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By – Anjali, Neelima, Hari, Shashank, Suraj Tangram + Blokus 3D = Tanglus 3D.

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1 By – Anjali, Neelima, Hari, Shashank, Suraj Tangram + Blokus 3D = Tanglus 3D

2 The A-Team Neelima Sailaja Shrihari M Shashank Raghu Anjali Ashok Suraj Saripalli Yay!

3 Games we played Tangram Bendominoes Katamino Gobblet Blokus 3D Yay!

4 Tangram Seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap. Yay!

5 Tangram Strengths: 1. Stimulates the mind. 2. Two sets available and can be used by 2 players. 3. Increases creativity, very open-ended and can be made into anything! 4. Self-explanatory game. (Put pieces together to form any shape you want) Weaknesses: 1.Small parts which tend to get lost! 2. Lack of certain instructions to start off. 3. Maximum of 2 players can play with it. 4. Interaction limited. Yay!

6 Opportunities: 1. Can be made into a timed game to increase the competitive atmosphere. The game can be made into a digital version by having atouch screen provided by parts of the tangram puzzle(tans), and they can be moved about (rotated) to fit into a workspace. To make it easier, an outline of the final figure can be provided to help with visualization.touch screentangram puzzle Yay!

7 Blokus 3D A game that can be played by 2-4 players. The goal of the game is to end with maximum number of blocks visible from above. Yay!

8 Blokus 3D Strengths : Engaging and interesting. Helps one learn different strategies. Weaknesses : Rules are not clear which makes it hard to understand at the start. Yay!

9 Opportunities : Computerized version will be really interesting Threats : Possibility of playing the game forever without actually using the correct rules. Yay!

10 Bendominoes Tabletop strategy game, similar to dominoes. It is a set of double-6 dominoes with a 120-degree curve. The main difference from dominoes is the curved shape of the pieces, which introduces a new level of strategy to the game Yay!

11 Bendominoes Strengths Simple and fun. Could be played by any age group Weakness The person who is starting always seems to win(which is always the youngest person). Yay!

12 Opportunities The game pieces are designed in a such a way to prevent a circular arrangement deadlock situation. There is a potential for algorithms in deadlock prevention to be used for the design of this game Yay!

13 Tanglus for Now. Yay!

14 Inspired by: Blokus: 3 dimensional Tangram: A defined shape and the shapes of the pieces. Bendominoes: Each player has 7 pieces, can exchange pieces if he runs out. Yay!


16 Rules of the game: Pieces are 3D 4 sets of different colours, with 3D shapes Pre-defined puzzle pieces. Aim: To complete the shape in 3D. Winner: The player with most number of inputs wins. Yay!

17 Digitization Basic component: Six face LED display block. Hard to design. Won’t get feel of components. Yay!

18 Lan party 2-4 players connect using LAN. Player can view only his pieces. Each player can see others’ moves. Common gui will be as shown. Yay!


20 Domain Applications Education- to help kids learn shapes and geometry(angles et al)! Health- to aid in visual development in Alzheimer’s disesase patients. Emotional wellness- hopefully, it’ll make you happy! =) Yay!

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