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Stoichiometry 4 w/Percent Yield.

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1 Stoichiometry 4 w/Percent Yield

2 Refresher on Class Guidelines
First off, most people in here do not need to be told this. You’re doing the right thing. It’s noticed and appreciated. Things that should not be done during class; Loud/disruptive behavior Rude behavior towards other students or the teacher Swearing/unprofessionalism Off-topic conversations / time wasting 3 Warnings and you’ll be asked to leave the class. You must come after school with your classwork to get credit.

3 Admit Slip Write the action required for each arrow of the diagram.

4 Agenda Admit Slip Homework Review Percent Yield and Notes Classwork
Product: Notes and Classwork Homework : Problems #1-3

5 Today’s Objectives Students will be able to:
Convert the mass or moles of one substance to the mass or moles of another substance in a balanced chemical reaction (Stoichiometry) Calculate percent yield

6 Percent Yield 3/29/11 Often in a chemical reaction, you do NOT make as much as you should make according to stoichiometry. For every percent yield problem, you will calculate how much you SHOULD make of a product (the theoretical amount) Also, you will be given an amount that is ACTUALLY made of that product. You compare these two amounts through this equation. Percent = Actual Amount Yield Theoretical Amount

7 Percent Yield Example 4 C3H5O + 15 O2  12 CO2 + 10 H2O
In the lab, you only produce 10 mol of CO2 from 18 mol of O2. What is the percent yield? a) How many mol CO2 should you make? b) What is the percent yield?

8 Classwork Complete problems # 1 – 9 independently or in a small group.
We will review our work at:

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