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North American FIS TD Update Fall 2009 NorAm Cup Refresher.

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1 North American FIS TD Update Fall 2009 NorAm Cup Refresher

2 Mission To provide aspiring international caliber ski racers a vital series of race opportunities in North America in order to further their skills and experiences through increased technical and competitive challenges and advance them to Word Cup and Europa Cup

3 Women – NAC Average penalty history - WR

4 Men – NAC Average penalty history - WR

5 NORAM CUP - PODIUM ANALYSIS Women USACANRUS 2000-200178 2001-2002681 2002-2003105 2003-2004114 2004-200596 2005-2006132 2006-2007117 2007-200899 2008-2009711 83601 Men USACANSLOITAJPN 2000-200196 2001-2002510 2002-20031131 2003-200496 2004-2005681 2005-2006871 2006-20071251 2007-200899 2008-2009315 7269112

6 2008-2009DHMCKENNIS, AliceUSA200 USA = 7SIMMERLING, GeorgiaCAN160 CAN = 11MCBROOM, KellyCAN140 SLGRANT SterlingUSA476 STAPLES KileyUSA344 GOODMAN AnnaCAN340 GSGAGNON Marie-MicheleCAN358 RUBENS ShonaCAN225 MIELKE KristenUSA205 SGMCKENNIS, AliceUSA316 MCBROOM, KellyCAN240 YURKIW LarisaCAN200 SCFORD, JuliaUSA116 YURKIW LarisaCAN100 DURHAM, Ashley-KateCAN90 OverallGAGNON Marie-MicheleCAN784 FORD, JuliaUSA659 RUBENS, ShonaCAN617

7 2008-2009DHFISHER ErikUSA200 USA = 3HELIE Louis-PierreCAN140 CAN = 15FRIEDMAN, BryonUSA140 SLSPENCE, BradCAN387 SEMPLE, RyanCAN362 JANYK, MichaelCAN281 GSSPENCE, BradCAN345 FRISCH, JeffreyCAN338 NICKERSON WarnerUSA308 SGGUAY, StefanCAN470 HELIE Louis-PierreCAN440 NELLA, TylerCAN364 SCHELIE Louis-PierreCAN180 SEMPLE, RyanCAN145 FRISCH, JeffreyCAN80 OverallHELIE Louis-PierreCAN1149 FRISCH, JeffreyCAN754 SPENCE, BradCAN732

8 LADIES DATESITENATDHSLGSSGSCUSA/CAN Nov.30-Dec.1Aspen, COUSA 30-1 50/30 Dec. 2-3Loveland, COUSA 2-3 50/30 Dec. 7-13Lake LouiseCAN 9-10 11 30/50 Dec. 4-17PanoramaCAN 13-1415-1618 30/50 Jan. 2-3Val Ste Come,QUECAN 2-3 40/50* Jan. 5-6Mont Ste Anne, QUECAN 5-6 40/50* Feb.25-Mar.1Aspen, COUSA 25-26 28-12850/30 Mar. 14-15Burke, VT FinalsUSA 14-151540/40 Mar. 15-17Waterville, NH FinalsUSA 1817 40/40 47753 MEN DATESITENATDHSLGSSGSCUSA/CAN Nov.30-Dec.1Loveland,COUSA 30-1 50/30 Dec. 2-3Aspen, COUSA 2-3 50/30 Dec. 7-13Lake LouiseCAN 9-10 11 30/70 Dec. 16-19PanoramaCAN 15-1613-1417 30/50 Jan. 4-7Sunday River, MEUSA 6-74-5 50/40* Feb. 21-26Aspen,COUSA 25-26 21-222170/30 Mar. 14-15Burke, VT FinalsUSA 14-151440/40 Mar. 16-18Waterville, NH FinalsUSA 1816 40/40 *action by COC47753 trng.23-24

9 Athletic Significance World Cup Quota – individual qualification 2 per discipline/gender and 1 overall/gender Skills Development – WC, OWG, WSC World Junior Selections Canadian Alpine Ski Team criteria US Ski Team criteria

10 Calendar- high performance planning Athlete Centered Respect to the Classics Venues Blocking and packaging Continuity Planning Targets

11 NorAm Committee Structure Bob Dart, Chairman * Walt Evans, Secretary * Jesse Hunt Lester Keller Karen Korfanta Claude Savard, Vice Chairman * Philippe Bernier * Robert Rouselle Bruce Hamstead Jenn Duggan * Executive Committee

12 NorAm Coordinators and Staff On Site Coordination Bruce Hamstead, ACA Dan Gallaugher, ACA Tom Johnston, USSA Bill Gunesch, USSA Kevin McDevett, USSA Roger Perricone, USSA Paul VanSlyke, USSA Operations Support Jeff Weinman, USSA Scoring Jenn Duggan, ACA Scoring Karen Korfanta, USSA operations Philippe Bernier, ACA operations Walt Evans, USSA Assignments Christopher Colpitts, ACA Marketing

13 FISSKI.COM – Calendars – Assignments – Announcements – Bulletins – Standings 1.Calendar Draft * 2.Announcements 3.Field – quotas and entries 4.Standings 5.Assignments 6.Equipment Control 7.Interim decisions 8.Emergency decisions Operations Anja Jorg, FIS Cups Markus Waldner, FIS CoC Janez Flere, FIS Technical

14 Review What is the NAC Basic List? Published by Jeff/Jenn First group of 15 (EC 30) is seeded according to NAC standings. If NAC points are tied on the board, break tie with FIS points. For the 1 st race; if 15 racers on base list are not present, then expand to 15 by using final standings in discipline 08-09. Competitors who have earned 400+ points (450 EC) during the season or in season 08-09 are entitled to start 16+. Among 400 point holders, break ties by referring to the NAC event specific standings to break tie.

15 Review Winners of other COC events who are not ranked within top 30 are entitled to start as 31. NAC standings are updated after each event. Jenn (ACA) and Jeff (USSA) are the official standings keepers. They must get ELECTRONIC RESULTS immediately after the protest period to score the event to validate the next days start list. After the 3 rd NAC event in discipline, the basic list is no longer used and the standings are based on the sum of points in discipline for the current season. USA NC DH 2/27/10 will include up to 30 per gender from ACA.

16 REVIEW CLARIFICATION 1. First group of 15 (EC 30) is seeded according to NAC standings. CoC 3.1 and NAC 3.1 - no change 2. Competitors who have earned 400+ points (450 EC) during the season or in season 08-09 are entitled to start 16+. COC 3.2.1 needs corrected to reflect 400 points. NAC 3.2 is correct. 3. NAC 3.1 Super Combined seeding- All of the NAC SC events must be seeded on NAC SC standings. NAC 3.1, last sentence re: exception is incorrect. Note - the NAC will continue to award NAC SC cup points AND NAC SG cup points in the SC events. However - those designated NAC SC events must be clearly announced in calendars and announcements so the athletes and coaches anticipate the seeding procedure. 4. Regarding NAC - Canada will be entitled to the normal NAC quota of 30/30 for the National Alpine Championship DH event that is being contested at Aspen in February in conjunction with the NAC speed series. The event is schedule for 27 February for both genders.

17 NorAm Cup Critical Success Factors Calendar Planning Waterbar Super Combi rules 400 point holders Equipment Control Video Control

18 RESORT PARTNERS THANK YOU! SPECIAL RECOGNITION NorthWest Funds ACA Reliable Racing Supply USSA USA: Winter Park Resort Loveland Ski Area Sunday River Resort Mammoth Mountain Race Department New York Ski Education Foundation Lake Placid - Olympic Regional Development Authority ACA: Lake Louise Race Organizing Committee Nakiska Race Organizing Committee Panorama Race Organizing Committee Craigleith Ski Club Georgian Peaks Ski Club

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