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GOLDEN MEDIAS a strategic BRAND management firm. “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” -We help him form the belief. A virtuous verse.

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1 GOLDEN MEDIAS a strategic BRAND management firm

2 “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” -We help him form the belief. A virtuous verse from a glorious ancient scripture, the Bhagwad Gita. This vital quote is what inspires us at Golden Medias, a strategic BRAND management firm. ‘BRAND’ is a vision, with ‘Advertising’ as a tool to share that vision. BRAND is a product itself to most of the consumers. We believe to strike gold for you in delivering excellent branding solutions through our innovative GOLDEN way of life.

3 Who? Why? What? Who we are? We are a strategic BRAND Management firm. Why we are? Because -Consumers buy BRANDs, not companies. What we do? We create an unique and premium value for your BRAND.

4 Services If it’s about getting your BRAND noticed, you can surely count on us. We’re there to guide you every step of the way. Whatever the medium,whoever the audience, just leave it to us. We offer the following services to ensure you BRAND shines like gold: Strategic BRAND Management We know what is at stake Products fulfill needs. Brands fulfill desires. Mainline Advertising Strategy & Effect Business models+ Compensation Creativity + Ideas + Role of consumer Media Corporate BRAND Films You have a vision or a business empire; we know how to weave a romance about it. Marketing and Publicity Uncover rich consumer great insights and share.

5 Our BRAND Philosophy How to be a BRAND? To be a BRAND is not to be a name on the product; rather it is through constant investment in the know-how, to become and remain the reference of quality at an acceptable price, implying the promise of both tangible and intangible benefits to the customer. Brand is a long term vision. Advertising is a necessary expense while Branding is a wise investment. The true value of business lies outside the business itself, it lies in the mind of the consumer. BRAND refers to both the tangible and intangible attributes of a product. The life of a patent or innovation can be extended thanks to a BRAND, a good strategic BRAND management.

6 Consumers buy BRANDs, not companies. A good BRAND is a product by itself. A successful BRAND is created not on the products or in the companies but it is generated in the mind of the consumer. Branding is not a process of capturing a bigger share of existing market. The most efficient and useful aspect of branding is creating a new category in itself. Market share is not alone base on the merit of the product but also on the power of BRAND in the mind of the consumer. Our BRAND Philosophy

7 BRAND concept requires both internal and external marketing. The first people to revel the monetary value of BRANDs were financial analysts. In an hostile market the only thing that guarantees loyalties is a BRAND. A strategic BRAND building is a long term process with long lasting benefits. A BRAND has it own unique physical qualities. A BRAND has a personality of its own. A BRAND has its own culture. A BRAND is a relationship. A BRAND is a reflection of its customer’s needs. A BRAND is a self-image of the customer. Our BRAND Philosophy

8 Our pride – Our Clientele NRB Bearings - Founded in 1965, has become a benchmark of quality for Indian auto parts manufacturers, and the fact that 90% vehicles on Indian roads run on NRB Bearings is the proof of the same. Its global footprint is also seen in 26 countries. Regenerative Medical Services (RMS) - RMS is the leading company in India focused in the delivery of the most advanced cell therapy treatments. Regenerative Medicine has been known as a promising alternative to human tissue or organ transplantation. FTC (India) - FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded by inventor Dean Kamen to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology. Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, FIRST is a 501(c)(3) not- for-profit public charity. Some of the world’s most respected companies provide funding, mentorship time and talent, and equipment to make FIRST’s mission a reality. As a team coach, you join over 80,000 committed and effective volunteers who are key to introducing close to 200,000 young people to the joy of problem solving through engineering. FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is the newest addition to the family of FIRST programs.

9 GOLDEN Goal : We are a goal-driven BRAND Management firm providing you optimum branding solutions with our in-depth research and expertise. Obsession : We exude not just passion but incessant obsession for your BRAND and help it give myriad of solutions. Livewire : Doers and go-getters, we’re a bunch of talented individuals who are always on the move or on the go to add value to your BRAND. Drive : Challenges drive us, and we drive challenges, to excel and outperform. Tougher the challenges or roadblocks, the greater is the drive for us to stay ahead of the rest. Exp : We provide you branding solutions with a pool of talent that surpasses more then 2 decades of experience. N -much more: We are fun people to hang out with. Lots of fun, laughter riots, never dying urge to grow and always willing to extend a helping hand.

10 Soul of GOLDEN MEDIAS Every business solution should be delivered with a heart and soul. Likewise, the soul of Golden Medias seamlessly blends into three personalities: Empowerment – We empower our clients, members of Golden Medias and the society as a collective. We are not about adding numbers in terms of clients and accounts. What Matters most to us is our ability to create new bonds, relationships and commitments. Value Innovation – We believe that innovation should not come at a higher price. Golden Medias believes in creating, adding and most importantly innovating value at an optimum price. Joy of action – In his laws of motion, Newton stated that every action has a reaction. For Golden Medias this reaction comes in the form of joy. Be it challenges, roadblocks, we enjoy every step of the journey rather than just focusing on the final solution.

11 Leadership Mihir D Upadhay -CEO Listen. Talk. Win-Over. Dream, Visualize, Pursue, Achieve and Share. This probably describes the man perfectly. Apart from being a natural orator and fascinating communicator Mihir is also an expert film and TV producer having more than a decade of experience in the world of showbiz. His zeal, passion and dedication for communication that makes him a perfect role model to lead Golden Medias. He exemplifies values like behind every successful man is a great creative thought. His work at Monsoon Films has been appreciated and acclaimed internationally. A man of action, Mihir has started Golden Medias as his baby and wants it to grow perpetually as a leading Brand Management group.

12 Leadership Sumit Agarwal – Head Strategic Communications A Strategy Prodigy Been there done that but wants more. In a career spanning 26 years, Sumit has done it all but still yearns for more. He has practically worked with almost all the top guns of the corporate industry at various positions. He has been a prolific performer particularly in the domain of marketing and corporate communications. General Electric (GE), McCoy Prob, Sahara India, Media Reach, RDA, Laqshya Media Appropriate Technology India (High Altitude Himalayas) are just a few of the names he has been associated with. In years to come, he plans to shape Golden Medias as a branding and marketing powerhouse.

13 Leadership Alberto Spiazzi - Creative Consultant Designing dreams Hailing from the fashion capital of Europe, Italy, Alberto Spiazzi is the global face of Golden Medias in the international forum. Since 1984 he has worked as a costume designer for award-winning international films. His credits also include top fashion events, opera and theatre, which are his true passions. He will provide his valuable insight and take your business to the international level. Palak Smehta - Senior Business Developer Providing the ramp for businesses Palak is a well known personality in the entertainment industry with experience in Business Development, Networking, Brand and Image building, PR, Casting, Celeb Management and Event Management. She has been the face behind many top models and actors in the country. Her insight and outlook will be invaluable in providing you Event Management expertise.

14 wish to know more? Come see us : Golden Medias 606, Palm Spring Centre, Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai – 400064 India Or reach us at: Mihir D Upadhyay +91 9820202605

15 BRAND UP!!! Lets keep the conversation going…

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