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MacBook Pro vs. Personal Computers (PC) By: Nicole Sagapolutele.

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1 MacBook Pro vs. Personal Computers (PC) By: Nicole Sagapolutele

2 MACBOOK PRO PC Laptop or Desktop LaptopDesktop Memory (RAM)4GB 1600MHz4GB Hard Drive (storage) 500GB250GB CompatibilityCan open almost all PC files. Can open.doc, exe,.xls, and others. Software exists for other file types including other programs. Cannot open Mac-based files. Screen Size13”-15”15” CostRanges from about $1200-$1800Ranges from $500-$1600

3 THE INTERVIEW With Gwen Sagapolutele

4 What factors would you consider before purchasing a computer? Answer: The lifespan of the computer, the brand and price. Do you prefer a specific computer brand? Answer: Yes. If so what brand do you prefer? Answer: Mac

5 What was your first computer and what did you use it for? Answer: My first computer was a Hewlett Packard and I used it for college. What do you use computers for now? Answer: Work and social media. Considering what you know about MacBook Pro’s and PC’s, which one would you prefer? Why? Answer: MacBook Pro because it has more features and it’s easier to maintain also I’m more confortable using it.

6 Benefits of the MacBook Pro The lifespan of a Mac is longer than most computer brands. It’s harder to hack into a Mac plus it protects against virus attacks. Anyone with an apple product (ex. iPod) appreciate the ease of using the device and the fact that they face few problems. MacBook Pro is fast, convenient, and safe to use for anything.



9 Cons of the Pro It costs more than some people might be willing to spend. Limits the availability of different programs and apps.

10 What’s good about a PC? It costs less than Macs. It is suitable for gaming.

11 What’s bad about PC’s? Might not have the suitable drivers release for every component of each OS version thus lagging may occur and possibly cannot reach expected performance. It is targeted for virus attacks. It cannot open Mac- based files.

12 Go Pro for MacBook Pro Although the price may seem like a downside it pays for itself because you don’t have to worry about it breaking down, getting a virus, deleting all your films, or having to replace it anytime soon.

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