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Models of Organizational Behavior

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1 Models of Organizational Behavior

2 Models of O. B. Autocratic model Custodial model Supportive model
Collegial model System model All department are free to select any model

3 Managerial orientation Employee psychological result
Models of O. B. Chart Autocratic Custodial Supportive Collegial System Basic of model Power Economic resources Leadership Partnership Trust community Managerial orientation Authority Money Support Team work Caring, compassion Employee orientation Obedience Security & benefits Job performance Responsible behavior Psychological ownership Employee psychological result Dependence on boss Dependence on organization Participation Self discipline Self motivation Employee needs met Subsistence Security Status and recognition Self actualization Wide range Performance result Minimum Passive co-operation Awakened drives Moderate enthusiasm Passion and commitment to org. goals Example Security department Insurance department Middle level management HR department

4 Autocratic Model Where you expect less output from employee
When starting new organization Found in security department

5 Custodial Model Manager has the right to decide about the salary packages Complete the task and get financial benefit If they don’t get job security then employee may put the papers and leave Found in production department

6 Supportive Model Employee wants to complete the job in the best way
Organization will give promotion to sub-ordinates Fount in middle level management

7 Collegial Model All the subordinates with manager can be part of making a plan i.e. group plan Found in HR department where presidents are meeting managers

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