly.

8 Several chestnut horses ran fast.

9 The keynote speaker arrived late yesterday.

10 The small tropical monkey chattered noisily.

11 The two strong firemen worked hard yesterday.

12 Practice on your own! LABEL EACH PART OF SPEECH BY PLACING THE LABEL (SN, V, ADJ, ADV) ABOVE THE SENTENCE. 1.) Gigantic ships sailed swiftly. 2.) Snowmen melted. 4.)The bells rang incessantly today. 5.) Foxes dashed.

13 The plump short biker pedaled along rapidly.

14 The small kittens happily played yesterday!

15 Corrections: my sister shelley, is living in madrid, spain, for a year’s study in spanish literature. she left august 19, 2011, from st. louis, missouri, on a t w a flight to new york city, new york shelley loves spain and the european lifestyle the people eat lots of food and take a siesta every afternoon

16 Remember! A preposition is a joining word.
[formula: preposition word+whom or what] i.e. John fell down the stairs. John fell down-what? The stairs=down is a preposition. An object of the preposition is a noun or pronoun after the preposition in a sentence. **Who can find the OP in the sentence above?**

17 The floppy eared spaniel howled mournfully in
Intro Sentences The floppy eared spaniel howled mournfully in the dark house.

18 The fragile, verdant foliage swayed gently overhead.

19 After summer vacation the football players eagerly gathered around the coach in the locker room.

20 The new bus arrived unusually late today.

21 Yesterday the dense fog finally lifted in the late afternoon.

22 Today the band members worked very hard on the competition music.

23 Today’s Bellringer Create a practice sentence using this pattern:
A Adj. Adj. SN V Adv. Adv For example: The angry old man yelled very loudly. Now create your own!

24 Creative Writing: Story Starter
Directions: I will give you the beginning of a story and you need to give it a middle and an ending. Your story must be 1 page ( one side of loose leaf paper) in length and it must be CREATIVE! Take any twists and turns you like and have fun!

25 Prompt Ryan’s pace quickened as he walked down the desolate, dark street. He suddenly heard footsteps behind him, yet when he turned around no one was there. He started to accelerate and he could feel his heart skip a beat. He wiped his brow and thought to himself, “relax, it’s nothing.” Then he heard it again, only this time the footsteps were louder and faster. Ryan turned around swiftly and……

26 Create a practice sentence using this pattern: A Adj. Adj. SN V Adv
Create a practice sentence using this pattern: A Adj. Adj. SN V Adv. Adv A large docile monkey walked happily around. Now, improve it using synonyms and antonyms:

27 Let’s try another: A Adj Adj SN V Adv Adv The angry old man yelled very loudly. Now, improve it:

28 Practice Sentences 3 During a heavy snowstorm the daring skier raced for help for the stranded family.

29 Several yellow helium balloons rose gracefully to the ceiling.

30 The long line of camels plodded steadily across the hot desert.

31 The scientific instrument flashed at a dangerously low level on the monitor.

32 The two nighthawks usually feed heavily after a rainstorm.

33 In the morning Ben groped sleepily for the coffee cups.
Noun Job Charts Written noun checks—this will help for tests! In the morning Ben groped sleepily for the coffee cups. List the noun used List the noun job Singular or Plural? Common or Proper? Morning OP S C Ben SN P Cup

34 Guided practice: Homework warm-up
SN, OP Antonyms A, an, the Complete subject 1. article adjectives 2. name two noun jobs 3. all subject parts 4. opposite meanings 5. What does a preposition do? 6. Give an example of a prepositional phrase with two modifiers. i.e. after the long speech. 7. What is the Q & A flow for a declarative sentence? i.e. end mark, type of sentence.

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