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October 21 st, 2013. content/uploads/2012/05/TaskItemSpecifications/Perf ormanceTasks/PerformanceTasksSpecifications.pdf.

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1 October 21 st, 2013

2 content/uploads/2012/05/TaskItemSpecifications/Perf ormanceTasks/PerformanceTasksSpecifications.pdf

3 Must use District Browser Login as guest Grades 3-8 (ELA, MA, Performance Tasks)




7 1. List unit information/CCSS Standards Unit number Unit Theme Title P21 Themes Enduring Understanding CCSS Standards Reading Writing

8 2. Choose Multiple Sources (STIMULUS) Based on the unit’s Enduring Understanding and writing genre, select a topic and 2-4 sources/articles that will drive the performance task Text readability/complexity should be one grade level below grade level since reading is not being assessed. (requires a free account)

9 3. Text-based question development Develop 1-2 selected response questions (DOK 1)  Scoring guide for multiple correct answers (if applicable) Develop 2-3 short constructed response questions that require text-based evidence from the sources (DOK 2)  Sample 2 point response  Sample 1 point response  Sample zero point response PART 1

10 4. Writing Prompt (SCORABLE PRODUCT) Extended Constructed Response Based on your unit’s writing focus, develop a prompt that requires the student to reference and interact with the text.  Argumentative RubricRubric  Informative RubricRubric  Narrative RubricRubric  Opinion RubricRubric PART 2

11 5. The TASK Develop a student task overview that establishes a context and purpose for the performance  2-4 sentences  This will be used on the template and the Student Instructions page

12 6. Information Processing Allowable teacher and peer interactions Teacher role Student role How will the student(s) process the stimulus? thinking maps small group discussion further research charts and graphs

13 7. Student Directions/ Test Packet Write the student directions Task Overview Things to Remember How your work will be scored Address VOCABULARY definitions of specialized terminology/vocabulary should be provided within the text of the directions if it is not specifically addresses in the text itself Create your student packet

14 8. Review and Edit Run through your Performance Task one more time for accuracy, clarity, and completeness

15 Your time and expertise are all very much appreciated! Your colleagues and students will surely benefit from your efforts!

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