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September 4-5 – AP Lit Agenda: Introduction Classroom Expectations Classroom Agreement Ongoing Vocabulary Log The Settings of Jane Eyre You.

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1 September 4-5 – AP Lit Agenda: Introduction Classroom Expectations Classroom Agreement Ongoing Vocabulary Log The Settings of Jane Eyre You will need: Pen/Pencil Notebook Summer Reading packet Jane Eyre

2 This Course… Follows the curricular goals as outlined by The College Board Is rigorous Will demand that you to read and analyze challenging materials Will encourage you to challenge yourself Will prepare you for college level reading an writing Is designed to prepare you for the exam There is a complete syllabus that I will be posting online as well (if you choose to look it over)

3 The Examination 60 multiple choice questions 3 Essay questions 1 Poetry analysis question 1 prose analysis question 1 free-response question (based on a novel of LITERARY MERIT)

4 What is Literary Merit?

5 Major Course Texts: Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte Hamlet – William Shakespeare Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad All the Pretty Horses – Cormac McCarthy The Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka The Stranger – Albert Camus Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – Tom Stoppard Various individual poems, short stories and video clips

6 Attendance Policy: Please be present in class and on time every day we meet. It is important to regularly attend class to avoid missing any important coursework. Absences. All absences must be cleared by the attendance office prior to your arrival back to class. Tardiness. A tardy is deemed excused when the student shows written evidence signed by a school employee. 1 st unexcused tardy in will result in a warning, for the 2 nd (in the semester) you will be awarded a detention. Planned Absences. You may request “make-up” work prior to your absence at least 2 class sessions in advance, and I will be happy to assist you. Any later and there is little assurance that I will help you. In the event of an emergency, please see me when you return to school.

7 Basic Classroom Expectations: Please be prepared to start class when the bell rings. Always bring a pen, paper, and any necessary course materials. If homework was assigned, be ready to turn it in. Hallway breaks (restroom, water) are permitted. 1 gentleman and 1 lady are permitted to be out of the room at a time. Please wait for my acknowledgment before you leave and please be as quiet and undisruptive as possible. If you are going anywhere else, please get my written permission. You may have beverages in the classroom as long as they have a closable lid/top to prevent spills. When a Substitute teacher is in the classroom, they are to be shown the utmost respect. If a substitute records your name as being disruptive, I will always take their word over yours. You will be issued a detention. Cell Phones, Video/Music Players, and Video Games are not permitted to be used during class time. Phones are to be silent, out of sight, and out of hand. Check your messages between classes. First offense: Verbal warning - put it on silent and put it away (or in the bucket) Second offense: Confiscation until 3pm of the school day and loss of points for the day Third offense: Confiscation, Office Referral (see an administrator to get phone back), and loss of points. **Refusing to relinquish your phone will result in an automatic detention & Office Referral for refusing to follow instructions – REMEMBER – THIS IS A SCHOOL POLICY

8 Social Networking You DO NOT need to participate Facebook – Mr. Murphy - NHS Twitter - @MrMurphyNHS Wordpress – Mr. Murphy’s Classroom Blog Take the Classroom Agreement home, let a parent/guardian look it over, and have it signed

9 Resources & Notes SAVE EVERYTHING – it will be very helpful to have when you want to review for the exam Always bring: Pens and/or Pencils A Highlighter Lined Paper A dedicated notebook/binder Make sure that you’re taking notes – anything and everything may be important later on

10 EVERYTHING that you type will be submitted unless I tell you otherwise Sign up for my class on (make sure to enroll in the correct period) Plagiarism isn’t just against school rules, it is illegal… don’t do it

11 Quick-write Write a response to the following prompt: Why is setting important in storytelling?

12 Setting in Jane Eyre Story of a person (Jane) Arranged chronologically by setting Each stage of the book (arranged by setting) deals with: A new stage of growth/maturation for Jane A new step in her struggle for independence Gender roles and class structure

13 Settings in Jane Eyre There are six distinct settings in Jane Eyre: 1.Gateshead 2.Lowood 3.Thornfield 4.Gateshead (Return to) 5.Moor House 6.Ferndean Be prepared to share with the class For your group’s given setting: Identify WHY she is in that setting, and WHY she leaves Identify the MAJOR EVENTS that take place there Identify Jane’s level of MATURITY and the GROWTH that she goes through List IMPORTANT CHARACTERS that impact Jane’s growth Explain her encounters with CLASS issues Explain her encounters with GENDER issues

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