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Keystone XL Pipeline: The Right Choice By: Travis Macha.

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1 Keystone XL Pipeline: The Right Choice By: Travis Macha

2 Introduction/Thesis Thesis: Even though some select environmentalists, politicians, and businessmen have some very negative views on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, the benefits of the project and its economic effects, quantity, and safety of the energy supply greatly outweigh any minor risks it poses to the American people. Intro ▫Provide background, introduce argument  Introduce the Pipeline, describe the US energy needs, discuss possible solution from Keystone Pipeline

3 Environmental Topic Sentence: Environmental concerns have of course been raised about the oil line stretching all the way across the United States wilderness however; these concerns have been proven to be miniscule to the beloved nature. ▫While oil is a touchy subject when concerns for the environment arise. While energy technologies do continue to become more advanced and efficient along with it, they are not yet capable to sustain any real bulk of the energy needs. In meanwhile oil is still America’s greatest and most important source of energy. ▫The pipeline gives that source of energy while maintaining environmental quality.

4 Economic/2 Paragraphs Topic Sentence: Even after considering the large price tag and quite frankly unfathomable man hours, the Keystone pipeline still offers a profit to be seen. ▫I expand and talk about how job creation, and energy security alone should be enough for the United States to be able to make the expense for the pipeline. ▫Economic effects are not only direct, but include ripples throughout the economy, in forms such as investments

5 Counterargument I plan on integrating my counter argument within my body paragraphs seeing as how it makes sense to address pros versus cons when managing the paper Plenty of facts and opinions from different parties represented equally While maintaining an unbiased view on the matter I gently explain and lay out why these counter arguments become invalid

6 Conclusion In the conclusion I’m basically restating the counter argument and wrapping up with the reasons why the Keystone Pipeline is actually above those counter arguments and really appealing to what I’m trying to tell the readers and sway some opinions.

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