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Laag-Laag sa Karaang Ciudad. Parian Monument Cement, iron, and steel come together to form the towering Heritage of Cebu Monument built right on the.

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1 Laag-Laag sa Karaang Ciudad

2 Parian Monument


4 Cement, iron, and steel come together to form the towering Heritage of Cebu Monument built right on the original Plaza Parian in Cebu City. Conceptualized by multi-awarded sculptor Eduardo Castrillo, the mammoth structure depicts significant moments in Cebu’s history beginning with that fateful fight of April 21, 1521 in the island of Mactan where native chieftain Lapu-Lapu killed Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The monument also portrays as well the conversion of Rajah Humabon and his followers to Christianity, local revolution against Spanish rule, Cebuano veneration of Sto. Nino, and beatification of first Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod. Construction of the structure began in July 1997; its inauguration was on December 8, 2000. Funding for the monument’s construction came from the late Senator Marcelo Fernan as well as private individuals and groups. Historical structures carved into the huge monolith are the Basilica del Santo Nino, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, San Juan Bautista Parish Church, Magellan’s Cross, and a Spanish Galleon. Also to be found in the monument are statues of the late president Sergio Osmena Sr. and Blessed Pedro Calungsod. The structure is in Parian, which got its name from the word “pari-pari” meaning to barter or trade, according to scholar and historian Resil Mojares. It was where the wealthy Chinese merchants of old lived and held lavish events. A few homes constructed during the 17th to 19th century remain standing today. (

5 When we went to Parian Monument it was an amazing and shocking experience cause we got to saw the sum up history of Cebu.... We got a chance to take a look with it closely and also see the molding closely with our eyes....The structure of it was astonishing cause we couldn't believe that we Filipinos can create an amazing piece of art...

6 Fort San Pedro


8 In Fort San Pedro you can see big cannons which was used by our ancestors during the spanish and american period. In Fort San Pedro you can find a butterfly sanctuary overseeing the port. There is a big garden which can be used as a pictorial site for models or for ladies during their birthdays. There is also a blind man who sang songs which can be mesmerizing because of his good voice... Fort San Pedro is a must be a place to visit cause when we went there, their are a lot of tourist from other countries which also look forward seeing a historical place in Cebu in which us, Cebuanos, should be proud of what our ancestors left for us....

9 Casa Gorrordo



12 In Casa Gorrordo we saw the typical house of a Filipino citizen during the 19th century. We saw an old bathroom in which we are so shocked for it is really somewhat not the bathroom we can see in the 21st century. The place also shows a very nice balcony in which one of us wanted to have a view like it. The place have a water well now used as wishing well by some tourist where they throw their coins. We also saw some of the furnitures and some utensils that were used by the people in late century...

13 Yap-San Diego Ancestral House



16 We saw an old room which was used by the people during the 16th century and also the furnitures that was decorated inside the room. The room was kinda dark and also we saw an old cabinet.We saw a dinning table with big and old candle holder and some pots on the table. We also saw an old harp, some picture frames and some old decors for the house. The interior and the exterior is really old in which we can be proud that we restored a very historic place in which we can draw on what lifestyle do our ancestors have during the late century.

17 University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF)- Rizal Museum


19 In the USPF- Rizal Museum we saw the things which was used by Rizal in his life. We also saw a cloth own by Rizal. We also saw books that was written or read by Rizal and also a statue of him.

20 Plaza Independencia


22 Plaza Independencia is a big lawn own by the government. In which it is located in front of the Fort San Pedro. There is also a monument of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. There is also a monument of the Order of Augustinian Recollects(OAR) in which they are present here in Cebu for more than 400 years and also they are known because of the school they build here in Cebu which is the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R).

23 Museo Sugbo



26 In Museo Sugbo we can see the old guerrilla monies used during the Japan Colonization in the Philippines. We can also see there the history of the family of Rama in which part of the political and social history of Cebu. We can also see some old artifacts like the clay pots, some bulo, and some relics used during the war like guns and army clothes.

27 Sources: OrA OrA depicts-historical-events/) depicts-historical-events/

28 Presented by: Ernest Cabañesas Ferlyn Cawas Raymond Pagas Vincent Reboquio Melvi Jean Tabon

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