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~ Ms. Booth~. Indian National Congress (INC) Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

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1 ~ Ms. Booth~

2 Indian National Congress (INC)

3 Hiroshima & Nagasaki

4 North Korea invaded South Korea

5 NO

6 Student protestors demanding political and human rights

7 Autocratic (Communist)

8 Non-Violent Protests

9 Deng Xiaoping

10 Import food from other countries.

11 Mao Zedong

12 The DMZ or Demilitarized Zone

13 The United States

14 Having a strong loyalty and devotion to ones nation and the desire for self-government.

15 Religious differences/tensions

16 North & South Vietnam reunited as one Communist country.

17 The Great Leap Forward

18 Their desire to stop the spread of communism.

19 India was partitioned into East & West Pakistan

20 Ho Chi Minh

21 The United States

22 Britain

23 The United States

24 It is neither a democracy nor a republic. It is a communist nation.

25 His non-violent approach to India’s struggle for independence.

26 Deng Xiaoping

27 Tiananmen Square (Referred to as the Tiananmen Square Massacre)

28 The belief held by the U.S. that if one country fell to communism, that others were surely to follow.

29 *Fasting * Boycotts * Peaceful Demonstrations *Marches

30 It means that there are more people living in the area than the area can support.

31 North and South Korea were divided along the 38 th Parallel...(Nothing really changed.) North Korea is Communist and South Korea is a Democracy

32 His economic programs were absolute failures! They virtually ruined China.

33 NO


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