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Karatbars International

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1 Karatbars International
A Universal Solution to the Worldwide Debt, Currency & Savings Crisis

2 The KARATBARS Companies
Karatbars International Europe Karatbars Americas Belize Karatbars Asia Thailand Financial Services KB Vision Ewiv Karatbars is the new, licensed, trademarked name of our 1 gram product cards. This is a “sound money” system. It is a new, fast and easy way to move gold Money from the manufacturer to the consumer as well as throughout the Marketplace globally.

3 KARATBARS are now LBMA Certified
Easily recognized globally by Banks & Merchants as Karat Gold The only Gold that can be used as a worldwide Gold Currency

4 Karatbars are now available in 50 Countries.
Program Features no registration, website or annual fees no artificially induced boom market no storage costs immediate earnings in the first month! Karatbars International is the only Company in the precious metals Industry that can produce and deliver gold to this many Countries. By the end of 2012 – Karatbars will be available Globally!



7 Customers and Affiliates $20 a week buys 1 Karatbar each month.
2 Purchase Options TWO PURCHASE OPTIONS Monthly Gold Savings Plan 2. One Time Exchange (Purchase) Exchange declining fiat currencies into gold - monthly (Equivalent to dollar cost averaging) Affordable Plans start at 50 € ($67 USD) (You own, manage and control your account online) Exchange declining fiat currencies into gold - anytime $20 a week buys 1 Karatbar each month.



10 Optional Affiliate Program
Review All Account Holders Enjoy The Following Benefits: Free Account – No Fees Savings Account – Exchange paper money for Gold money Savings Account leveraged to Gold prices Monthly Plans or Exchange when you want to Great hedge against inflation Get started with as little as $20 a week / $80 a month Not Gold backed – it is Gold Smaller, more affordable, flexible, transaction friendly weights Free Storage Delivery Available in 35 Countries Optional Affiliate Program Earn referral rewards when referral exchange paper money into Karatbars 5 streams of income Fast Start incentive – earn 180% more

11 Remember Karatbars International Created the World's FIRST Private
Gold (Sound Money) Monetary Exchange System NOT attached to any credit or "Fiat Paper Currency“ Members never spend money - just exchange it! Exchange unsound, unstable money (Fiat Paper Currency) for Karatbars (Sound Money Gold, that goes up in value and purchasing power as gold rises in price). The best system to hedge against rising inflation in the world! No one is ever actually spending any money just exchanging unsound money for sound money - not spending it.

12 Join Us On Our Crusade to Help Others Help Themselves
We Invite You to Get Involved at Every Level

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