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Mentoring SY 08-09 Randolph-Macon Academy. Why do we mentor?

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1 Mentoring SY 08-09 Randolph-Macon Academy

2 Why do we mentor?

3 What defines our mentees? The world they live in and the people who surround them shape all aspects of their lives including how they learn and communicate.

4 Who do we mentor?




8 About those video games/texting/IM Create hierarchies of short term and long term goals Reinforce step progression and structure. Alter paths of dopamine to the brain for rewards for seeking behavior and rewards tied to curiosity versus authentic achievement.

9 How do we understand them?

10 How do you relate?

11 Questions to consider Do you want their input? Shorter Assignments? More examples? More Models? Cheerleader ? Does group learning appeal to you? Are you ready for knowledge to be challenged? Giving partial credit for assignments? Extra credit? Plagiarism exists and there’s nothing wrong with it?

12 What happens during mentoring?

13 What to expect…. Home sick Conflicts

14 What else to do? Celebrate rituals Write letters home Attend functions Off campus lunch

15 Communication

16 Which do you remember?

17 Who are the parents?

18 What about the Boomers? Baby Boomers IDEALISTS 43-60 years old Pleasant, personal Don’t put them on the spot, prepare! Be polite, please, thank you Never rush Don’t let them be intimidated by the technology All equal

19 What about Gen Xers? Gen X’ers REACTIVE22-42 years old Be specific with information, outcomes and expectations, don’t speak just to the mission Talk, converse, be personal, humor is important Visual and dynamic Education is the way to get ahead Do not like group work Blunt and to the point Coaching works!

20 Why do we mentor?

21 Generation Next?

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