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New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

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1 New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
Food Safety and Inspection Supervisors Roxanne Hill and David Lepkofker

2 New York State Jurisdiction
Grocery Store/Bodega Supermarket Costco/BJ’s etc. Food Warehouse Wholesale Manufacturer Wholesale Bakeries Wineries and 3 Distillers Butchers Live poultry market and red meat slaughter facility ***NO Restaurants or Retail Bakeries ****NO CATERERS

3 Location Location Location
Location License Food Item Home (home Processing) License Exempt Simple Baked goods (No Potentially Hazardous Products) Commercial Kitchen /Incubators C Prior Approval Needed for Complex Food Products (Shared Space) or (City Health-Retail bakery) (Acidified Foods, Acid Foods, Refrigerated Foods etc.) Your Own Facility C Anything other than wholesale meat products-USDA Jurisdiction

4 Licensing Information
ARTICLE 20-C Food Processing including –Slicing and repacking of ready to eat foods and cooking eg. LICENSE FEE $ for 2 years

5 Licensing Process Product Packaging and Labeling-
Facility- Good Manufacturing Practices- Circular 933 - Inspection- Minimum once per year License C Food Processing License Pass Inspection before issuance of License

6 Home Processing Home Kitchen Manufactured License Exempt
Simple Baked Goods Home equipment Labeling Customers- Inspected by State- Farmers Markets-Grocery stores No Internet sales

7 The Dark Side No Inspection –No License = Unapproved Source
Seize and Destroy Recall Legal action ***Hurt Someone- illness, Death…

8 Congratulations Questions??

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