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Smells Unit – Investigation IV

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1 Smells Unit – Investigation IV
Polar Bears and Penguins

2 Admit Slip (cont.) Consider the following illustration:
Draw the Lewis dot structure for HCl. If the penguin represents a hydrogen atom and the polar bear represents a chlorine atom, what does the ice cream represent in the drawing? What do you think the picture is trying to illustrate? (cont.) Unit 2 • Investigation IV

3 Agenda Admit Slip Comic Book Questions Exit Slip
Product: Questions, Exit Slip Homework: Draw picture on last page! Unit 2 • Investigation IV

4 You will be able to: Recognize and explain a polar bond.
Unit 2 • Investigation IV

5 Activity Purpose: In this lesson you will be exploring polarity and bonding between atoms in greater detail. A comic book will provide new information about these topics and will introduce you to the concept of electronegativity, which helps us to understand partial charges. Unit 2 • Investigation IV

6 Classwork : Complete questions
Classwork is due at: Unit 2 • Investigation IV

7 Making Sense What does electronegativity have to do with polarity?
Unit 2 • Investigation IV

8 Exit Slip Would hydrogen fluoride (HF) have a polar bond? Explain why.
How would the H and F atoms be portrayed in the comic book—as polar bears, penguins, or both? Explain. Draw the partial charges next to the H and F atoms. Draw a dipole arrow for the bond. Unit 2 • Investigation IV

9 Wrap-Up Anytime there are two different types of atoms sharing electrons, there will be a partial negative charge on one atom and a partial positive charge on the other atom. Electronegativity measures the tendency of an atom to attract the electrons in a bond. (cont.) Unit 2 • Investigation IV

10 (cont.) The bonds are labeled nonpolar covalent, polar covalent, and ionic as the difference in electronegativity between the two atoms in the bond increases. Unit 2 • Investigation IV

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