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Women are nothing more then eye candy and objects to men. This is what we as a society have been depicting in our ads for years. For my feminism breakdown.

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2 Women are nothing more then eye candy and objects to men. This is what we as a society have been depicting in our ads for years. For my feminism breakdown I chose the famous SKKY Vodka Ad. This Ad best represents feminism to the fullest. A big theme with this Ad is power and men’s role in society as a whole and women's roles as objects and that they are only on this world to be looked at. This paper will attempt to breakdown this Ad piece by piece and give you a deeper insight into the world of feminism within Ads such as this SKKY Vodka Ad.

3 The appearance of the Ad is the first thing that we as a viewer looks at when analyzing an Ad for feminism. This analyzation can be used to pick out the age, gender, race, pose, hair, body, size, looks and clothes. All of these things can be used to breakdown the Ad and find the meaning within it. Age : The first thing in this Ad would be the age. By looking at this Ad we as a viewer can see that the male within this picture although you can not see his face most likely ranges from the ages of 25 to 35 years old. Twenty five to thirty five is the prime age for being successful in society is a whole. Gender: The gender of this Ad is male. Being male can be associated with having the most power as well as being dominate over the opposite sex in society. Race: The race of this male is white and white is usually associated within our culture as being wealthy and very successful unlike the other races. White is the dominate power. The female in this Ad is white as well showing that white is beautiful and that every other race is not as attractive. Pose: The pose within this Ad could be the males power in society as a whole. Shown through him standing over the women in this picture. The female is lying down which indicates that her role in society is below that of the males. Clothes: The clothes that the male is wearing within this Ad indicate his power. He is wearing a business suit which represents that he is very wealthy as well as powerful. As for the female she is wearing nothing but a bikini which shows that she is nothing more then eye candy to the viewer as well as the male standing above her. She is a object only used for pleasure.

4 The activity in Ads basically means the actions that can be picked up on when you as a viewer are looking at the Ad. Expressivity: The first thing that we can see is expressivity can be shown by how the male is standing over the female in this Ad. The male is standing firmly over the female most likely gazing down at her breasts, with his hands holding the vodka and two glasses over the women. This can indicate that the women has no choice but to have a drink with him, thus the male is forcing his power upon the set female. Eye contact: There is really no eye contact to the person viewing this Ad however, there is eye contact between the female and male within this Ad. Notice how the female has her glasses off, this may indicate that she is getting a better look at the males penis and or the vodka bottle. The arrow in this picture shows you where she is looking.

5 Role: This Ad indicates the males role within society to be very superior and class-dominate. The females role in society is to be the males entertainment and to be a object of pleasure and one that the male can look at and enjoy. The female within this Ad is very submissive and subordinate to the male standing above her. Being submissive is also associated with the animal kingdom as in if a animal is stronger then another they lay on there back to show that they will obey the stronger more dominate animal. This is also shown in this Ad because the female is lying on her back as she looks up to the male standing above her. Example of being submissive. Position: The position of the male and the female in this Ad is also very important because it shows who really has the power within this Ad. The male is standing over the female in this Ad this is also indicating a male dominate sexual position over the female called the missionary position. This position is meant to give the male all of the power over a female during intercourse. The Advertisers knew this when they made the Ad that is why the male is standing over the female it shows complete and absolute power over the female.

6 Rank: Lastly this Ad shows rank which this Ad helps to build the males masculinity as power or dominate over women whereas the female rank is shown to be weak and submissive. The female lying down and the male standing overhead implies that the female is dependent upon the male and sends the message that women are unbothered by the presence of the dominating male. Another way that we can see rank is look at there clothes. The male wearing the suit indicates higher economic class and represents that men work hard. On the other hand the female is wearing nothing more then a tiny bikini and she appears to be tanning, therefore the Ad is saying that women are associated with leisure and relaxing and not working for their money(Skky Vodka Advertisement Image).

7 The way that men are depicted in this Ad again is shown through power over the female. This Ad revolves around the idea that men are always dominate with society and they sever a greater propose then women do. Men work hard from there money and women relax and wait to be given money by using there beauty as shown in this Ad. Women are objectified in this Ad and serve no purpose other then to be looked at and only used to pleasure the man. Both of these images show mans power over women.

8 In this Ad women appear as the submissive powerless breed of humanity. Ads constantly full our heads with the thought that women are only on this earth to be looked at and for our amusement and to fill our sexual desires. The Ad such as the one that I am certainly discussing show women in positions and poses to objectivity them and a lot of times turn them into animals.

9 This Ad definably objectifies the female and just turns her into parts or another piece of “meat” if you will. We see the female body being objectified everywhere in countless ads. The Ad like the SKKY ad breaks the female body down into parts either showing just the boobs, butt, stomach etc. This parts degrade the women to just a “object” nothing more and nothing less. This method shows that man have all of the power within the society that we live in today and women are just there from pleasure. In the vodka Ad it highlights the females large breasts and does not show us her eyes thus breaking her down into just another toy and not a human being. Examples of objectification

10 The objectification of men is fairly new to Advertisements. In my life time I am seeing more Ads showing the objectification of men. Ads do this by reversing the roles normally done by the women. When a man is objectified the Ad either shows him looking at us, his body or him in a submissive submission allowing the women now to have all of the power over the male thus reversing the roles. Although the role are not really reversed in this SKKY Vodka ad it does in a sense objectify the male but not in a negative way. The Ad just simply takes off the mans head but the advertisers do these so that you as a viewer can see yourself within the Ad. You can put yourself in that suit thus giving you as the viewer power over the women that your standing over. The advertisers do this to personalize the Ad and attract the viewers attention. A example of a male being objectified within a Ad. You are slowly starting to see this more and more in Ads today.

11 Women are not only being objectified in Ads but they are also being subjectified as well. We can find this subjectication by using the active agents such as eye contact, implied movement, role etc. In ads the women always make eyes contact with the person viewing the ad. They show their role in society as well by cleaning or washing dishes in some ads. Often times the women is in a sexual position or making a sexual move towards the viewer.

12 The race and ethnicity is shown countless times throughout various Ads. Most of the time Ad depicted whites as being the dominate race and all other races are inferior. If people of another race are shown in advertisements they mostly likely never have the same power as the white people. The stereotype in this Ad is very easy to find. You can identify that there is a absence of people of color in this Ad. It shows that “white women are privileged unlike people of color.” It shows that white women have wealth so that they can relax and travel. This is a sign showing that “people of color are inferior and subordinate to white people.” Throughout various Ads “white women are depicted as sexualized and exotic objects.” The stereotype in this Ad also shows that the “white middle class male is a colonial power, superior to women and class- dominant”(Skky Vodka Advertisment Image)

13 We are increasingly seeing Ads that celebrate race and ethnicity in non stereotypical ways. In the past ads depicted people of color as inferior people and stripping them of any power that they had. Today we see more and more ads celebrating different ethnicities and races. Ads now are finally turning them into actual people.

14 In conclusion feminism is found throughout countless ads. We as a society since the beginning of time have always shown our power over women. Society is a male driven world so it would only make sense in ads that we represent that power. We turn women into objects breaking them down into parts and stripping them of their personality as well as their humanity. We live in a world where men make more money then women in jobs and this to is depicted in various ads such as the Skky ad that I went over. We also live in a time where we’re slowly starting to see the transition of men getting objectified in ads. The women finally caught on to what we as a society have been degrading them to of years, now its men's turn to turn into body parts and eye candy. Throughout this report I talked about the appearance of a ad the activity shown in ads and the several themes that you can find within the ad to help you break it down piece by piece to get your mind into a feminist way of thinking and viewing the world.

15 Skky vodka advertisement image- Pictures Men working hard- Women relaxing- Men and women pic- Women forming into animal- All animals- Male object-

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