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Tham Nguyen. Where is Seoul Korea? Humid Subtropical / Snow.

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1 Tham Nguyen

2 Where is Seoul Korea?


4 Humid Subtropical / Snow

5 Climate Seoul is the capital and includes, Incheon and Gyeonggi making it the largest city in the South Korea. Almost half of the South Korean population lives here; helping to make it the center of the South Koreas, economy, culture and government. Population: 10,208,302 Land Area: 233.7 square miles this is 605.2 sq km Climate: The climate is considered subtropical Summers are hot and humid Monsoon weather is from June to July Winters are very cold, dry and the city gets an average of 28 days of snow Winter low of 21* F (-6C) and Summer high of 85*F (29.5*C)

6 Yongsan International School of Seoul

7 Founded in 2004 The school was founded on 2004 with the mission to establish a world class educational institution for the children of foreign investors in Korea. The idea was that by foreign direct investment, the Korean economy would benefit while simultaneously meeting the needs of visiting foreign families. The KFSF is a non-profit organization that was tasked with restructuring the school formally known as International Christian School which taught Christian values. However after being selected by KFSF, the school offered parents a choice between a secular track called Oasis or a track which includes Christian instruction and chapels known as NICS, which stands for the Network of International Christian Schools.

8 Grades K through 12

9 It Is Fully Accredited School Yongsan International School is located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu in the heart of the foreign community in Seoul. Yongsan International School of Seoul is a not-for-profit international school that offers academic programs for kindergarten through 12 th grade students. It is Fully accredited by both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Christian Schools International. Degrees or units are recognized all over the world. Yongsan, offers an experience rich in cultural diversity. The current student body is represented by students from 50 different countries.

10 Discipleship Running Club Basketball Sports Drawing and PaintingTaekwondo Ceramics Cross Fit Arts and Crafts Soccer Compassion Club Swimming-Competitive Hip Hop DanceSwimming-Beginners Inspirational Music Ballet The After School Activities

11 Diversity Diversity

12 Housing Options Apartments are most favored by locals due to the conveniences such as markets, post office, schools, and public transportation Offiicetel are high rise buildings with residents and offices; office space within a residents Private houses are a lot hard to come by unless in historic Seoul

13 Housing Mutli-Family/Row Houses are smaller than an apartment but houses at least 2 families comes with a parking spot One Room/Studio are located in four to five story buildings; comes furnished; very similar to officitel Hanok is a traditional Korean home which are located in historic Seuol



16 Itaewon-Dong District Rent : $943/month Key: $5000 1 year contract 3 Bedroom 1 Living Room 1 Bath Furnish Villa Ace Realty 02-797-0330

17 Itaewon Rent: $800/Month Key: $900 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Partly Furnish

18 Haebangchon Rent: $1000/month Key: $ 5000 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 2 nd Floor with Balcony

19 Women in the workforce Park Guen-Hye, is South Korea’s first female President from the Saenuri Party Women’s role in the workforce is negative -it is rare for women to succeed in business -most women work as assembly line positions -will leave work due to marriage Invisible wall that blocks women in the workforce that prevents them from progressing Although women are still working in various occupation such the medical, entertainment, business, government, and education

20 Must Be Done Bowing replaces the handshakes Bowing shows respect and gratitude Younger generation now does shaking hands after the bow Respect when drinking (building bonds) -drinking etiquettes

21 Terms 할머니 할머니 (halmeoni) 할머님 할머님 (halmeonim) grandmother 아버지 아버지 (abeoji) 아버님 아버님 (abeonim) father 형 형 (hyeong) 형님 형님 (hyeongnim) a male's older brother 누나 누나 (noona) 누님 누님 (noonim) a male's older sister 오빠 오빠 (oppa) 오라버니 오라버니 (orabeoni) a female's older brother 언니 언니 (eonni) a female's older sister 아들 아들 (adeul) 아드님 아드님 (adeunim) son 딸 딸 (ttal) 따님 따님 (ttanim) daughter

22 Must Never Be Done Never walk around with your shoes on at home Do not sit in the elderly seats on the subway Do not use your loud voices in public areas Never stick chopsticks in your rice Do not call people with hand gestures Tattoos are look down upon Exposure of the body (female)

23 Cultural Attitudes about the States Americans tend not to be respectful especially the way we greet people Americans are more optimistic Americans must be wealthy Americans are a bit heavier and eat a lot of fast food Americans are lazy, ignorant, and loud American grudge due to the war

24 Religion Beliefs The two predominant religions in South Korea are Buddhism and Christians Koreans are tolerant with people who have different beliefs as long as you are respectful and follow the etiquettes of the land or town your in A good population of Koreans are atheistic who doesn’t have a religion


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